Familial Betrayal

The Case of the Deadly Anthuriums


"There you are Commander, I hear you've been looking for me," Yeun smiled sadistically as he raised his hands in the air.

Steve and Danny approach Yeun cautiously as Chin and Kono kept their guns trained on his head.

Steve grabbed Yeun's hands and cuffed them behind his back, read him his rights, and escorted him to their interrogation room with Danny right behind him.

Once in the room Danny sat Yeun down in the hot seat as him and McGarrett stared down at him.

"Commander, Detective, it's a pleasure, I've heard so much about the two of you."

Steve took a long hard look at the man in front of him. The images of his mother and Yeun in the photos with Wo Fat started playing across Steve's mind like a video on repeat; image after image coursing through his head. The man he was staring at, the man who was sitting a mere inches away had known Doris before he was even born, knew about an entire life that Doris had built before his father, before Mary, before him. He was sure that Yeun had the answers he wanted, the answers he needed, and as tempting as it was to try and pry the truth out of him right here and now, he knew this wasn't the time or place; they had a murder to solve.

"Why did you have Mike Kapule's son Kalika killed?" Steve stood with his arms crossed.

"I'm not sure what you're referring to Commander; I've never even met Mike or Kalika. I've heard of them of course, but never had the honour of meeting them."

Steve smiled and looked at Danny as Danny approached Yeun.

"That's cute, Yeun, really, you see we actually have evidence tying you to this murder, we don't just bring people in and randomly accuse them of killing somebody, that would just be stupid."

Yeun turned his attention to Danny and smiled.

"Detective Williams, I hear that you're the one who put a bullet in my son's head," Yeun stared defiantly into Danny's eyes as Danny had bent down and was face to face with him. There was a slight change in Yeun's expression. The blasé, calm, cool, and collected demeanor he was displaying seconds ago seemed to have been replaced with a controlled and subtle glimmer of hatred and spite.

Danny looked at the man who was half responsible for bringing Wo Fat into this world, into Steve's world. The hatred he felt for Wo Fat came flooding back, everything Wo Fat had done to Steve, all the pain he had put him through, all the suffering; he was glad that animal was dead and he didn't care if his psychotic father knew.

"And I would do it again in a heartbeat."

Yeun raised his head a little higher as the smile on his face started to waver.

Steve could see the change in Yeun immediately and he knew that smile masked something darker, something sadistic, he couldn't quite put his finger on it but every instinct in him wanted to get Danny as far away from Yeun as possible.

Steve let out a breath he didn't even know he was holding as Danny took a step back from Yeun.

"We know you gave a gun to Moliko, who then went and killed Kalika."

"I've never met anyone named Moliko Commander."

Steve pulled out his phone and pulled up a picture of Moliko and turned his phone to face Yeun.

"Let me refresh your memory."

Yeun stared at the picture and looked back up at Steve.

"Like I said, I've never seen him before."

Danny scratched the side of his face as he smiled at Yeun.

"Well, lucky for us, we have proof that you do indeed know Moliko and that you handed him a gun."

"I would really love to see this proof Detective."

"You will, really soon," and with that Steve and Danny started heading out of the interrogation room. They knew Yeun wasn't going to confess to anything, the only way to nail him was to find Moliko and that gun he used. Yeun handing Moliko a gun wasn't enough evidence to charge him with orchestrating a murder, they needed the actual gun first.

"By the way Commander, you know what I really love about Hawaii?"

Steve was half way out the door when he stopped and turned around.

"The Anthuriums, they're just such a beautiful flowers don't you think?"

Steve just shook his head and closed the door behind him.

"Anthuriums? What the hell was that about?" Danny looked at Steve.

"I have no idea, maybe he's just really into flow-" Steve froze on spot as his head snapped towards Danny.


"Anthuriums...Danny... Lahani's dress, it had Anthuriums on it when she came to see us."

Danny's eyes widened as he clued into what Steve was thinking. The two ran into the main office where Chin and Kono were standing by the computer.

"Send HPD to Lahani's house now!"

Kono immediately got on the phone with HPD.

"Lahani's house? What's going on?"

"We'll explain on the way, let's go!"

By the time Chin, Kono, Steve, and Danny got to Lahani's house HPD had already gotten there.

Steve dropped his head as he walked into the house. There lying a few feet in front of him were Moliko and Lahani.

Steve bent down over the bodies as an HPD officer came up beside him.

"From the initial looks of it, it seems like Moliko shot Lahani and then shot himself about an hour and half ago."

Steve looked up at the HPD officer then up at Danny and shook his head, but Danny already knew, he knew this whole thing had been staged, he knew that Moliko and Lahani had been murdered in order to keep their mouths shut. Yeun got word that they were dead and turned himself in to 5-0 knowing that the only evidence they had against him was now gone.

Danny and Steve headed back to headquarters while Chin and Kono stayed behind at the crime scene.

Steve stormed in through the doors and headed straight for the interrogation room where they had left Yeun.

Steve had had enough, he was done playing nice. Steve grabbed Yeun and slammed him up against the wall.

"You son of a bitch!"

Yeun smiled at Steve as his head slammed into the concrete wall behind him.

"You had them killed!"

"I have no idea what you're talking about Commander."

"Like hell you don't! You knew they were our connection to you and Kalika's murder, and you had them killed because of it."

"Like I said...I have no idea what you're talking about Commander, and I'd get your hands off of me if I were you, this is police brutality, I could have your job for this."

Steve got closer to Yeun's face.

"I'd like to see you try."

Yeun and Steve stared definitely at each other before Yeun's expression changed completely.

"You know what Commander, I'm feeling awfully nice today so I'm not going to press any charges. Now seeing as the only evidence you thought you had against me is no longer accessible, you can remove these cuffs and I'll be on my way."

Steve gritted his teeth and looked over at Danny. Danny just shook his head and looked at the ground. The truth of the matter was, they knew they could no longer hold Yeun, they had nothing against him now that Moliko and Lahani were dead. Unless they found something to tie him to these deaths he was going to get away with all three.

Steve turned Yeun around and begrudgingly took his cuffs off.

As Yeun made his way to door he turned around and looked at Steve.

"Commander, tell you mother I say hi. Oh and you can keep those photos, I'm sure it's nice to get to see your mother's face, even if it is just in pictures."

Danny saw Steve's clenched fists and stepped in between Steve and Yeun. Yeun was goading him and Danny was not about to let Steve get in trouble for beating Yeun senseless.

Yeun smiled as he saw the anger in Steve's eyes. He then turned to Danny.

"Oh and Detective Williams, I look forward to seeing you again soon..."

And with that Yeun turned around and left.

A few days had passed since they had had to let Yeun go, and they weren't any closer to finding any leads that would tie Yeun to the murders of Lahani and Moliko. Whoever Yeun had hired to kill the couple had done an immaculate job of covering their tracks, not a single finger print, spec of DNA, or any other form of evidence was left behind at the crime scene.

The Governor had wanted this case solved quickly as the names of the deceased were known around Hawaii for having gang ties and the public were in a panic over the possibility of a gang war. With the lack of evidence in this case, HPD was forced to close the case as a murder-suicide. According to the case file Lahani had confronted Moliko when he had come home, he got angry and killed her and then killed himself.

Although HPD had closed this case Chin, Kono, Danny, and Steve were still working the case to try and find any connection at all to Yeun. They knew it may take awhile but they weren't giving up. The Governor had approved it as well so they could keep this case open at 5-0 as long as they needed to in order to put Yeun behind bars, as long as it didn't interfere with or take precedence over other cases that came up.

It was around 9pm and Danny had just pulled up to Steve's place. Steve had left early as he had had a physiotherapy appointment at 7pm.

As Danny opened the door and walked in he could see the light in Steve's study was on.

"Hey Steve you hungry, I was think – " Danny stopped mid sentence as he looked at the myriad of pictures and maps and papers laid out all over the desk as well as the floor. "What the hell is this?" Danny had a pretty good idea and he was less than thrilled about it.

"I'm looking for Doris."

Danny put his stuff down on the chair beside him.

"Why? I mean I know why but we agreed you can't go after her right now!"

"I'm almost back to 100% Danny, my physio session went great. Dr. Reid said I only needed one more session and I could go back to work with no restrictions."

Danny shook his head. He had been worried about this. He could see the improvement in Steve over the last few days, and as happy as he was that Steve was healthy again, he knew the minute Steve got the go ahead, he was going to start looking for Doris again. As much as Danny wanted Steve to get the answers he deserved, he knew the risks associated with any rogue op Steve ever went on. But he also knew that he had promised Steve that they would do this together. As much as he wanted Steve to let this go, he knew that Steve couldn't and wouldn't and he'd at least feel better knowing that he had Steve's back instead of Steve going in alone. So with a deep sigh Danny agreed.

"Okay, I'll help you look for her."

Steve looked up and smiled at Danny appreciatively.

"Thanks Danno."

Danny smiled back.

"This is the only way I can ensure that you don't get yourself killed. I'll have more peace of mind out there with you finding Doris than back here freaking out anytime you don't answer my phone call."

Steve looked up and smirked.

"You freak out when I don't pick up your calls? That's cute Danno, you love me."

Danny gave Steve a death glare.


Steve laughed as Danny got up to head upstairs and change.

"I'm hungry I'm gonna order pizza, you want some?"

"Yeah, I'd love some actually I'm starving, I came home and started doing this, I completely forgot to eat."

Danny pierced his lips together

"Yeah I'm not surprised."

Twenty minutes later the two were still at it going through Steve's father's material.

Danny was going through a stack of papers when heard the doorbell ring. He knew that Steve was in a zone as he didn't even react to the doorbell, so he jumped up to get the door, grabbing his wallet on the way over.

Although Steve was completely enthralled in what he was doing he noticed that he hadn't heard the pizza delivery guy's voice and Danny hadn't said anything after the initial "hey" as he opened the door; something felt off.

Steve jumped up and headed for the living room.

"Danno, everything ok- " Danny turned around and the look in his eyes quickened Steve's pace as he tried to close the gap between him and his partner; something was definitely wrong. The door was blocking the view of the pizza delivery guy so Steve walked around until he was beside Danny and face to face with the person on the other side of the door.

Steve now knew why Danny looked like he had seen a ghost. Steve felt like his feet were glued to the ground as his heart started to beat a mile a minute.


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