Familial Betrayal

Second Wind

Danny opened his eyes to a room filled with sunlight. He looked over at the clock, 9:24 am. For a brief second he thought that everything that had happened with Steve, Matt and Wo Fat was just a terrible nightmare, until he realized he was sleeping on the couch.

It all came crashing back, the onslaught of memories from the last few days. He remembered his talk with Grace and he vaguely remembered walking back to the couch after having a complete and utter meltdown in the bathroom.

Danny had to admit, physically he felt a little better, finally getting some sleep without any nightmares, and mentally he found his second wind after everything that Grace had said to him when they spoke last night.

Uncle Steve is the strongest, bravest, fastest person I know.

Uncle Steve has you Danno. You always find him, like you did in Afghanistan and North Korea! You're like a superhero Danno, if anyone can find Uncle Steve it's you.

Grace was right; Steve was strong, mentally and physically. And Danny had found Steve both those times, granted he knew where Steve most likely was which made the rescue a lot easier. But Danny wasn't going to give up, he would find Steve, he was sure of it now. His meltdown a few hours ago was exactly what he needed to clear his mind and get him focussed at the task at hand, finding his partner!

As Danny got up to go and shower he saw a note on the table in front of him.


I took Grace to run some errands with me so that you could sleep. We made pancakes for you, they're on top of the stove covered by a plate. Please eat them before you head back to the office.

Grace also wanted me to remind you that she loves you and I quote "You're going to find Uncle Steve Danno, I just know it!"

Be careful Jersey.

Love, Amber

Danny smiled, Amber was amazing, the fact that Danny didn't have to worry about Grace was a huge relief, it allowed him to concentrate all his time on the case.

Danny shook his head at that thought. Steve was a case. It was so wrong.

Danny showered, changed, ate the pancakes that Amber and Grace had made for him, and headed out the door.

Danny's first call was to Kono and Chin, letting them know that he'll be in soon, that he was just going to look into something first.

His second call was one he didn't want to make but knew he had to, just in case.

"Danny..." Matt's voice is soft like he's expecting it to be someone else.

"Where are you, we need to talk," Danny got straight to the point.

"I'm at the Kaiulani, room 255, I was actually just about to leave, I have to..."

"I don't care what you have to do," Danny interrupted. "I'll be there in 10," and with that Danny hung up the phone.

The last person on the planet he wanted to see right now was his brother, but he needed to see if he might have any idea as to where Wo Fat would take Steve, maybe Wo Fat had slipped up during one of their 8pm phone calls.

8pm phone calls.

Danny shook his head. He remembered the things he had said to Steve that day in the car when he had brought up those phone calls with Danny. Although they had made up and Steve had forgiven him, Danny still felt incredibly guilty, especially after everything Steve said was true. Maybe if he had just listened to Steve instead of attacking him, none of this would have happened. He could've gone and spoken to Matt that night and maybe Matt would have told Danny everything, and Steve would be safe right now.

"Not now Danny, bottle that guilt up for later, you have a job to do now!"

Danny found himself standing in front of room 255, preparing himself mentally.

"Do not knock him out, no matter how badly you want to," Danny kept telling himself over and over.

Matt opened the door instantly when he heard Danny knocking.

"Hey Danny."

Danny brushed past Matt into the room. Matt lowered his gaze to the ground. He closed the door and turned around and decided to try again.

"How are you?"

How are you...how are you?! Do not knock him out, do not knock him out.

"How the hell do you think I am...don't answer that, I don't care. Sit down." Danny pointed at the couch he was now standing in front of.

"What's going on? Do you know where Steve is yet?"

Danny gave Matt a death stare.

"Trust me, if I knew where Steve was, your hotel room is the last place on earth I'd be."

Matt bit his lower lip and turned his gaze to the ground. Danny really hated him.

"When you were working with Wo Fat..." Danny cringed at the thought; he still couldn't wrap his mind around his baby brother working with that psychotic killer. "When you were working with Wo Fat, did you ever hear anything from him or any of his men as to where they might take Steve?"

"Uhh..." Matt looked at the ground as he tried to think of all of his encounters with Wo Fat, either in person or on the phone.

"Think really hard Matt; is there anything that sticks out, a name of a building, or somewhere that they always go, any place where they could keep someone without being seen?"

Matt really wished he could help but his mind was drawing a complete blank. They hadn't really spoken much in front of him, just details about capturing Steve.

"I'm sorry Danny, they never really spoke much in front of me unless it was about the warehouse and me ..." Matt couldn't finish that sentence.

"And you brining Steve there..." Danny voice turned cold again.

Danny stood up and started walking towards the door.

"Call me if you remember anything."

"Wait," Matt jumped off the couch and headed towards the door. "You're leaving?"

Danny looked at his brother incredulously.

"I didn't come here for some brotherly chit chat, I came here to see if you knew where that psychotic maniac took my partner who you..." Danny poked his finger into Matt's chest. "...setup."

Matt shrunk in on himself a little at the look on Danny's face. Danny took his finger off of Matt and opened the door.

Danny briefly stopped at the doorway.

"And Matt,"

Matt's took his eyes off the ground.


Danny turned around and looked Matt straight in the eye with conviction.

"You better pray that I find Steve alive."

Matt swallowed the lump in his throat as the "or else" just lingered in the room. He knew that if they didn't find Steve, he was going to be dead to Danny, if he wasn't already, but he also knew that even if they did find Steve alive, him and Danny were never going to be brothers again.

Danny walked through the doors of 5-0 headquarters as Chin and Kono were standing over some files.

"Hey brah," Chin smiled at Danny as he walked towards them.

"You look like you finally got some sleep Danny," Kono smiled, she could see a slight change in Danny from yesterday, he didn't seem as defeated.

"Yeah, I definitely needed it," he said as he smiled back at the cousins. "So I went and spoke to Matt, see if maybe Wo Fat or one of his guys mentioned anything that could give a hint as to where they would take Steve, but it was no use, he didn't know anything. Did you guys find anything while I was gone?"

"As a matter of fact we did. We found some old contacts of Wo Fat's who may know some potential places where he would take Steve," Kono chimed up with a smile.

"What makes you think they'll talk?" From Danny's experience, everyone close to Wo Fat never spoke, either out of loyalty or fear of retribution.

"Let's just say Wo Fat isn't exactly their favourite person anymore, a botched job here a sell out there, they have their reasons for hating Wo Fat and would like nothing more than to see him dead or in prison," Chin smiled as he handed the files over to Danny.

Danny skimmed through the files. It wasn't a guarantee but anything was better than nothing at this point.

"Where we going first?"

"There's a family owned restaurant about 30 minutes from here, the owner, Mr. Hamatchi, is a former associate of Wo Fat's. In the file it said that Mr. Hamatchi's son was arrested during one of Wo Fat's missions and Wo Fat threw him under the bus, placing all the blame on the kid. The kids been in prison for 2 years and 5 more to go."

Danny shook his head.

"Ouch...well what are we waiting for, let's go talk to Mr. Hamatchi," Danny grabbed his keys as Chin and Kono followed suit.

Mr. Hamatchi was hesitant at first to let the trio enter his house but once they explained the situation to him, that they wanted to capture Wo Fat, he was more than pleased to let them in.

"Wo Fat spoke of Commander McGarrett quite a lot, he was obsessed with the man, his every thought was of the McGarrett family, it consumed him," Mr. Himatchi looked at Danny.

This didn't come as a shock to Danny, Steve's mother had killed Wo Fat's mother, he was out for revenge and would stop at nothing to get it.

"Mr. Himatchi – "

"Please, call me Mike. Mr. Himatchi is my father," Mike smiled at Chin.

"Mike – " Chin started again. "Is there any place you can think of where Wo Fat may have taken Commander McGarrett? We think they're still on the island but we don't know where to start looking."

Mike looked at the ground and squinted his eyes as if he was in deep thought.

"There's a warehouse up on Kalahana road that – "

Danny stopped him before he could continue.

"That's where Steve was lured, they're not there anymore. Anywhere else?" Danny was praying that the warehouse wasn't the only place Mike could think of.

"The only other place I could think of is one of Wo Fat's old houses. It's about a 45 minute drive from here up past Kalami Road, you can't really miss it, it's the only house there. No one knew that his family owned it, it was bought under the table and used as a house to base drug operations out of. Other than that I can't think of anywhere else."

"One place is better than no place," Danny thought to himself.

"Thank you Mike," Chin, Danny and Kono all stood up.

"If you remember anything else, please give us a call," Chin handed Mike one of his cards.

"I will Lieutenant Kelly, and Detective Williams..."

Danny turned around.

"Put a bullet in that son of a bitch for me."

Danny smiled. This was the only thing him and an ex-associate of Wo Fat would ever have in common.


And with that the trio headed back to the car. They still had a few other ex-associates of Wo Fat's to visit before they went to check out any of the locations.

Steve was finding it increasingly difficult to stay conscious. His body was so badly battered that he knew the only think keeping him upright were the chains that were tied around his wrists.

It was getting harder and harder to concentrate or think straight, he hoped that Danny and his team would find him soon because he didn't know how much more of this he could take.

Steve heard the door opening from behind him and his heart sank. He didn't know what Wo Fat was going to do next, but he knew whatever it was, it was going to be worse than before, each torture session seemed to be getting progressively worse.

"Where is Doris?"

Steve could barely make out Wo Fat's figure in front of him because his eyes were so badly swollen from the previous attacks.

"I d-don't know," Steve's voice was barely audible at this point. It was the same question over and over again and Steve knew giving the same answer was only going to result in more torture.

Steve saw Wo Fat reach into his back pocket and pull something out but he couldn't see what it was.

He heard a chair being pulled up beside him and could see Wo Fat climbing on top of it.

Before he knew it, Steve felt a needle go into his forearm.


Wo Fat got down from the chair and stood in front of Steve once again.

"I just injected you with a very very high dose of Mescaline, not enough to kill you but enough to make you go a little crazy...enjoy Commander," and with that Wo Fat left the room.

Steve knew exactly was Mescaline would do to a person, especially in high doses; this was going to be bad.

Within an hour Steve started to feel the effects of the drug, his heart was racing so fast he thought it was going to come out of his chest, he was dizzy and nauseous and sweating profusely.

He heard the door open again and knew Wo Fat was coming back to relish in the pain he had injected into Steve, literally.

His eyes were cast downwards so Wo Fat's shoes were the first thing he saw...except they weren't Wo Fat's shoes...they looked like...

No...it can't be...

Steve struggled to lift his head but he had to know, he had to see his face.


Wo Fat smiled as he stood in front of Steve...this was better than he could have hoped for.

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