Chapter 3

vd"How can I help you?"

"What is a Google?"

"Um… if you go on one of the computers over there, you can go on Google."

"Thank you."



"Why are you still here?"

"I do not know how to use a computer."

"Well, it's a slow hour. I suppose I can show you how to Google something quickly."

"Thank you."

"Yeah, yeah. Follow me."


"Okay, you see this button here?"


"It brings up the internet browser. It goes straight to Google, see?"

"Oh. Yes."

"Now you just type what you want to search in, and it'll show you all the results. Okay?"

"I think so."


"How do you spell 'Lebanon'?"

"Oh Jesus, you ever even been to school? Here, I'll do it for you."

"Thank you."

"Okay, what do you want to know?"

"Is there a Lebanon in the USA?"

"Uh… yeah, says there's a Lebanon in Oregon, Pennsylvania, Kansas, Ohio and Indiana."

"The one in Kansas."

"What about it?"

"That's where my family is."

"Okay, great. Can I get back to work now?"

"Of course. How would I get to Lebanon, Kansas?"

"So you still need my help."

"You may go back to work if you wish, of course."



"If you get a bus to the city, there'll be buses you can get from there to Topeka. I wouldn't know how to get from there to this Lebanon place, but that'll get you some of the way. You got the money for that?"

"I have money."

"Yeah. How much?"

"This much."





"Yeah, that'll get you to Kansas. It's not far. But for God's sake, don't go flashing that at just anyone."


"Not just anyone would give it all back."


"Yeah. You ever left home before, boy?"

"Not alone, not like this."

"When you get back home, tell your family not to let you leave again. You're lucky to have survived this far."

"I know. Thank you very much for your help."

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