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Though the first impression was not good on their minds about each other. With time, they made a long lasting impression on each other. Nandini Murthy:-) . A girl full of life and fun wants to be independent and stand on her own feet. Loves her family. . Manik Malhotra:-) . A reserved independent boy opens up with his friends and family only. A strict and perfect boss sometimes judgemental too. Loves his family. . Both have different ideas to live life. Manik is a quiet guy who speaks only the things necessary, he is fun and loving but with friends only, for others, he is a strict and perfect business tycoon, he loves music and plays too. . Nandini is the one who speaks everything which is in her heart. She is today's girl and believes girls are no less than boys. She wants to live her life in her own ways, she wants to taste the struggle for success. She has a dream to fulfil and is determined to do it before getting tied to marriage. . Both are different in their ways what will happen when they cross each other paths.

Romance / Drama
Aanchal Agrawal
4.9 108 reviews
Age Rating:

'Angry Youngman'

In Delhi

Murthy’s mansion

“Did u change the curtains”
“The room is cleaned and is in the same way right”.
“The food is prepared nicely na”
A man in early 50s was standing in the middle of the living room and asking his servants and cooks.

“Sameer calm down , everything is set. I have personally checked it. U sit for a while”, said a woman coming from the kitchen.
She looks younger than her age.

“Naina I don’t have time to sit, they will be coming any time now. “, said sameer walking to and fro and glancing the watch every now and then.

“Uffo sameer sit down doctor had told u not to take much stress “, said naina making sameer sit on the sofa.

“I should have gone to airport but ur son didnot let me and now they are taking so much time.“, said sameer with a upset face.

“Dont make such faces they are on the way. Will be soon here”, said naina holding his hands.

They hear car horns and a car stops at the main door.

“They are here, come”, said naina standing with a smile on her face.

They both go to the main door. The driver opens his car door and then from the trunk starts taking the luggage.

They wait for the back door to open but it didnot. Nobody was inside it.

“Shyam where are they and why u came alone.“, asked sameer to his driver who was taking the suitcase out.

“Sir baba said that he and babyji will come by themselves and I need to bring the luggage only.“, said shyam to sameer.

“They always trouble me ,I m going out of patience and god knows where they are, I m not letting them come inside the house today unless they give proper reasons.“,said sameer to his wife going back to the living room.

“We are already in, dad”, a voice came from the kitchen.

“Its cabir’s voice but how they are inside the house.“, asked naina to sameer.

“They are in trouble, my love and u are not supporting them today.“, said sameer going towards the kitchen

A boy and a girl were standing infront of the dining table with gulab jamuns in their hands. They were about to put it inside their mouth but.

“Statue”, said sameer from back.

They both stop half way with open mouth and gulab jamuns in their hand near their mouth.

“Sameer u should have let them eat it first.“, naina said in defense for their children.

Sameer signed her to be quiet.
“U two ,care to explain about this drama. I was waiting for u both outside and u two are here. I was so restless to see u and u both were troubling me. Now answer. Why are u both quiet.“, asked sameer to his childrens.

“First let them move sameer”, naina said for them.

“Move”, he said at once.

Both of them put the sweet inside their mouth and smiled widely in satisfaction.

“Wow..itt wa..was ur.. darli..darlings id...idea”, said the boy with mouth stuffed completely with sweets.

“Cabir first finish what is in ur mouth then speak”, said sameer.

He finishes them.

“I told her its a bad idea but she wanted to eat gulab jamun first and I could not deny her wish. U know right I love her so much.“, said cabir side hugging the girl.

She slaps his arm.

“It was my idea but I know that u love moms hand gulab jamun more than me , u agreed in fraction of secs for the idea.“, the girl said cabir.

“Beta why u trouble him u know right he is so impatient. U could have come and eat it normally not like thiefs coming from backdoor.“, naina made her children understood.

“Theres no fun in that and I know how to calm my darling. A hug and few kisses and he is back to normal and i missed his care and scoldings in these 3 years so thought of getting it.“, said the girl.

She goes near her dad and hugs him.
“I missed u dad” , said the girl kissing his cheeks.

“U dont have any idea nandu how much I missed u these three years.“, sameer said with tears in his eyes.

He hugs him again.

Naina was seeing them. She comes and keeps her hand on her head.
“U didnot miss me beta, how are u?“,naina asks her daughter caressing her hairs.

“I am fine mom, dont worry and i missed u too and not to forget ur gulab jamuns also.“, said nandini hugging her mother too.

“If u all forgot than u have a son and brother too in this family.“, said cabir eating another gulab jamun from the bowl.

“Come here bhai and spare some of it for me too.“, said nandini opening her one arm for him to come.

He went and all four had a family hug.

“Choti u go and freshen up urself and I will get ur breakfast upstairs.“, said cabir to nandini.

“Cabir take a off today and enjoy with nandu. I have some important clients to attend so I need to go.“, sameer told his son.

" dad take ur medicines and then leave for the office.“, said cabir.

“Medicines???“, asked Nandini in confusion.

" he has high bp and he always forgets to take it”, said Naina.

“Dad u are going to take care of your health now on and no excuses.“, nandini warned her father.

“Ok beta I will, now u go and rest for a while, I will meet u in the evening.“, said sameer.

“Bye dad”, said nandu kissing his cheek and going to her room.

“I will see u later dad”, said cabir going inside the kitchen.

“Come early and dont take much stress ok.“, said naina fixing sameers collar and tightening his tie.

“Take care, bye.“, said sameer kissing her forehead and walked out with his overcoat.

She goes back to the kitchen..

Nandini opens her room and looks around.

“Thank you mom and dad”, she says to herself.

Her room was in the same way she left three years ago.

She takes a quick shower and dress herself in a blue floral knee length dress.
She sits in bed and opens her luggage..

Naina enters kitchen and sees cabir arranging the breakfast In tray.

“Mom I will eat with choti and then we are going out.“, said cabir.

“Come soon and take care of her nicely “, said naina keeping her hand on his cheek.

Cabir holds the tray in his hands and kisses her cheek.

He goes upstairs to her room and knocks the door.

“Come in “, she says.

“Bhai you dont need to knock on the door.“, nandini says to cabir.

“My choti has grown big and I need to give her space. Now keep this things aside and lets have breakfast. “, says cabir sitting infront of her and keeping the tray in between them.

“Will u feed me, plz”, nandini requests cabir.

“With pleasure choti.“, says cabir and starts feeding her.

“Bhai I need to meet ur gf.“, says nandini loudly.

“Shhhshh no one in the house knows about her. I will take u tomorrow to meet her, today we bro-sis will enjoy like old times.“, says cabir feeding her a piece of paratha.

“Wow!! we will go in bike, u know I missed these bike rides so much, we will also eat street foods and also go to the park and will have ice cream at my place and....“, nandini said excitedly but stopped as cabir puts a piece in her mouth and she makes a face.

Cabir chukles .

“We will do everything now dress in something comfortable and we will go out.“, says cabir picking up the tray and standing.

“Okay”, says nandini.

Cabir goes to his room and change his clothes.

A message beeps in his phone and he opens it. A smile comes on his face as he reads it and he calls the owner of the msg.

phn convo...

“Hii gud morning”, cabir says with a big smile.

“Wht is gud in this morning. Its going to be afternoon soon and now u got time for me , if I would not have messaged u than u would havenot called too. “, shouts the person on other side.

“I m sry baba nandini came home this morning. So I was with her.“, says cabir.

“U are a idiot, u could have messaged me that u are with nandini ,I would haven’t disturbed u , now go and spend time with her we will talk later.“, says the person.

“Thanks for being so understanding and yeah tomorrow I m bringing choti with me she wants to meet u.“, says cabir.

“Really I m so excited.“, said the person.

“She is also so much excited. We will meet for lunch.I will pick u up.“, says cabir.

“Okay I will be ready just message me the timing and enjoy nicely with her and try to miss me too.“, says the person.

“I always miss u baby, love u bye take care”, says cabir

“Love u too”, says the person.

Phn convo ends

Cabir cuts the call and has a big smile on his face.

He gells his hair, put some perfume and taking his wallet, keys and phone he goes to nandini’s room.

“Choti are u ready.“, cabir asks peeping through the door.

“Yes bhai, come in na”, nandini says from inside near the dressing.

“How am I looking?“, she asks him when he comes inside.

“Looks like I have to keep an eye on you outside.“, cabir said looking at her.

“Why”, nandini asks in confusion.

“U r looking so good that all boys will keep staring at u so I need to check on u right.“, cabir said with a teasing smile.

Nandini slaps his arm and he chuckles.

“Come lets go.“, nandini tells him and both of them goes out.

They bid byes to naina and cabir starts his bike and both rode away.

They just kept roaming in the streets and enjoyed . They went to their hangouts place and spend some time. They ate their lunch outside and then went to their secret place, in outskirts of delhi there was a cliff from where u can see the whole city. They both usually come here to relax themselves. They stayed their upto sunset and then again drove away.

“Bhai I wanna eat panipuri.“, nandini says suddenly.

“Ok lets go to our favourite stall , chacha will be happy to see u, he always asks about u.“,cabir said and drove to their favorite panipuri stall.

Nandini got down and both go to the stall.

“Are betiya, how are u ,when u came back “,asks the owner of the stall.

“Chacha I m fine. Today morning only I return.“, nandini replies smiling.

“Beta today that other girl didnot come with u.“, chacha asks him.

" no she had some work. Chacha serve two plates soon I am dying to eat it from three years.“, nandini said.

He nods and starts making it. They eat it.

“Choti you go and wait near bike I will pay and come.“, cabir says to nandini.

Nandini goes near the bike and half seats in the bike and got busy in her phone.

Some boys were sitting a little away in their bikes saw her alone and whistles. She looked up and saw one of them checking her out looking her from toe to head.
He gave her a flying kiss.

She moves away her face feeling disgusted and started doing her work.

They got down from their bikes and starts coming near her. She saw them coming towards her. She kept her phn down.

“Hey you want to take lift.“, one of them asked.
She turns away.
“You know girls like u shouldn’t be out this time alone.we will take u home”,another one says.

“Look go away or u will face problem.“, she said looking at them.
“To get a girl like u we are ready to face any problem also it will be fun with u come na u wont regret it .“, the first boy said and start coming near her.

“Maintain the distance or dont blame me later for the consequences. “, nandini warned again.

He kept coming towards her and was about to hold her by shoulders. She kicked him hard with her knees in his private part.

He fell In the ground and cries in pain.

The second one got excited seeing this and came and hold her by arm.
Nandini pushed him and kicked him in stomach and punched him.

The third one came from back and holded her when she was beating second one.

She pushed the second one and by holding the arms of third one she pulled him front and kicked his legs.and punched in his lower abdomen and pushed him.

He fell near the first one.

The first one recover from pain and took out a knife from his pocket.

Nandini stood in her place seeing knife.

“Now show us ur guts you girl come na fight.“, he said and started coming towards her with the knife. Other two also stood and were coming near her.
They almost circled her.

‘Oh god now there is only one option left to run, they are armed and angry too which means danger. Nandini run before its late and why the hell is bhai taking so much time. Also this place is empty no one is here. Run nandini run.’ Thought nandini taking her steps back.

The goons also speed their steps and nandini ran away. They followed her. She kepy running looking backwards and

She bumped into someone tall like a pole. His phone fell down from his hand.

" Can’t u see and walk young lady. U broke my phone and why are u running in the road like u are in park.“, he asks her picking his phone from ground.

The boys also came there but stopped seeing her with someone.

She looked back to see if they are following her or not.

The person saw she is looking scared and breathing heavily. He looks where she is looking and saw her looking at some boys. He understood the scenario and gave a glare to the boys.
They backout and goes away.

She looks back at him and smiles.
“Thanks and sorry for the first.“, nandini said to him.

“U girls only know to run away from such situation which makes them more strong and they gets encourage to do such things. U should fight with them rather than running away and asking help and thanking others.“, he almost shouted at her.

“Listen mister u dont know anything so dont assume and shout at me. You helped me so I m thankful to u but u dont get the rights to shout at me for that.“, nandini said in the same tone as his.

“Dont shout at me. Instead of being sweet and grateful for saving ur life, u are shouting at me. For girls like u, other girls in the society gets spoiled. U r such a ungrateful selfish girl. Get off.“, he taunts nandini and moves away.

Nandini stands there with her mouth open to stay sth but he goes before she could say anything.

Cabir comes there.

“Choti are u fine, what are u doing here I told u to be near bike right. “,cabir asks holding her shoulders.

“Yes bhai i m fine. Actually u took a lot of time so I got bored and was walking.“, nandini said looking straight as she was lying to him.

“I m sry, I saw a flowers shop and went to get flowers for u.“, cabir said giving her flowers.

“Thank you”, nandini said and hugged him.

They went near the bike and rode towards their house. Both went inside their room directly as they were so tired and went to bed after changing.

‘How much attitude he had. I agree he was tall, handsome guy on which any girl can fall but I m not any girl, and with that angryman attitude he holds,never i will fall. He shouted without knowing the actual scene and also didnot listen to me and went off. “Angry Youngman” ’ thought nandini laying in her bed and slept after closing the lights.

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