Awkward Love

Chapter 3

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The Game:

Melanie walks back to her apartment after taking out the trash. It's a saturday night and all she wants to do is curl up on her sofa with a good book. When she gets to her apartment she notices a group of people knocking at Spencers door. When he opens the door they cheer and lift up cases of beer

"What are you guys doing here?" He smiles at the group of people.

"You wouldn't go out with us, so we decided to come to you" the only man in the group says to him. They continue on like this for a few moments. Melanie puts her key in the door to unlock it. She turns the key and starts opening the door. The sound of the door opening must have alerted them to her presence.

"Hey Melanie." The members of the group start nudging one another. The man whispers something in one of the blondes ears making her smile.

"Hi Spencer" Melanie says shyly, aware of all of the eyes on her. One of the girls coughs and nudges Spencer.

"Oh" he finally realises what she means, "This is my neighbor Melanie. Melanie, these are some of my coworkers." She stops him before he finishes.

"Let me guess Morgan, Prentiss, JJ, and Garcia." She gesture towards each of them in turn.

"That's right," JJ says, "We were just going to have some drinks with Reid here. Why don't you join us." She looks over towards her apartment thinking about her book.

"We won't take no for an answer."

"The more the marrier."

Somehow she gets dragged into his apartment and they start playing "never have I ever" she forgets who suggested the game.

"Never have I ever been scuba diving" Morgan starts off the game. JJ takes a swig of her drink.

"Never have I ever rode in a helicopter" says Melanie, everyone else takes a drink.

"Never have I ever been skydiving" Melanie takes a swig.

"I didn't know you did that" Reid looks at her.

Melanie shrugs "I was 18, it was a 100 bucks."

"Never have I ever had a tattoo." Melanie and a few other take a drink. Reid looks at her and she shrugs.

"Never have I ever worn contacts" Melanie says pushing up her glasses. Reid and Garcia take a drink. The game goes on for a while and everyone progressively gets either buzzed or drunk. As the conversation turns sextual Melanie and Reid take less drinks, but their inhibitions are still lowered.

"Oh I have a good one" says JJ "never have I ever had a crush on someone in this room" Spencer takes a drink without thinking it through, Melanie looks at the ceiling before reluctantly drinking from her bottle.

It's Melanies turn, "Never have I ever joined the mile high club" Morgan takes a sip slowely. They all break out in laughter.

It's JJ's turn "Never have I ever kissed a girl." The boys and Melanie take a drink. They all look at her.

"It was college" she explains, "I was curious." She laughs a little blushing, "Isn't it someone else's turn?" The game goes on longer. Though Reid and Melanie are among the least drunk they do find their cheeks growing redder and their inhibitions growing lower. Spencer finds his eyes tracing her features. Her legs are not bare today but the fabric of her skinny jeans cling to them firmly. He becomes increasingly jealous of the dark washed jeans.

She takes a sip from her bottle but he's not paying much attention to the words that are being said right now. The way she brings the dark brown bottle to her lips. Her slender fingers tracing over the neck, turning it upwards. The way the condensation on the bottle wets her long pale fingers makes his throat particularly dry. He watches as her lips move but again hears no sounds, but everyone drinks to what she says so he does too. He realizes it's his turn after a moment of silence.

"Never have I ever eaten a snail" he says, not being able to think of anything better. Prentiss takes a drink, but he doesn't see this, his eyes are trained to the blonde sitting next to him. Everyone notices his fixed gaze but Melanie herself, who is starting to wonder if her tolerance for alcohol was lower than she thought.

She knows she's not black out drunk, and she has drank less than anyone else except for maybe Spencer, but she is definitely drunk at this point. Everyone takes their turn and before she knows it it's her turn again. She's not really thinking at this point, and though she had no intention of revealing this secret about herself she finds the words leaving through her unfiltered lips.

"Never have I ever had sex" she slurs her words a little. They all take a drink, except of course for Reid, and look at her. She slaps her hands over her mouth as soon as she realizes what she said. Somehow they all decide not to ask. Reid goes red looking at her, he doesn't really understand how this is possible, she is so beautiful. The night drags on and the game dies down.

First JJ leaves, saying something about her son. Morgan and Garcia leave at the same time. Ten minutes later Prentiss decides to call it a night. Reid makes sure they all call a cab and go home safely.

Melanie grabs a few empty bottles and takes them to his recycling. "Let me help you clean up."

"You don't need to."

"I want to."

"Okay.. Thanks" she smiles at him and takes a few more bottles. With her help he finds his apartment cleaned up much quicker. While they were cleaning Spencer decided to make a pot of coffee. After the last beer bottle finds it's way into the recycling they both grab a cup of coffee and sit on the sofa. Melanie says something about sobering up and opens his window and takes a sip of her coffee.

"I never knew you wore contacts."

"I started wearing them to try to look older."

"I bet you look cute in glasses." He smiles at her.

"I didn't know you have a tattoo."

"I have them in places hidden by clothes."

"Them? You have more than one?"

"I have two."

"If you don't mind me asking, what are they of?"

"Maybe I'll show you them sometime." She takes a sip of her coffee. "Have you really rode in a helicopter."

"Yeah, it's part of the job."

She smiles at him "I was in one once, in kindergarden as part of a field trip. I was terrified my head would be cut off." She laughs a little.

"Do you know that it is unlikely to be decapitated by a helicopter because the wind people feel will cause them to instinctually duck their heads" he says matter of factly. After a moment he asks her "Have you really sky dived?" This isn't what he really wanted to ask her

"Like I said, I was 18 and it was $100. It was on my bucket list anyways, I've always wanted to do it."

"Was it scary?"

"Terrifying, but it was also exilerating." They both take a drink of their coffees. He looks at her again. There's a question he is dying to ask her and though he is sobbering up his inhibitions are still low enough that he asks it without really thinking.

"Have you really never slept with anyone?" She coughs into her coffee.

"Yeah" she says nervously. He looks at her like she's a puzzle he just can't figure out. She sighs, feeling the need to explain. "I'm not waiting for marriage or anything like that and I've never been niave enough to think the first guy I sleep with will be the person I marry, but I still don't want to lose it on a one night stand. Honestly the reason I'm still a virgin is because it just hasn't happened yet. I've never been the girl all the guys, or any guy for that matter, chase after. I don't know, I didn't even have my first kiss until I was 20." She laughs darkly and frowns. She rubs her left arm and looks away from him. "I don't know" she trails off, "I don't think it's that bad, I'm still 25."

It's at that moment he notices just how insecure the girl in front of him is. He doesn't know what to say to change her mind. "Your so beautiful." He says with conviction and touches her arm. She melts into his touch.

"Thanks" he can tell she doesn't believe him, but also doesn't have the energy to argue. Part of him, hell all of him, wants to show her just how beautiful he thinks she is.

"Lets change the subject" she says suddenly. She smiles knowingly and nudges him "I didn't know you had a crush on one of your coworkers."

"It is true I had a thing for JJ early on, but I wouldn't describe it as a crush."

"Then why did you drink?"

"Why did you drink?" She didn't realise he noticed.

They both don't speak until Melanie gets up, avoinding looking at him, mumbles a quick goodbye and leaves his apartment. Spencer stares at the door before rubbing his hands through his hair. He looks like he is trying to solve a very difficult puzzle.

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