Familial Betrayal

Left Behind

"Wo Fat," Steve spat out in disgust at the man, no, the monster, standing before him.

"Commander, it's so good to see you again," Wo Fat was standing with his hands clasped behind his back.

Danny clinched his gun a little tighter and found himself moving closer to his partner as a sudden need to protect Steve from this maniac came over him. After everything that he had put Steve through, especially in North Korea, Danny would be damned if he let Wo Fat lay another finger on his partner.

It was then that Danny remembered his baby brother was in the room too and instinctively grabbed Matt's arm and ushered him behind him and Steve.

Wo Fat scoffed as he saw Danny pushing Matt behind them.

"There really is no need to protect your brother Detective, he's not the one we're after, in fact, he's the one who helped us lure Commander McGarrett here," the smug grin on Wo Fat's face grew even wider.

For a second Danny stood shell-shocked, he couldn't have heard correctly.

Steve's eyes grew wide.

"What did you just say..." Danny didn't want to believe this, Wo Fat was definitely playing some sort of mind game with them.

"What's the matter detective, you don't believe me? Just turn around and ask him for yourself."

Danny spun around so fast that Steve was sure he got whiplash. Steve followed suit and looked at Matt, he needed to know if he had walked into a trap...again.

The look of sheer guilt on Matt's face took Danny's breath away; his baby brother had set a trap for his partner.

The minute Steve saw Matt's guilty demeanor he knew Wo Fat's accusations were true. It all made sense now, why he didn't want Danny to know, why he was told to meet Matt in an abandoned warehouse...he was set up again, betrayed again...it was Jenna Kay all over again, except this time it was worse, it was the brother of his partner and his best friend.

Danny stole a glance at Steve and as they locked eyes for a brief second he could see the resignation in Steve's expression, the understanding of what had happened and the fore longing of what was about to happen. They were out-manned and out-gunned, in any other situation Steve could see a way out, but with Danny's brother there he knew he couldn't risk doing anything stupid. The pain in his eyes wouldn't be evident to anyone else, but Danny had mastered Steve's facial expressions and could read him like no one else could.

Danny snapped his eyes back to his brother.

"How could you, why would you do this Matt?" Danny's voice was cold and bitter, he couldn't even get himself to call his brother by the name he so fondly normally would.

Matt wanted to respond, he wanted to explain everything to Danny but he just couldn't find the words.

"I'll give you five million reasons why," Wo Fat signalled for one of his men as an armed man walked up to Matt and dropped 2 duffel bags at his feet. Danny looked down and felt like someone had just punched him in the gut and knocked the wind right out of him. He knew what was in there, he knew exactly what his brother had traded for Steve and Danny lost it. He turned around and set his stone cold eyes on his brother.

"Money Matt...really...you set Steve up for Money!" Danny was flat out yelling now.

Matt looked at the ground trying to find his tongue, finally he did.

"Danny...I need this money, I owe this money to someone who's going to kill me if I don't pay up, I didn't have a choi–" Danny stopped Matt before he could finish that sentence.

"DON'T...don't tell me that you didn't have a choice, don't tell me that your only choice was to hand my partner over to a ruthless killer. You could've come to me, hell you could've come to Steve, you could've done ANYTHING but this!" Danny stared daggers into his little brother. He had never been so furious in his life, and he had never felt so betrayed, he could only imagine the million thoughts going through Steve's mind right now.

As Danny looked at Steve he could see that Steve was having a stare down with Wo Fat who would not stop grinning. Steve looked ready to kill and to anyone else the stoic demeanor of the fearless 5-0 leader would've easily masked anything else he was feeling, but Danny could see all the other emotions behind those blue eyes. Steve would sacrifice anything to protect those he loved and their families, and it broke Danny's heart that people used that to their advantage and sacrificed Steve for their own personal gain.

Danny's thoughts were interrupted by Matt's voice.

"Danny wasn't part of this deal! You got what you wanted, fair trade, let us go."

Wo Fat smiled. "I'm a man of my word Mr. Williams, take your money and your brother and go, I have everything I need here," he smiled at Steve. Danny could feel Steve tense a little.

"I'm not going anywhere," Danny stood strong at Steve's side.

"Danny!" Steve and Matt said in unison.

It was Steve's turn to speak up.

"Danny go!"

"No Steven, you're not doing this alone, not again," Danny's mind went back to the jeep where they found Steve beaten and tied up.

"Danny, please man, just go" Steve pleaded, he had a good idea of what was going to happen to him and he couldn't stand the thought of Wo Fat torturing Danny, he wouldn't let it happen.

"I said no Steven!"

"THINK ABOUT GRACE!" Steve was getting desperate.

"I am thinking about Grace! She would be so upset if she knew I left you here, alone. And besides what kind of an example am I setting for my daughter if I tell her to abandon her friends, her family, when they need her."

Steve shook his head, Danny could always give Steve a run for his money when it came to being stubborn.

"Danny, please..." Steve pleaded, his voice cracking a bit. He hated showing vulnerability but he needed Danny to leave, he knew what Wo Fat was capable of and he'd die before he let Wo Fat touch Danny.

Danny ignored Steve's pleas and stood strong beside his partner. Steve could beg all he wanted, he wasn't leaving Steve alone with Wo Fat.

"As much as I would enjoy watching Commander McGarrett be tortured by the pain I would inflict on you Detective, having two of you was not in my plans, nor do I wish to have to worry about two people. Leave Detective or your brother takes a bullet to the head right in front of you."

Danny couldn't react fast enough as one of Wo Fat's burly men grabbed his brother, put him in a choke hold and held a gun to his head.

Danny's mind started spinning in a million directions. As much as he couldn't stand the site of his brother right now, the thought of watching him take a bullet to the head made him sick to his stomach.

Steve instinctively leapt towards Matt but one of Wo Fat's men grabbed him before he could get any closer. Danny didn't miss this, no matter how badly someone betrays Steve, he'll always fight to save their life.

"It's up to you Detective, leave now and your brother gets to come with you, unharmed...stay and he dies."

Danny didn't know what to do he couldn't leave Steve but he couldn't let Matt die either, despite everything, he was still his baby brother. In that moment, he knew he had to choose between his little brother and his best friend.

He hated Matt for making him choose.

"Danny," Steve grabbed a hold of Danny's arm and Danny's attention snapped to his partner. "You have to go man, I'm not going to have your brother's blood on my hands, and you would never forgive yourself if you let him get killed."

Danny knew Steve was right, he would never forgive himself, but how could he leave his best friend in the hands of the one person who has wanted to kill him for years.

Steve could see the plethora of emotions on Danny's face and he felt for him. If Steve was in his shoes and Mary and Danny were in danger, he didn't know what he would do.

"Danny go," Steve spoke softly.

Danny looked up at Steve and the utter despair in Danny's eyes made Steve feel sorry for him. It was his job now to say whatever he could to ease some of the pain he knew Danny was feeling.

"I'll be okay Danno, I'm like a cat, 9 lives," Steve smirked as he clasped Danny's shoulder.

"Pretty sure you've used all 9 already, you Neanderthal," Danny managed a small smile, and for a second the two partners were in their own world. Their moment was cut short when Wo Fat walked over and slammed the butt of his machine gun across Steve's face.

Steve collapsed to the ground before Danny had a chance to grab him.

As Steve tried to get back up, two of the men grabbed him by each shoulder and held him down so that he was now kneeling before Wo Fat.

Danny was held back by 2 of the other men as he launched himself at the guards holding Steve down.

"Last chance Detective," Wo Fat spoke up. "Take your brother and leave or I put a bullet through his head."

Danny knew he didn't have a choice, he knew if he didn't get Matt out of there it would haunt him for the rest of his life, but he also knew that if he left Steve to be Wo Fat's punching bag (at best) that he would never forgive himself.

"Danny go, it's not worth it, he'll kill Matt, you can't let that happen," Steve needed Danny to leave before Wo Fat changed his mind.

Not worth it? There were so many things wrong with what Steve had just said and all he wanted to do was slap some sense into Steve. But he knew Steve was right about one thing, Wo Fat wouldn't hesitate to kill Matt.

With a sigh of resignation Danny spoke.

"Okay," he locked eyes with Steve and he wanted to punch Steve for having a smile on his face. That feeling soon turned to fear as he realized that this may very well be the last time he sees his partner, and that thought scared him more than anything else. The only other time he remembered being this scared was when Grace was kidnapped.

Steve could see the pain in Danny's eyes and he felt for the man. As horrible of a predicament as he was in – being Wo Fat's prisoner...again – he didn't envy Danny right now. What Danny was feeling was 10 times worse than what he was feeling so he tried his best to reassure his partner.

"I'll see you soon Danno," he smiled but his smile was soon wiped away as Wo Fat walked over and slammed his boot into Steve's mid section. Steve doubled over in pain, trying to catch his breath.

"YOU SON OF A BITCH", Danny lept at Wo-Fat only to be dragged back harshly by one of Wo Fat's men.

Danny was wreathing, he would find Wo Fat and put a bullet through his head if it was the last thing he did.

"M'okay Danny," Steve started to raise himself back onto his knees.

Danny just shook his head, nothing about this was okay.

"You have one minute to leave detective, starting now," Wo Fat looked at his watch.

Danny knew he meant it and started to make the painstaking walk away from Steve and towards Matt.

The burly man holding Matt threw him at Danny. Matt grabbed a hold of Danny's arm and started to drag him out of the warehouse. As Danny was leaving he turned around and locked eyes with Steve one last time.

Don't give up partner, I'll come for you. A silent plea from Danny, he didn't know how and he didn't know when, but he was going to bring his partner back home, or die trying.

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