Awkward Love

Chapter 4

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Slightly Hungover:

A sunday morning, two apartments, two slightly hungover individuals.

Melanie sits at her dark wooden counters drinking from a large clear glass of ice cold water. She goes through the events of last night and moans, "Why the hell did I say that?" She asks the room before taking off her glasses and rubbing the bridge of her nose.

Spencer sits at his table tracing his fingers down a page of the book Melanie had lent him for his last case, he hadn't had the time to read it during the case. Part of him wants to finish the novel as quickly as possible so that he could have an excuse to knock on her apartment door, part of him doesn't want to leave his apartment. He supresses a groan trying to figure out how to fix what he said yesterday. He desides to concentrate on the book, he has never been good at these things.

He finds himself finishing the novel all too quickly. He closes it slowly and holds it in his left hand. He stands up from a second of determination. It falters and so does he. He slinks back down in the chair and rubs his neck.

He takes a few breathes and stands up again. He finds himself standing at her door with her book in his hands. He lifts his hand to knock but drops it almost instantly. "This is a bad idea" he turns to go back to his apartment but before he knows it the door is open.

"Spencer" She sounds almost surprised. He turns back towards her.

"Melanie, hey, I brought your book back" he lifts it up, "It was really good. Um.." He can't think of anything else to say. He holds the book close to himself.

"Do you want to come in?" she moves aside for him, he walks in reluctantly. Still holding the book he sits down on a stool at her counter. "So.." she trails off.


"I had a lot of fun yesterday" she says finally, "thanks for inviting me."

"Thanks for coming." He doesn't really look at her. "Sorry about what happened yesterday."

"It's okay, sorry I made things so awkward."

"You didn't make it awkward, I did." She laughs and he smiles at her.

"Maybe were just awkward people."

"Maybe." He finally lets go of the book and places it on the counter. He touches her arm gently without noticing. "But I have to ask" he looks into her eyes, his face looks worried, "Why did you drink to that?"

She sighs "you're a profiler Spencer, why do you think?"

"I've been trying to figure it out all night. It can't possibly be me, do you like Morgan or something?" He's not looking at her again. His fingers trace the spine of the novel.

"Why do you say it can't possibly be you?"

"You're just so beautiful, and I'm just me." He says the last three words slowely, refusing to look at her. He stands up, ready to escape.

"Look at me Spencer" he does. She stands, biting her bottom lip. She places her slender hand on his shoulder and moves her thumb in a circle. Her eyes slide from his to his lips, she parts her lips slightly. She slides her hand up to his neck, the other hand soon following suit. Her eyes are half lidded and she's moving closer to him, tilting her head slightly.

He observes all of this yet his eyes are still wide with surprise when her lips finally reach his. Her fingers move through his hair before she breaks apart from him and studies his face. His eyes close quickly and he captures her lips suddently with a heat he had not anticipated. He places his hands on her hips and she moans unexpectedly into his mouth, he makes a low sound in return.

He can hear his heart beating rapidly in his ears, he's sure she can hear it too. She moves her hands to his chest and explores the broad expanse. He pulls her in closer. The need for oxygen arises and they seperate their lips. They place heir foreheads together and breath heavily.

"Does that answer your question?" she says against his chin. She kisses the spot then tilts her heard again to touch his lips with hers.

"Yeah" he says between kisses, his mind too distracted to say anything else. He doesn't ever want to stop kissing her, for hells sake he wants to do a whole lot more than simply kiss her. But he doesn't push it, they've only just gotten together and nothing has been defined yet.

He wants to kiss every part of her body, taste her, touch her. He wants to caress every peak and valley. He wants to trace the lines of those mysterious tattoos. He wants her in every way imaginable. He wants to make her scream his name. He loves the sound of his name when I leaves her lips.

He finds himself unable to really control himself so he breaks apart from her and says goodbye while he still can. She kisses him sweetly at the door before he retreats into his apartment.

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