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Winchester West

By Katrin Vanhelsing

Adventure / Action

Chapter 1

Winchester West

Disclaimer: I have no claims to the show Supernatural, the characters or themes. I also mean no insult to any and all Indian tribes, people etc. I just like to play with the characters, tease, torture, caress and the rest!!


You may think that the Winchesters having such a name where a solid American family but actually like all, ok nearly all American families they originally came from another country. Having had trouble there, their forefathers decided that moving to the then Americas was a great idea. The Winchesters originally came from England and as it was getting a little hot for them there, John had decided to up and move, hoping that this new world he had heard about would be good for him and his family, which comprised him, his wife Mary and his son, Samuel.

Now you may wonder why in the 1800's, England was getting a little hot for the Winchesters, well actually it wasn't their fault. Yes, I know you've heard that before when dealing with the Winchesters but this time it was true, absolutely true well nearly anyway. It was actually the feelings of the time, the attitudes of the people around them. You see Mary was of Irish decent and John was English and even then there where bigoted people who made their life, well not as good as it could have been. Now, before you come to the wrong conclusions let me give a brief description of the characters involved in this family. Now Samuel is easy to describe, he was young only about a year old and full of the wonderment that every little baby has at that age. He had no knowledge of the bigotry that surrounded his birth. Now Mary is rather harder to describe, she was Irish by birth and of a good well rich family. She was outwardly kind to her neighbors and loved her husband. The truth was a different matter. You see Mary had only married John though mutual understanding and greed. She had at the beginning wanted no children and had really only married John because her mother was prepared to give a handsome dowry and she wanted away from her mother as fast as she could. She did not understand her mother's attitude in dealing with people or her absolute refusal to mix with the upper classes where Mary wanted desperately to be. John was her answer. At first he was enamored of her beauty and her wild nature or at least her wild background, Mary was a lady. He was over the moon when she actually responded to his cautious advances and though they shared a mutual hatred of her mother, the money was attractive to him too. So with this mutual attitude, they decided to marry. For Mary, John had the breeding and family connections that Mary figured would get her happily into upper society, and Mary had the money that would make John's future secure and comfortable. A happy and sensible marriage.

What they did not understand until after they where married was that people where even more bigoted then either Mary or John had counted on and John found that a Irish wife, even with all her money, did not replace the friends who stopped coming over or help him feel better when he got scorned at the clubs, well at least this one didn't. Mary found that John's connections did not really want to have anything to do with her or him now, and she found that taking care of a husband and household did not hold any appeal if you could not brag or show off the improvements you had made and then disaster struck and life in England became intolerable for the Winchester's. You may think what could happen that could be bad enough to drive them out of England, well marrying a Irish woman is one thing, but having a child with her, well polite society of the 1800's did not understand it. It was with the birth of Samuel that made John decide that they, like his doctor friend, should move and start over somewhere else. Mary's mother Martha O'Hara (showing her own Irish and Scottish roots), immediately suggested that they move to Ireland but John vetoed the idea immediately and decided that the only place where they could start over, be the lords of the manor and live (some what) happily ever after was the Americas, Wisconsin (now), to be exact.

It was the sad truth that the doctor friend, a certain Henry O'Connal was the only friend who would still talk to John and his family. Henry and his wife Lynda already had two children a Son Daniel (about 3), and a daughter Maureen, who was roughly the same age as Samuel. Henry was moving to the Americas because he too wanted a new start, but not for the same reasons as John (who was running away), but for the reasons that he hoped that a practice there would be better for his children (the wide open spaces) and mean that though it might be hard work, he could spend more time with his family. Believe it or not he actually wanted to help people. When John told him that he was moving also to what now is the Wisconsin area, the doctor was overjoyed, believing that John was moving with him as a friend and dreamed ideally of having a doctor's office right next to maybe a trading post somewhere in the untamed (as it was) Wisconsin Area.

His dream, was shaken when he heard a knock at his door at about 10 o'clock at night. Now, for a doctor being woken up in the middle of the night was usual, and his wife went to make tea and boil water (just in case), but what was not usual was that the lady standing on his doorstep asking to be admitted, was not one of his known patients. That was the first time he laid eyes on Martha O'Hara, not a lady to be ignored which her daughter had been. Settling down in the lounge he asked what was wrong and Martha explained that nothing was wrong with her, but she found that she could use his services. Henry was intrigued, if nothing was wrong, she did not ill, in fact she looked in the prime of life for a forty year old woman, she looked twenty odd, so he asked how he could be of service.

Martha, "Well you see, (she said delicately), I need to keep a eye on my daughter and her son and (holding her hand up) please hear me out, you may be my only hope."

Henry, cautiously asked, "What do you mean keep an eye on them."

Martha, "Well my daughter, is a willful and arrogant woman and I fear she will not understand that she is in trouble, until she cannot get out of it. This marriage was not what I hoped for her and I only found out that she had a son, when I arrived here in London. I aim to visit them tomorrow, but I want to have news of her and my grandson when they are in the Americas and I fear that she will not keep me informed of anything. She will not understand that in my way, I want what is best for her and I do not think this marriage to John is what's best, but (she swallowed and drunk some of the tea, Lynda had made), I am willing to help them as much as possible. (She sighed) I just need someone to keep me informed of the truth of the matter and not the flowery letters, I get from my daughter asking for money."

Henry, was about to answer that he did not want to spy (no other word for it), on one of his patients when his wife Lynda spoke up. "I know it has not been easy for them. It never is with a Irish / English couple, but I am sure that your daughter tells you all there is. Martha handed over the latest letter, "Then tell me is that all true?. I received it 1 month ago".

Henry and Lynda read the letter, while Martha drunk her tea and ate a sandwich. The letter spoke of parties that Mary had gone to, and people she had tea with. It described a perfect upper class life where everything was perfect and people accepted her. It then went on to ask for the rest of the dowry, some £2000, saying that the money was going to set John up in a business venture and that her mother was not to worry about her. It made no mention of the move to the Americas or of the birth of a grandchild. In fact, Henry realized that it was a tissue of lies, gauged to make sure that Martha handed over the second half of the dowry, which she had (being part Scottish), held back until she was convinced that the marriage would work and he would not leave her in some country house and enjoy his new life in London alone.

Lynda tried to convince Martha that this letter was written without malice or greed but she failed dismally, mainly because she did not believe that herself. Her husband's dream of the doctor's office next to a trading post run by John, was fading fast. Henry sighed, it had been to good to be true. He thought of Samuel growing up in a family that might blame him for the move to the Americas and made his decision. "How can I help and what do you wish to know."

Martha, "I understand that you wish to move to the Americas with John and will be staying in the same area. All I wish is to be kept upto date on how my daughter and her son and John (she sighed, she did not like him), are faring. A letter every 2 or 3 months is not much to ask, is it?. I also understand that, I do not want to seem vulgar, but I understand that you have been looking to raise some funds and it has not been easy for you. I am quite willing to become a silent partner in your business, so that at least that worry would not trouble you."

Henry looked at his wife. He fully understood what Martha was offering and he had to admit that he had been offered a very low amount for his practice and house. All knew he was going to the Americas and the amount they offered would barely see them though the first winter. He admitted he could use the money, but... "I do not wish to spy for payment. I would not be right. I will keep you informed for Samuel's sake, but I do not wish your money. My conscious would trouble me more then the money problems would have."

Martha stood up, putting a hand on his arm, stopping him from turning away, "Forgive me, I am used to people demanding payment for everything. Please accept it as a gift from someone who wishes to be your friend and aid you. You are right, it is Samuel I worry over. My daughter can not care for a animal much less a child and I do not want him to grow up with his mother's attitude to life. She thinks only of money and not of ..."

"people, friendship, nature, life, kindness." Lynda said, with a smile.

Martha chuckled, "yes, exactly." Henry sat down, while Lynda went to heat up the tea. He got Martha's name and address and jotted it down to make sure he got it right. He also promised to write her as soon as they arrived in the Americas. After some more hot tea and sandwiches Martha left with the knowledge that she would know if anything happened to the family she held so dear. She also knew that that night, she had met a man who shared her love of others and worry for their welfare. As she left, she handed Henry a envelope, saying that he was to treat it as a gift. Then she left and Henry sat down and opened the envelope. He looked at it's contents and wondered what exactly had he got himself into. Lynda came in and gasped, she had heard that Mary's mother was rich but she had not expected to see $3000 ever in her entire life.

Next Chapter - They reach the Americas.

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