Awkward Love

Chapter 5

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Stress relief:

Sometimes after a difficult case he is the little spoon. They lay on their sides and she drapes her body over his and rubs soothing circles into his chest. Once she sang to him. It was a sad song she was reminded of from his case. She sang it softly and he cried. She pretended she didn't notice and held him closer, whispering into the back of his head "I love you." after a moment he said it back with a small broken voice and she held him even tighter.

On these nights they always find themselves waking up the same way. She will be in the same possition but he will be turned around, facing her. His arm will by tightly hung around her waist and his face would be nuzzled into her neck. She will kiss the top of his head before shutting off the alarm. He will get up slowly before going to his apartment to get dressed.

When he is dressed he will knock onto her apartment door. She will grab her purse and jacket off of the old loveseat and walk down with him. Sometimes she'll have some sort of breakfast in her hands for the both of them, but this doesn't happen often enough for him to expect this. It only happens when they can drag themselves out of bed early enough for her to have time to cook, which doesn't happen often. More often than once he has surprised her with breakfast and she kissed him sweetly on the cheek before accepting it.

When they get to their cars she kisses him passionately before letting go of his hand and climbing into her vehicle. When he gets off work, he usually gets off work after her, he drops his stuff off at his apartment and knocks on her door. She opens it with dinner ready. He walks in and she shuts her door before tilting her head up and attaching her lips to his. They eat then put the dishes in the dishwasher, she waits for a full load before starting it up. She kisses him again and they sit down on the couch and talk more. Sometimes they will read, sometimes she will crochet and he'll tell her an "interesting" fact about crocheting before going back to his book.

It will get late before long and he'll go back to his apartment to get ready for bed. She'll leave her door unlocked, he'll walk through it and lock it for her. He'll walk into her bedroom and find her in the bathroom brushing her teeth. She'll usually be in an old large t-shirt and boy shorts. He'll walk in her and give her a hug from behind. She always melts into him and he lets her go so that she can finish brushing. They go to sleep on these nights, always cuddling. He loves holding her in his arms and she loves being in his arms.

This particular night she is wearing a tightly fitting shirt that shows part of her midriff. It's an early night so he lays down on her bed, over the covers, and reads one of her books. She joins him in bed and takes the book from him. She finds his place and starts reading to him. He closes his eyes and leans into her. "My mother used to read to me" He says as she finishes a chapter.

"Really, I bet you remember every second of it." They smile at each other. He nods his head in confirmation. After a moment he gets a worried look on his face. She sighs, "don't tell me you're still worried about that?" she begins, "just because your mother is schizophrenic doesn't mean you will be. You have to stop stressing about it."

"How can I?" he asks her quietly.

"What I remember from high school psychology" she starts saying, looking at him "is that mental illness is partially inherited and partially environmental. If you stress out like this you'll only raise your chances of developing it." She puts the book onto the end table.

"You're right" he says after sighing, "I just don't know how to not stress." She touches his arms and kisses him sweetly.

"Let me help you relieve some of that stress" she says seductively into his ear before straddling him. She leans down and kisses him passionately, she moves her mouth against his, biting and pulling at his bottom lip. She sits back up and takes off her top before going back to his lips. Her fingers trace over his chest. He holds onto her waist, pulling her close to him.

"Are you sure about this."

She lays a trail of kisses down his jaw line, "yes" his stubble tickles her skin. "I trust you" she says against his neck, unbuttoning his shirt. He makes a low sound and flips them over so that he's on top. He ravishes her mouth while moving his hands from her hips, flattening his hand over the broad expanse of her stomach before landing them on her breasts. She moans into his mouth.

"Spencer" she breathes out as he lowers his lips.

He attaches them to her neck, sucking on it, creating a hickey. He gets to her clavicle and bites it before soothing it with his tongue. He lowers his face and replaces one of his hands with his lips. "Soft" she prevents herself from giggling at the word. He kisses at her breast before finally bringing her nipple into his mouth. She moans and arches her back from the pleasure.

He lowers his hand slowly down her body, lighting her skin on fire. She lifts up from the bed slightly so that he can take off her boy shorts. He moves his hand up her thigh, first on the outside, then he goes back down and comes up again on her inner thigh. He goes up to the middle of her thigh before going back down, when he comes up again he goes all the way up.

Very aware of her virginity, as well as her trust in him, he wants to prepare her to the best of his ability. He slides a finger inside of her, she doesn't show too much discomfort so he adds another. He moves his fingers around trying to stretch her. He kisses her lips to soothe any of her pain before adding a third finger. The pain starts to melt and she moans into his mouth when she starts to feel pleasure. She's gasping for air by the time he pulls out.

She kisses him deeply. She can feel little Spencer hard against her leg, she lowers her hand down until she can feel the waistband of his pajama bottoms. She plunges her hand under and grabs hold of his member, he gasps into her mouth, allowing her to stick her tongue in. They fight for dominance and he lets out an unmanly moan when she moves her slender fingers across his length. "One moment" she says as she pulls her hand away and reaches towards her end-table. He groans at the loss.

She opens the drawer and pulls out a rubber. She kisses him again and slips it into his hand. She deepens the kiss and helps him take off his pants. She watches him shyly put on the condom before positioning himself at her entrance. "Are you ready?" she smiles and nods her head in confirmation. He pushes in, his breathing instantly quickening. He studies her face to make sure she is okay before he starts moving. She encourages him and he pushes out before thrusting back in. After a few moments she starts meeting his thrusts, moving her hips with his.

The build up is strong and before long she reaches her peak. He soon stumble down the mountain after her. After a moment he rolls off of her, breathing heavily. She cuddles up to him as he pulls the blankets over them and shuts off the lights. They fall asleep quickly with her nuzzled into him.

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