Familial Betrayal

The Call

Things had been a little strange between Steve and Danny since Danny lashed out at Steve in the car two days ago. They still rode together and worked cases but Danny noticed that Steve wasn't talking as much and he definitely wasn't joking around and poking fun at Danny like he normally would. Danny felt horrible, anytime he tried to apologize Steve would smile and say everything was fine, but Danny had mastered Steve's sincere smiles from his forced ones, and the ones Danny had been receiving for the last two days were definitely the latter kind.

This couldn't go on any longer, Danny hated the tension between the two of them, they weren't just partners they were best friends and Danny would be damned if he let his stupidity ruin their relationship. Next to Grace, Steve was the only other reason why Danny had learned to love this pineapple infested island so much. Steve was the type of friend that came along once in a lifetime, the type that made you want to be a better person, a better friend. Things had started off a little rocky for them but Steve quickly turned that around, and before he knew it Steve had become his best friend, his brother. So there was no way he was letting anything come between that, he was going to fix this, even if he was going to have to beg for forgiveness.

It was around 10 pm when Steve heard his doorbell ring. He wasn't expecting anyone so he approached the door cautiously, knowing full well how ridiculous it was to have to answer your door cautiously at 10 pm, but if his life had taught him anything, it was that you could never be too careful.

He looked through the peephole, sighed, put his gun away, and opened the door.

"Surprise...I come bearing gifts," Danny smiled as he held up a pizza box and case of beer. "You going to let me in or make me stand out here forever?"

Steve moved to the side to let Danny in.

"I wasn't expecting you."

Danny walked over to the kitchen and placed the pizza and beer on the counter.

"Well you see Steven, usually when someone surprises somebody, they don't see it coming, kind of the whole point of a surprise." Danny smiled as he grabbed two plates from the cabinets.

"Right...what are you doing here Danny?"

If Steve was going to be perfectly honest with himself, he was still pretty hurt by what Danny had said to him in the car. He knew Danny was in denial and he knew that it hurt Danny to think that his brother was in trouble again, but that didn't excuse him for the things that he had said. Of all people, Danny was the last person he would have ever expected to throw his family situation in his face.

"Steve..." Danny needed to word this properly, he knew if he didn't patch things up with Steve tonight that it would be a while before they patched things up, and he couldn't wait awhile, he needed things to go back to normal now; he missed Steve.

"Look, I know I've apologized to you a million times, but I'm going to do it again and this time you're going to actually sit here and listen and not just say that it's okay, okay?"

Steve saw the sincerity and desperation in Danny's eyes and he couldn't find it in himself to deny Danny this request.

"Okay." Steve grabbed a slice of pizza and sat down across Danny.

"I'm an idiot, no, actually I'm worse than an idiot, I'm a complete and utter moron. I can't apologize to you enough for what I said, throwing your family in your face like that, I hate myself for what I said to you. You're my best friend man, the fact that you come to me and tell me things that bother you and tell me things that hurt, it means a lot, and I never ever want to throw any of that stuff in your face. I don't know what came over me, I lashed out at you because I knew something was wrong with Matt too. Not that that's any excuse for what I said. I hate how things have been with us for the last two days, it's weird man, I miss you."

Danny knew that he sounded like a complete sap at the moment, but he didn't care, he needed Steve to know how sorry he was. If it was anyone else Danny wouldn't be trying this hard, but Steve meant a lot to him and he needed him to know that.

"I promise I will never, ever, ever throw any of that stuff in your face ever again," Danny looked at Steve with pleading eyes.

Steve smiled, how could he not forgive Danny after a speech like that. He knew how hard it was for Danny to have heart-to-hearts, so he knew how sorry Danny must be. It meant a lot that Danny would try this hard to apologize and make things good between them again.

"I forgive you Danno, and I'm not just saying that, I mean it. I know it was a one-time thing, I know you didn't mean to be hurtful. I think I forgave you after you apologized the next morning, but after everything you said it just reminded me of how messed up everything is right now with my mom, with Wo Fat and his family. I sometimes let myself forget about it and it always seems to creep up on me."

Steve took a swig of his beer, and cast his eyes downward.

"I'm sorry Steve, I didn't mean to open up those wounds again."

"I know Danno, we're good," Steve smiled at Danny.

"Yeah? You're not just saying that to get me to shutup?"

Steve let out a sincere laugh which made Danny laugh.

"No man, I promise we're good. Thanks for doing all this though, means a lot." Steve was never one to hold a grudge, he knew a sincere apology when he saw one and he knew how sorry Danny was.

Danny smiled.

"Don't get used to it okay, I don't plan on messing up like this again!"

Steve looked at Danny and laughed. He knew what happened in the car wouldn't happen again.

Danny ended up spending the night and sleeping on Steve's couch. The two had stayed up watching movies and Steve had filled Danny in on the most recent updates about Wo Fat's mother.

Things were back to normal and Danny and Steve were thankful for that.

The next morning Danny headed home and Steve had to run some errands. Both of them had the weekend off as they had done some overtime the week before.

Steve was in the grocery store, pushing his cart down the freezer isle, when he heard his phone go off. Looking at the caller ID, he noticed that it was a blocked number.


"Steve...it's Matt."

"Matty? What's going on, why are you whispering?" Steve's gut was telling him something was wrong.

"Steve...I need your help, I don't know what to do, I didn't know who else to call, I don't want Danny to know, I don't want to disappoint him again, I just don't know what to do." Matt was speaking a mile a minute.

"Whoa whoa Matty, calm down. Tell me what's going on, where are you?" Steve pulled out a pen and paper, already headed out the store, his grocery cart left on the side of the freezer isle.

"Steve, I'm really scared..."

"I know you are buddy, where are you, I'll come get you." Steve hated how scared Matt sounded, his voice sounded like a child. His gut instinct had been right, Matt had somehow gotten in way over his head...again.

"You have to promise not to tell Danny first, please Steve promise me, I couldn't bear it if Danny found out, promise me!"

Steve could hear the desperation in Matt's voice and as much as he hated to make a promise he knew he couldn't keep, he needed to tell Matt whatever he needed to hear so that he would tell him where he was.

"I promise Matt, I won't tell Danny, now where are you? Are you alone?"

"I'm in some abandoned warehouse off a dirt road. Right before I turned off the dirt road I saw a sign that said Kalahana Road."

"Good Matt, that's good, are you okay? Are you hurt?" A thousand thoughts were running through Steve's head. Should he call for back up, should he not. If Matt was alone and unharmed he knew he probably wouldn't need to get Chin and Kono involved just yet.

"Yeah I'm okay, I'm alone, I just need to talk to you, this was the only place where they wouldn't find me."

"Matt who's they?" Steve was growing more and more concerned by the minute.

"I'll tell you everything when you get here, please just hurry." And just like that the call dropped.

"Matt! Matty! Steve was shouting into his phone.


As much as Matt had protested, Steve knew who his next phone call was going to be.

One ring, two rings...

"Come on Danno, pick up your phone," Steve was already in his car headed to Danny's.

Three rings, four rings...

"Hey Steve, whatsup?"

"I'm picking you up, I'll be there in 2 minutes." Steve was sure he was breaking all kinds of speed limits, but he didn't care, Danny's little brother was in trouble.

"Picking me up, what? Why? What's going on?" Danny's stomach was all knotted up, he didn't know why but he had a feeling it was about Matt.

"I'll explain to you in the car, I'm a minute away." And with that Steve hung up the phone.

Danny rushed to his room to grab his badge and gun and ran out the door into Steve's truck.

"What the hell's going on?" Danny asked as he jumped in.

"Matt called me," Steve pressed down on the accelerator as he backed out of Danny's driveway.

"He called you? What for? Please tell me he's okay?" The desperation in Danny's voice made Steve accelerate even more.

"I don't know Danny, he wasn't hurt or anything when he called but something's wrong, he's alone at an abandoned warehouse off a dirt road by Kalahana road, he sounded scared Danny, said he needed my help. Said it was the only place where they wouldn't find him." Steve gave Danny a sympathetic look.

"Who the hell is they?" Danny's heart was racing.

"I know as much as you do Danny, he said he'll tell me everything when I get there."

"Jesus Matty, what did you get yourself into this time," Danny didn't realize he spoke out loud.

"Don't worry Danno, at least he's not in any immediate danger if he's alone and just wants to talk to me. At least he's asking for help right?" Steve gave Danny an assuring look, determined to get to the bottom of this and help Matt.

Danny wanted to believe Steve, he really did, but something in his gut was telling him that things weren't going to be okay, that something terrible was about to happen, if it hadn't already.

When they rolled up to the abandoned warehouse, Danny was the first to jump out of the truck. With each step he took, the dust circled around his shoes as he headed to the main entrance of the warehouse.

"Danny! Hey!" Steve whispered loudly. "We need to go in together, slowly, even if he thinks he's alone he may not be!" Steve needed Danny to work with him and not let his emotions get the better of him.

Danny knew Steve was right, they needed to stay in one piece in order to help Matty.

Steve and Danny entered the warehouse with their guns aimed ready to shoot. Something was definitely off about this.

"Danny check that room over there," Steve pointed to a small room on their right, Danny walked over and opened the door slowly.

"Clear." It was just a supply closet. He made his way back over to Steve.

The sun beaming through the highest window near the roof had cast an incredible ray of sunshine into the middle of the warehouse. There were old glass mirrors everywhere which illuminated the place as the sun bounced off each and every one. If they were here for any other reason but to get Matt, Steve would have found this abandoned building to be a thing of beauty.

As Danny and Steve wandered around they finally heard footsteps coming from the main area of the warehouse. As they turned the corner they could see Matt standing there, his back to them.

The minute he heard footsteps Matt turned around, seeing Danny there made his heart drop to his stomach. Danny wasn't supposed to be here.

Steve and Danny lowered their guns.

"Matty, what the hell's going on man, are you okay?" Danny asked as he walked up to his baby brother. The fear in Matt's eyes scared Danny, something was definitely wrong.

"Danny...what are you doing here," he immediately turned his gaze to Steve. "I told you not to tell him!" Matt was furious, scared and furious.

"I couldn't keep this from Danny, he's my partner and you're his family, he'd kill me if I didn't tell him," Steve spoke up. He hated betraying people's trust but in this particular case he knew it was for the right thing to do.

"Damnit," Matt hissed under his breath, but loud enough for Steve and Danny to hear.

Danny was growing increasingly alarmed at his baby brother's distressed manner.

"Matty, talk to me man, whatever it is we can fix it. Are you in trouble again?" Danny reached out and grabbed a hold of Matt's arm.

Just then the warehouse doors opened from behind Steve and Danny and as they saw a figure walk through the door their guns could not have gone up fast enough.

They stood there shocked, hearts beating a mile a minute. Danny looked over at Steve and saw Steve's stone cold face, he didn't twitch, he didn't waver, just stared straight ahead at the man before them. But Danny knew better, Danny knew everything that was going on inside Steve's head in that very moment. Every ounce of Danny wished that Steve wasn't here, wished that he was as far away from this warehouse as he could possibly be.

Danny turned his eyes back to the man he had learned to loathe on the same level he loathed Peterson.

Wo Fat.

"He's not the one who's in trouble," Wo Fat had a maniacal grin on his face as five armed men entered the warehouse, guns drawn all pointing at Steve and Danny.

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