Chapter 5

"Hey again, Cas. I thought I could just quickly show you somewhere to get some food and help you figure out how to get to Kansas. You… seem like you could use some help."

"I would be grateful for your help."

"It'd be my pleasure. Anyway, there's a grocery store pretty close if you just want to grab some food to eat on the bus, or I could take you to a fast food place…?"

"Would I be able to get a burger?"

"Yeah, sure. I think there's a Biggerson's around here somewhere."


"Okay, it's this way."




"So, you like burgers?"


"Actually, that was a stupid question. Doesn't everyone like burgers?"

"I don't think Sam is very fond of them."


"One of my brothers."

"Right, okay."


"You don't talk much, do you?"

"I see no need to talk if I have nothing to say."

"That's actually pretty refreshing."


"Okay, here's Biggerson's. I'll order first."


"I'll have a regular burger, small fries, and a medium Diet Coke. Thanks."

"I would like a… regular burger, too."

"D'you want fries? A drink?"

"No, I don't think s-"

"You're not going to Kansas just on a burger. He'll have large fries and a medium Diet Coke, too, thanks."

"You okay with that, dude?"

"Yes, I suppose."

"Okay, gimme a minute then, guys. You can sit down, if you like."



"So you've not ever left home on your own before, then?"

"No, not really."

"Oh… that was supposed to be a joke…"

"Well, it is true."

"Why did your family ever let you leave, then?"

"I didn't exactly tell them I was leaving. I thought I would return soon enough, without having to transport like this."



"Sometimes I feel like you haven't told me a single truth today."

"The story was true."

"Sure it was, Cas. You're funny."






"Okay, shall we get you a bus ticket to Topeka then?"


"This way."


"How much money do you have?"

"I was told it would be sufficient for a trip to Topeka."

"Yeah, I don't think it's that expensive… the problem's more with how long it takes."

"How long does it take?"

"I'm not sure, I've never taken this bus route exactly… I guess it'll be a few hours, at least, though."

"That's not long."

"Wait 'till you have to spend it on a bus."

"I've been on longer bus journeys."

"I thought you said you hadn't travelled like this before?"

"I didn't. I said I was not expecting to have to travel like this."

"How did you not know how to pay, then?"

"It's not been an issue before."

"Um… okay?"


"Well, we're here. You go up to the lady there and ask her when the next bus to Topeka is, and then ask for a ticket on it. Then add up the numbers on the corners of the notes until you get to a number that's close to the amount she tells you to pay, but over it. Got it?"

"I believe so."

"Okay. Then I'll go. Oh, and when you get to Topeka, go to the tourist bureau. It'll be pretty close, I'm sure, and they'll help you get to Lebanon."

"Thank you for your help, Alice."

"You're welcome, Cas. Good luck with getting home."

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