Awkward Love

Chapter 2

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How it Starts:

It's about 6:30pm and Reid pulls into his parking space. He has just gotten back from a case and he's feeling a little down. This case had hit him hard. It had ended really badly, the unsub was a socially awkward 14 year old boy who ended up turning the gun on himself when the team finally caught up to him.

He steps out of the car and brushes his hand through his hair before slinging his bag over his shoulder. When he reaches the stairs he sees Melanie standing by the mail boxes taking out a small stack of letters. Her hair is in a messy bun and she's wearing an oversized t-shirt and short running shorts. She looks at each envelope quickly before turning to him.

Her face lights up and she smiles widely, he returns her smile half heartedly, still sulking from the case. She walks quickly over and walks up the stairs with him. "What's wrong?" She looks at his drawn out face.

"Just a difficult case." He sighs a little and looks back at her. She walks closely next to him.

"Tell me about it." And he does. He talks and talks, telling her everything. She rubs her hand comfortingly across his back a few times. He only finishes his story when they get to her door. Neither of them seem to want to leave from the spot.

"Are you hungry?" She looks at his face.

" A little."

"Then come in, I was just about to eat and I always make too much just for myself." She takes out her key and unlocks the door and he follows her in.

"What are you cooking? It smells amazing."

"Just some chicken soup, have a seat." He sits down at the small dinning room table. She walks into the open kitchen and takes two bowls from the cupboard along with two glasses. She serves the soup and places them on the table. She walks back into the kitchen and opens the fridge. "What do you want to drink?" She calls out to him.

"Water's fine." She fills up the glasses with ice and cold water from the fridge. She places the glasses on the table and sits down.

"This is really good" he say, his mouth filled with food.

"Thanks" she smiles at him before stabing a piece of potatoe with her fork.

They talk while they eat, the conversation is lighter than how it was in the hallway. He laughs a little and his smile is genuine. He remembers why the morning is his favorite part of the day. He looks at her as she tells him a little anecdote from work. Her glasses are fogging a little from the hot soup. She takes them off and starts to wipe them on her oversized shirt. Her words are soft and he pays more attention to the sound of her voice than what she is saying.

The night goes by quickly and after he finishes eating he doesn't know what to do with his hands. He folds and unfolds them as they speak. As the night drags on and he finds that his tiredness is lowering some of his inhibitions his eyes wonder over her.

No one would call her fat, but no one would call her skinny either. She has womanly curves, the shape of her bare legs particularly entices him, he keeps tracing their long length with his eyes, he wishes he could replace his gaze with his hands. He wonders if she is as soft as she looks.

She's tall, him being 6'3 he was still taller than her, but only slightly. It makes him think it would be easy to kiss her, no awkward cranings of necks.

She doesn't seem to notice the unabashed movement of his eyes. He doesn't want her too so he looks again at her face. Her smile is sweet, her lips full and red. After a moment she seems to get tired from her posture and she leans on the table top. He notices the way the fabric of her shirt pools around her breasts. He bets they're soft.

He finds his eyes there too long so he moves them back up to her eyes. She still hasn't noticed. After a few more moment the conversation dies down and she rises and clears the table. He follows her into the kitchen. She yawns loudly and stretches her arms high over her head. He watches her breasts rise from the movement. He catches himself and coughs. "I guess I should be going now."

"Yeah, it's getting late" she looks disappointed. She walks him to the door and he opens it slowely.

"Goodnight" he says and she gives him a half hug. He enjoys it too much.

"Goodnight," a smile rises to her face "don't let the bed bugs bite." He's walking towards his apartment. "Don't let the tiny bugs crawl out from every crease and crevice of your house, crawl all over your body, and slowly drain your blood before crawling back into their hiding places when the sun rises." He smiles to himself as he walks into his apartment.

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