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Awkward Encounters

I walked into the café that my family owned feeling exhausted and overwhelmed. I had stayed up until 4 in the morning last night,

I mean this morning, reading. You guys got to love books! Look what they do to us, they pull us in to them, inviting us to join their world and become part of their plot. There's some personification for ya people, books can't pull you into them!

Oh god, I need some sleep…I can't think straight, my mind feels like pudding. Trust me it's not a good feeling, but time to quit my complaining and get back to the real world.

I continued to walk through the pretty much empty café, mentally preparing myself for whatever shenanigans were going to appear here today.

It was usually quiet and peaceful seeing as this is an internet café and most of the people that showed up generally stayed to use the public computers or sit quietly in the corner to read.

I punched in my time card and tightly wrapped the ugly green apron around my waist, then went to go stand by the counter and wait for someone to walk in and order.

I quietly sat down on the stool and poured myself a cup of coffee waiting for the caffeine to kick in.

I heard a 'humph' behind me and looked up to see my best friend take her seat.

"Morning Nudge" I said sleepily, she gave me a weak smile and poured herself some coffee too.

Let me clue you in on something here, we aren't good in the mornings… and for those of you who seemed to get that after the first few sentences, good for you.

I silently took out my book from last night and began to read where I had left off.

What? No need to let it keep me up tonight! Might as well finish the sucker off right?

I heard Nudge snort behind me, and I turned around to see a pretty annoyed face, but let me take a moment to describe her to you since you can't actually see her.

She is stunningly gorgeous, and I have always envied her for it. Her tan mocha skin seemed to always be flawless and zit free. Her eyes were a light hazel which had little specs of green if you looked close enough. She had a fit body, and was average height, maybe about 5'5. She had an amazing fashion sense that gave her the uncanny ability to take the most hideous outfit and find a way to make it work, trust me she's used it on me several times.

I rolled my eyes and looked at her,

"What?" she simply narrowed her eyes and looked down at the book,

"Again Max? Seriously, get a life. You need to stop reading all the romance crap, and I don't know maybe find your self a REAL man. I mean god! When was the last time you went out?" she gave me a pained expression and I laughed.

"Nudge, calm down! I go out all the time." To the book store I added mentally.

She snorted again at me and rolled her eyes, "Yeah to freaking Barns and Noble, I mean to a party, to the movies, anything."

I was getting annoyed at her lack of appreciation to the fine arts and decided it was best to just ignore her and get back to my book, besides Justin is about to confess his true love for Madelyn.

God I do sound pathetic, I muttered some unintelligible words and closed me book.

"Thanks for killing the mood" I playfully glared at Nudge and she smirked, probably content with the fact that she now had my full attention, which is hard to obtain let me tell you.

She looked at me sweetly, oh no.

"So… I hear that Jonathan is having a party tonight." She trailed off suggestively and I shuttered, this can't be good.

"And as part of my plan to bring you back to reality and out of you fantasy" She said pulled the book out of my grip and setting it beside her, "You are going to come with me." I looked at her shocked and was about to refuse when she interrupted me.

"Ah no! You don't have a choice here Max, it's a do or die thing." She gave me a wicked smile and I knew I was going to be forced to go whether I liked it or not.

I weighed my chances on how likely it was that she would actually kill me, and decided that it was better not to risk it. Besides, it's just a party right? Nothing to worry about!

Hahaha yeah right…

I just shrugged and nodded know there was no use in resisting her, she smiled triumphantly and walked back to the counter going to refill some mans cup of coffee in the corner.

I sighed thinking about the horrors I had to face tonight, I mean come on lets face it, do I look like a party girl to you?

Don't answer that.

I looked away from Nudge as she kept up a pointless conversation with the stranger and my eyes moved to someone walking through the door.

Oh eyes nearly melted off as I saw the most handsome looking creature on earth.

He came in and the whole room seemed to disappear, fading to blackness and all I could make out was his form.

He came in wearing a dark blue shirt and black loose fitting jeans.

His black hair seemed to be slightly messed up as if he had been running his had through it several times.

He walked up soundlessly to me and handed me a piece of paper.

I took it, looking down at it confused. I opened it slightly looking up at him to see if that is what he wanted me to do.

Still without a word he nodded and I opened it to full length.

Inside with messy handwriting was written:

1 black coffee with two sugars on the side.

I looked at him, his eyes seemed to be endless and I found myself wanting to stand there and stare.

"This is what you want?" I asked and he nodded.

I shrugged it off and went to the back to grab a mug and pour him some coffee.

I came back and he had already taken a seat next the main counter. I smiled sweetly at him as I poured the coffee and handed him the sugars.

He gave me a small nod, which I will take as a thank you and handed me some money.

I was about to take it when Nudge walks behind the counter and starts talking, loudly I might add, and says,

"God! Why do I even work here? This place is nerd central, that's all people who ever come here are. All they care about is computers and math and the newest game of Call of Duty. I don't fit in here. But you!" she said pointing at me wagging a finger, "You are like the queen of nerds and..." I step to the side giving her a glare and she finally saw that I was talking to someone.

She looked down at the boy...man...whatever he was and blushed.

"Oh...you were talking to someone...my bad" and she walks away.

I look down at the stranger and see him smiling and I'm nearly blinded by the glow.

"Sorry about that, she just doesn't know how to take a hint." I smiled and he nodded again.

I felt like punching him and saying 'look I know you're cute and all but say SOMETHING!' It was annoying me, silence is the worst.

Finally I got the nerve to ask,

"Do you talk at all?" I saw something flash in his eyes and for a brief moment he looked ashamed. Then he sadly shook his head. No...

He then reached into his backpack and pulled out another sheet of paper and handed it to me.

Again written in messy penmanship was the following:

I don't talk, I'm mute

My hand froze and my heart stopped.

"I'm sorry." and before I could even comprehend what I was doing words came spilling out of my mouth.

"I'm going to a party tonight, it might be boring as hell but at least you get out. Do you want to come?" I said looking into his deep dark brown eyes.

He smirked and looked at me nodding.

Let's see how this goes...

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