Our Solemn Hour

I Could Not Foresee

Honestly, Dean was lucky he'd said yes. Had he not, heaven knows how long it would have taken him to find the chosen battlefield. If Dean believed in God, Dean bet He was laughing at all the irony of everything ending in Kansas, the same place it had all began.

Past all his thoughts of irony's cruel sense of humour, his thoughts went back to Sam. Michael tried to repress those thoughts, but his attention was more on his own needs, he didn't seem to really care about Dean, at least not enough to stop him.

It wasn't long before Sam, "It's not Sam anymore, it's that monster wearing my brother." appeared on the chosen field as well. Yet another irony of it being a graveyard, almost some kind of dark foreshadowing for all the people who were going to die if Dean failed.

Even in that state, Dean was finally relieved to see Sam again. He wondered if Lucifer even let Sam see what was happening around him, or if he just shoved Sam into a darkened corner of his own mind. Truthfully, Dean wasn't sure which one would have been worse. Who knows all the things Lucifer did with Sam's hands, maybe, no, screw maybe, Sam definitely wouldn't want to remember them.

When Sam started to speak, Dean knew that they weren't his words. "Michael."

"Lucifer." The word slipped off his tongue, feeling so foreign, since he had no control over it.

Eyeing Dean, Lucifer commented, "I see Dean finally consented."

"It was his destiny." Dean would have rolled his eyes at 'destiny' if he could have. "As is this."

Sam's- Lucifer's face looked almost regretful for a moment. "It does not have to be."

Dean felt his head tilt, and his eyebrows raise in doubt. "Our Father has commanded-"

"Where is He, Michael? If this is truly what He wants, why is He not here to see it done?"

"We've known since the beginning of this Earth that this was always how it was meant to end."

"How can you be so blind, brother? Take a look at my vessel. Sam was willing to risk everything to prevent this from happening." He gestured to Dean. "Clearly, he was not successful, but he was willing to give up everything to ignore what 'our Father has commanded.' Why can you not do the same?"

"You rebelled, Lucifer. You corrupted man; you are the reason that they were damned." Michael argued.

"They chose the wrong path; I merely showed them the option. Our Father knew what would happen when He cast me out. God wanted the Devil."

"No, Lucifer. You disobeyed, and you knew the consequences. This is how it must be."

Lucifer straightened up Sam's body, knowing disappointment gleaming in Sam's eyes. "So be it."

Michael swung the first fist; Dean felt his knuckles crack against Sa- Lucifer's jaw, although the crack may have been from Sam. "Lucifer, dammit." In the midst of all this, Dean still couldn't help but only see Sam's head fly back in pain with a grunt. It didn't feel like he was fighting the Devil.

The ground shook beneath them, like an earthquake. No, wait, it really was an earthquake. Having an archangel inside you apparently heightened the rage, and what followed it.

Recovering quickly, Lucifer lunged at Dean, clearly using Sam's memories of sparring and training in order to fight back. Lucifer threw a punch and when it collided with Dean's face, Dean saw the image of Yellowstone Park exploding. Looks like Lucifer's anger had the same affects.

Michael leapt back up to his feet, attempting to sweep Lucifer's legs out from under him, but Lucifer easily dodged, and tackled Michael to the ground.

Again and again, he rammed his fist into Michael face, no longer using Sam's tactic oriented skills; just pure fury was controlling him.

Even though it wasn't his body at the moment, Dean could still feel every hit, every snap of bone, and he heard every single one of Michael's thoughts of remorse at knowing that everything would end with either him or his brother dead.

Michael was an angel; Dean was not.

As much as Michael tried to continuously heal himself blow after blow, Dean couldn't take much more. Sure, Michael riding him would keep him alive, but that would be it. One or two more hits and Dean wouldn't be surviving this, no matter who won.

Another punch, and Dean knew the next one would be his last. Lucifer raised his hand into a fist, but then something strange and unexpected happened.

Michael let go.

Dean sucked in a breath, and he could feel all the pain ignite anew now that he had complete control. Through broken teeth and a bloodied mouth, Dean said the one thing he'd been wishing he could this whole time.


Something changed in Lucifer's eyes. With his fist still raised, Lucifer cocked his head to the side, and then his eyebrows scrunched together as though he was- reconsidering? No, that couldn't be it. Did- did it mean Sam was fighting back?

Dean saw Sam's fist start to unclench, and the anger in his eyes wavered. After a moment, Sam- yes, Sam- gasped and stepped back, breathing out one word.

"Dean." He smiled.

Before Dean had the chance to respond, Michael resumed control, and pounced on Sam. Dean had never seen so much hurt and betrayal in Sam's eyes until then.

No longer able to control himself, Dean watched Michael nail Sam in the jaw, snapping his head to the side, quickly followed by another hit.

Although Dean hated to admit it, Michael was clever. In the split moment he had let Dean take the wheel, knowing Dean would call out to Sam, he knew it had given Sam the willpower to conquer Lucifer. But now that Sam was the one in charge, Michael immediately took back over, assuming that Sam wouldn't fight back. And you know what sucked the most? He was right.

Sam made no attempt to defend himself. Between punches he'd call out to Dean hoping he'd be able to reach him, but Michael's blows raining down on him were the only answer he received.

Sam's face eventually went to the same state as Dean's was before Michael regained enough strength to heal it. Both Sam's eyes were nearly swollen shut, his nose broken in at least two different places, cheekbones too probably, and yet all Sam did in response to each hit was say Dean's name again and again, but they came out as nothing more than pained moans. His pathetic attempt to speak broke Dean's heart.

"I-it's o-'k-'kay, big bro-th-ther." Another punch, and Sam's head flew to the side again with a whimper, a freaking whimper. "I st-still belie-eve in you." An elbow to his already broken cheekbone made him cry out in pain. "I- 'm not goin' 'nywhere." His eyes that had glazed over with agony still had hope glimmering in them, even when Michael landed another punch directly to them. Sam sobbed for a moment, nearly gone when he added, "N-not gonna le-leave you… C-cuz you c-couldn't 'ver leave m-me…"

As Sam's eyes started to drift shut, Dean's mind flooded with memories, the pain of losing Sam over and over again. He'd sworn that he'd never let him go again, and he meant it. Dean fought and he fought, and he pushed and pushed Michael down until finally, he was free. Almost disbelievingly, Dean flexed his fingers at his own accord, and he let out a breathy laugh.

They'd done it; they had won

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