Brace Yourself

End Notes

End Notes

If you want more Haymitch and Maysilee, visit this webpage on Fanfiction: /9685074/1/The-Boy-in-the-WindowIt's a one-shot I wrote in honour of their first introduction, which Maysilee forgot about years before "Brace Yourself" was set. It's hurt/comfort, not romance, but sweet all the same.

I am aware that there are a few typos and clichés intermixed in this fic, and will be going back and editing. My attention has also been brought to how out-of-character I depict Haymitch, and I hope to revise some of the dialogue in my final edits. (I originally created this thinking his drunkenness in his Victor years were the cause of his bitterness and sarcasm, but have changed my mind since.)

Once I'm done with the final edit, I won't mind a beta. *wink nudge*

FAQ(which have, ironically, only been asked by yours truly):

1. How did Tyler get a training score of ten when Rosalina got a two?Answer: I never properly explained this, and I'm sure a few of you were curious. Tyler, to put it simply, stole Rosalina's idea. He knew that Rosalina was going to hang a dummy over a burning fire, and since his private session was right before hers, that meant the novelty of her session was decreased drastically. However, the action that sealed the deal was when Tyler pulled a Katniss. He used paints from the camouflage station to decorate the dummy to look like Rosalina, and then wrote her name over the dummy's chest. When Rosalina failed to do anything as shocking, she earned a two, and Tyler, a ten.

2. What went on with the Careers on the mountain? How did Platina and Venom survive the volcanic eruption?Answer: The information Suzanne Collins gave me was that a pack of ten Careers scoured the mountain, and most of them succumbed to the eruption. The pack consisted of the tributes from One, Two, and Four, with an exception of Siren (who was dead) and Frond (who they left behind at the Cornucopia to guard the items). The Careers then split up into two packs to search the mountain. One, consisting of Platina, Venom, Intron, Exon, and Quarren, handled the base, while the others, Naiada, Cleat, Miracle, Lex, and Lethae, took over the top region. Therefore, when the volcano erupted, all five in the top region were wiped out while the rest survived and split up into two more alliances. The Intron/Exon/Quarren alliance was eventually slaughtered. However, Platina and Venom were able to live a few days longer.

3. There were quite a few unexplained deaths. What were the causes?Answer: I'll go ahead and list off all the meaningful deaths that weren't explained.Platina Cleve from D1- If your memory is as bad as mine and you don't have "Catching Fire" close at hand, you probably don't remember that Haymitch's victory kill was the "girl from District One." He gouges out her eye in combat and when she throws her axe over his head, it rebounds back from the force field over the canyon and kills Platina.Miracle Hunter from D1- Was first to die during the volcanic eruption. She was nearly at the peak when the "mountain" exploded right out from under her feet.Venom Flare from D2- Was stabbed in the back by Platina when it came clear that they'd reached the final six.Intella (Tellie) Gently and Luther Ferrum from D3- Intella took a bite of poisonous fruit and promptly died. Luther, hysterical, took a bite of the exact same fruit once he'd realised what killed her.Siren Faith from D4- Ever wonder how a Career dies in the bloodbath? She killed herself with her own double-bladed sword. It was a mistake.Frond Fischer from D4- Was left to guard the Cornucopia while the rest of the Careers took a trip towards the Cornucopia. Unfortunately, Frond was rampaged by butterflies, which left him unconscious for nearly three days. Had he woken up, he might have escaped the volcanic eruption, but he was still unconscious when the lava finally reached him.Grant Gratestone from D7- Could have posed a threat in the arena later on, but he was killed during the bloodbath by Gracen.Gracen Blaze from D7- Was killed during combat with Platina during the afternoon of the twelfth day.Calico Jute and Bolt Hughes from D8- They were two of my favourites, but unfortunately, didn't get much place in the story. They died running from the volcanic eruption.

If anyone has a question about another death that isn't mentioned here, go ahead and drop a review. I've got an entire list of the tributes' ages, weapons of choice, deaths, and places, so ask away.

4. What happened to Augusta? Alder?Answer: Let's just say, Augusta finally "got the girl" (the girl in question was Rosea), and Alder committed suicide the day after Haymitch's Victory Tour. He considered his job done, and left mentoring up to Haymitch for the next twenty-five years. Unfair, but no one ever said Alder was unselfish.

The FAQ will be continued if anybody asks a reasonable question that I feel needs to be answered.

Thank you for reading. I hope you've enjoyed this journey as much as I have!


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