Chapter 4

"Hey. Where you going to?"

"Lebanon, Kansas."

"I don't think any bus from here goes there."

"I was told to get a bus into the city and then a bus from the city to Topeka, then to figure out the rest of the way from there."

"Sounds about right. Why you going to Lebanon, Kansas?"

"That's where my family lives."

"Okay, then; why are you here?"

"I got… stranded by someone untrustworthy."

"Aw, man. That sucks."

"Yes, it was… rather a tragic occurrence."



"I'm Alice. What's your name?"


"That's an… unusual name."

"I was named by 'unusual' people."

"I can tell that."




"It's gonna take you a while to get to Kansas, isn't it?"

"I assume so."

"Do you have a book hidden in that coat or something?"

"No, I am… rather good at quiet contemplation."

"Sure, but what happens when you get hungry?"

"Oh, I had forgotten about that."


"Yes. I suppose I can buy some food in the city."

"Yeah, you'll probably have to wait a while for a bus. They're not exactly frequent."


"So… fancy telling me the story of this traitor?"

"Not particularly. It isn't the… happiest story I have."

"Then tell me a happy one."



"Okay. There was a man they called the Righteous Man and his brother, who was more often called an abomination. Surprisingly, by human terms, one would consider the Abomination the more virtuous of the two – and he truly was a good man; kind, friendly, humorous, loyal to a fault, good. It was merely a taint he did not choose staining him, but that did not change that heaven had a plan for the two. They were to start the apocalypse, thus creating paradise on Earth. It started when the Righteous Man was sent to Hell – he made a demon deal to bring his brother back to life – and he broke the first seal of the 66 to release Lucifer from his eternal punishment. The Righteous Man was not aware of the true consequences of his actions. In any case, many angels were sent to raise him from Perdition. The one who succeeded was merely an average warrior of the Lord, one who had never known himself to be special at all. He knew nothing of the plot for the apocalypse, and he didn't know that heaven had made sure the angels sent to rescue the Righteous Man would arrive after he had broken the first seal. It turned out that he... was special, however. He had an affection for humans that was not often seen from his angel brethren, and a better grasp on the idea of Free Will. As such, the Angel then took it upon himself to… protect the two, somewhat. Over the course of some months and many events, they became friends. In fact... they became almost as family. The Angel fell from heaven for the brothers, all so they could prevent the apocalypse from coming to pass. It became difficult. At many points, one of the trio wanted to give up. Most frequently, it was the Righteous Man. He would have sacrificed the world to save his brother... and maybe the Angel, too. The Angel once had to literally beat sense into him. The Righteous Man eventually became resolute, alongside his brother, that he would not allow the apocalypse to happen. However, they had a half-brother who, although not the ideal participant, was able to fulfill the Righteous Man's part. The brothers had no choice. The Abomination came up with a plan: he would pretend to play his part, and then lock himself, with Lucifer, back into eternal punishment. The Righteous Man did not like this. He didn't want to have to live without his brother, and he did not think his brother deserved it. The Abomination was sure he must repent for the actions that led to him earning the name 'Abomination'. Time was running out, and the Fallen Angel chose to support the Abomination, despite his... more profound bond to the Righteous Man. The Righteous Man did not accept this easily, however. When the Abomination and the half-brother met to start the apocalypse, the Righteous Man turned up regardless. The Abomination was taken over by purpose at this point, however, and he beat the Righteous Man almost to death. All was going according to heaven's plan. There was one thing heaven had not accounted for, though – the brothers' love for one another. See, the Righteous Man had turned up in the car that had belonged to him for many years, and his father before him. It held plastic army men in the vents, the brothers' initials inscribed, and countless other memories. The Abomination looked at the car, and came back to himself. Their plan won out. However, it was not without casualties… the Fallen Angel had been killed, the Righteous Man severely beaten and the Abomination stuck in eternal punishment. Then, a miracle occurred. The Fallen Angel was brought back to life, and not as a human: he was once again the Angel. He healed the Righteous Man and undertook the mission of retrieving the Abomination without disturbing the others. He succeeded. And thus, the apocalypse was averted by two boys, a fallen angel and others… others, who were equally important as the three."



"Wow… where's that from? I've never heard it before."

"I believe the story is detailed in one of Carver Edlund's Supernatural books."

"That's an insane story. I'll have to check them out."

"It's rather far into the series."

"If the other stories are like that, I don't care."


"Hey, nice timing! That's our bus."

"That is fortuitous."



"Hey, you don't need that much! Just one of the fives."

"Which one is a… five?"

"The one with a five in the corner. What, you never used money before?"


"You serious? Okay, you're lucky I'm here."

"Thank you for your help."



"Hey, you can sit by me… if you like."

"Thank you, but I prefer to spend journeys in silence."

"Oh… okay. It was nice to meet you, Cas."

"And you, Alice."

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