Familial Betrayal

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

The information that Moliko's wife had provided was enough to get a search warrant to search any place associated with the Fat family.

"I want to know every possible location where Wo Fat's father could be. Find out where he's been going to eat, cut his hair, grab his newspaper, anywhere and everywhere he's been I wanna know!" Steve was on a mission. Wo Fat's father had only been in town for 2 weeks and he was already a person of interest in a murder. Wo Fat had done enough damage to Hawaii, he'd be damned if he let his father pick up where he left off.

Chin, Kono, Danny, and Steve all got to work to compile lists of possible locations. At the top of everyone's list was Wo Fat's home in Hawaii.

Once they had about 5 locations, Chin, Kono, and Danny got ready to head out while Steve was going to stay back to continue the search for locations. He hated staying back, he wanted to be out there with his team, he didn't feel right not having their backs when they were going after Wo Fat's father.

Danny could see the change in Steve's face, he stepped away from Chin and Kono towards his partner.

"What's with the face babe?

"I don't have a 'face', I'm fine."

"Then why do you look like you someone just stole your G.I. Joe and you want to punch them in the neck?"

Steve shook his head.

"I should be out there with you guys, not stuck in here like some paper-pusher!"

"Settle down okay, I know, I know it sucks, but right now this is the way it's gotta be okay," Danny placed a comforting hand on Steve's chest. "If you take it easy these next few days you'll be back to chasing down suspects in no time, I promise."

"Yeah," Steve was still fuming; he had never felt this useless in his entire life. Steve shook his head then looked at his team.

"Be careful you guys, we don't know what he's capable of."

"We'll be careful boss." Kono smiled as she headed out the doors with Danny and Chin in tow.

The first location they were going to check was Wo Fat's house, it was the most likely place they would find his father.

The three of them entered the house, guns up.

"This is Five-0, Yeun Fat if you're here come out with your hands up," Chin yelled out into the house.

Danny signalled for Chin to take the right of the house, Kono to take the left side of the house and he was going to take upstairs.

One by one the cousins cleared their areas.

"Danny, your area all clear?"



Chin and Kono, alarmed by Danny's silence, ran up the stairs as fast as they could.

Kono let out a relieved sigh as she saw Danny standing in the master bedroom of the house.

"Danny why didn't you answer us brah?" Chin had caught up to Kono.

Danny still didn't turn around. He was standing over a suitcase and it looked like he had something in his hand.


When Danny finally turned around the look on his face heightened the cousins' worry. Danny looked like he had just seen a ghost. Chin looked down at what Danny was holding in his hands.


"What are those?"

Danny couldn't speak as he handed the pictures over to Chin and Kono.

The shocked gasps elicited by the two and the look of sheer and utter shock mirrored everything Danny was feeling.

"Oh my god Danny, where did you find these." Kono covered her mouth in shock as she went through about 20 pictures.

Danny finally found his voice.

"They uh, they were in this suitcase, I found these old flight tickets in here too, they're Wo Fat's father's. He's definitely staying here."

Chin looked up from the photos and looked at Danny.

"What are we going to do about these photos? Do we show Steve?"

Danny looked at the ground, as much as he would like to hide those pictures from Steve and never show them to him, he knew Steve had a right to see them.

"Yeah, we have to."

Chin nodded as he handed the pictures back to Danny.

Danny placed the pictures back in the envelope they had come from and put them in his pocket.

After checking the four other locations on their list, the trio headed back to headquarters to meet up with Steve.

"Hey guys! Any luck?" Steve stepped out of his office towards them.

"Uh, four of the places on our list didn't really give us many clues but he's definitely staying at Wo Fat's place," Chin spoke up as he knew Danny was clearly preoccupied with how he was going to show Steve the pictures they had found.

"Yeah, how do you know?"

"All his stuff was there, we found a suitcase full of his clothes as well as some old flight tickets," Kono handed the tickets to Steve.

"Osaka to Hawaii, this looks like his ticket here."

"Yeah, we have a few ghost cars around his house, they'll bring him in the minute he shows up," Chin stated.

"Great job guys!" Steve then realized that Danny hadn't spoken since he walked through the doors, and he looked awfully pale.

"Danno, you okay?"

Danny looked up at Steve and then looked at Chin and Kono.

"We have something to go check on with Max, we'll be back in a little while," Kono said as she looked over at Danny.

Steve didn't miss the sympathetic smile that the two exchanged.

Once Chin and Kono left Steve turned his attention back to Danny.

"What's going on?"

Danny signalled for Steve to follow him into his office. Once they were in there he looked up at Steve, took a deep breath, and reached into his back pocket.

"I found this in Yeun's suitcase," Danny shook his head and handed the envelope over to Steve.

Danny watched as Steve's face lost all colour as he started going through the photos.

With each photo Steve's heart started to race a little more, as the whole room seemed to be closing in on him:

Wo Fat, Doris, and Yeun at the park, Wo Fat looked to be about 4.

Wo Fat, Doris, and Yeun at the aquarium, Wo Fat looked to be about 8.

Doris hugging Wo Fat, Wo Fat looked to be about 10.

Doris giving Wo Fat a kiss on the cheek, Wo Fat looked to be about 6.

Doris giving Wo Fat a piggy back ride, Wo Fat looked to be about 5.

The next few completely took Steve's breath away.

Wo Fat standing in between Doris and Yeun, holding both their hands. Wo Fat looked to be about 9.

Yeun having his arm around Doris as Wo Fat stood in the middle with a huge smile on his face. Wo Fat looked to be about 8.

Wo Fat sitting on Doris's lap as she read him a story. Wo Fat looked to be about 5.

Doris standing by the school bus waving goodbye to Wo Fat. Wo Fat looked to be about 7.

Steve's mind was racing. His mother looked so happy, Wo Fat looked like a normal happy kid, and Wo Fat, Doris, and Yeun looked like a family.

Steve looked at the next few pictures and almost stopped breathing. The time stamps on the pictures showed that they were all taken after Steve had been born. Steve flipped through the pictures one by one.

Danny hated this, he could see Steve's heart break with each and every picture, although the picture he was currently looking at seemed to be the nail in the coffin.

"Steve was is it?"

Steve turned the picture around to look at the date stamp on the back and then showed the picture to Danny.

Wo Fat, Yeun, and Doris at what looked like Wo Fat's University graduation.

"This was taken two weeks before Doris faked her own death..." Steve looked at Danny and back down at the picture. Steve stood there for what seemed like an eternity just staring at that one picture.

Finally Steve shoved all the pictures back into the envelope and put them in his pocket.

"Uh, we should get back to work, see if we can track down Wo Fat's dad." And just like that Steve pushed all of his emotions down into the dark hole within him that was slowly but surely getting bigger.

"Steve..." Danny tried to stop Steve as he brushed passed him.

"Steve stop," Danny chased after him as he grabbed a hold of Steve's forearm.

Steve tried to shrug him off.

"Steve stop!"

"What!" Steve snapped around raising his voice louder than he had intended.

"Talk to me man," Danny deflated a little.

"What is there to talk about? Doris has been lying to me my entire life, she was probably the reason why my dad was murdered, and she protected Wo Fat until he took his last breath despite everything he had done to our family. There, we talked."

Danny's heart broke. As angry as Steve seemed right now he knew the anger was just masking the heartbreak he was feeling.


"Just drop it Danny, we have to find Wo Fat's dad, so let's just concentrate on that okay?"

Danny nodded.


But we're going to talk about this later.

Steve had been quiet the rest of the day, including the entire ride home. Once they got home Steve went upstairs to brush his teeth then came down to sleep on the couch. Danny had been having some back problems the last few nights so Steve had insisted that he sleep upstairs in the bed. Danny had refused but Steve wouldn't take no for an answer.

By the time Danny had gotten ready for bed Steve was already laying on the couch. Danny knew he was pretending to be asleep but he also knew that you couldn't push Steve to talk. So with a heavy heart Danny walked up the stairs to Steve's room.

Danny woke up and looked at the clock – 4:30 am. He was thirsty and since he was up he decided he may as well just go grab some water.

As he started to make his way down the stairs he realized that the light in the living room was on. Once he got half way down the stairs he could see Steve sitting on the couch hunched over the table that was covered in the photos that Danny had found in Wo Fat's house. Steve had no idea that Danny was even standing there.

Danny stood there for a few seconds as he saw Steve pick up one of the pictures. He hated this, he hated Wo Fat, he hated Wo Fat's dad and he hated Doris. As if Steve hadn't been through enough already, they had to come across those pictures. He really didn't know how much more Steve could take.

Steve finally heard Danny coming down the stairs and although he hadn't wanted Danny to see him this way, he was too spent to try and cover anything up.

Danny came and sat beside Steve on the couch.

"Have you been up all night?" Danny stomach was in knots as he looked at his partner. Steve had dark circles under his eyes and his eyes were red like he had been crying.

Steve nodded. "Yeah"

"I've been going over and over in my head, all the different scenarios, all the different ways that this," Steve pointed at the lot of pictures on the table. "...makes sense."

"What did you come up with?" Danny was glad that Steve was finally opening up about this. He had been worried about Steve since he had shown him those pictures.

"Half of these are from before I was born, from before Doris even met my dad, and the other half are from after I was born, and some from after Mary was born."

"Well we ruled out that he's not your brother..."

"Did we though?" Steve looked at Danny. "Yeah I ran a test but if anyone could get the results changed it would be my moth – it would be Doris."

Danny didn't miss Steve's slip up and correction on calling Doris his mom.

"That's true, but I really don't think she would have left Wo Fat if he was her son."

"She had no problem leaving me," Steve stated matter-of-factly as he looked Danny in the eye.

Danny's heart shattered. The pain laced within those words were hard to take in. Danny couldn't imagine his mom leaving when he was 16, the lifelong scars that that would have created. Steve never had a chance to cope, he never had a chance to get closure because his mom's "death" was surrounded by secrecy and lies; two decades later and he was still dealing with the aftermath of that day.

"She said she left to protect you guys right, to keep you safe?"

"She says a lot of things Danny, and the majority of them are lies, I can't differentiate between the two any more."

Danny looked at Steve. The way Steve was speaking, the way he was acting, it was calm and controlled; Steve definitely had his wall up.

"I know, and as much as I hate your mother right now, I really do think she left thinking she was keeping you guys safe."

Steve scoffed.

"Don't take her side, she doesn't deserve it."

"I'm not taking her side Steve, I just don't want you to spiral out of control before you know all the facts. I am ALWAYS on your side okay, don't you dare doubt that for a second."

Steve looked apologetically at Danny, the wall was starting to come down.

"I know...I'm sorry Danno, I just...it's just one thing after another you know. I just feel like my entire life has been a lie, and I still don't know all the facts. As I get older the questions just keep piling up, and not a single one of them is answered."

Danny swallowed the lump in his throat.

"I know babe."

"And who knows when Doris will show up again. It could be a week from now, a year, 5 years, 20 years, you just don't know with her. And even if she does show up, she'll probably lie her way out of this one too. Great mom huh?"

Steve shook his head as he drew his attention back to the pictures.

"Look how happy they look, all of them. They look like a family."

Danny picked up a picture from the table, he imaged being in Steve's shoes, he couldn't even begin to imagine how painful seeing these photos were. It was like a slap in the face; these pictures were painful reminders of the lies that have cloaked the McGarrett family for decades, lies that tore their lives apart.

Steve had been through more than anyone should endure in a two lifetimes, and now that Wo Fat's dad was back, Danny had a sickening feeling that Steve was in for another wave of torment.

Danny looked at Steve and could see the toll all of this was taking on him physically and emotionally. It didn't help that Steve was still recovering from everything Wo Fat had done to him. With everything piling on at once it was almost as if the universe was trying to see how invincible the mighty Steve McGarrett really was.

Danny shook his head.

"I wish there was something I could do to help you babe."

Steve looked up at Danny and gave him a small smile.

"You're doing it Danno."

Danny smiled back. He knew that this was just the beginning of the storm but he also knew that no matter what happened, no matter what Steve found out, he was going to be right there beside him, they would weather this storm together as they did everything else.

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