Chapter 6


"Shut up, Sam."

"No. Why aren't we looking for Cas?"

"Leave me alone."

"It isn't like you to leave anyone behind. What's happening?"


"Oh come on, you're not still pissed with him, are you?"


"Dude! He needs us! He's human now, he's not gonna be able to cope without us. He's only even been here once. For all we know, he could be looking for us now, not knowing where we are! We've gotta hel-"

"Cas is dead, Sam, so shut the fuck up."

"Wha- how do you- you don't know that."

"Yeah, I do."


"Because I was the one with him before he went back to heaven. He said the angels would kill him."

"Didn't Naomi forgive him?"

"Yeah, but I don't think word spreads that quickly. And you know Cas as well as I do. He wouldn't just let Metatron win. He'd stop him from closing heaven or die trying."



"That... that doesn't mean he's dead. He could have fallen with the rest of them… we should still look."

"Say for a second you're right. How the fuck would we look for him? He could be anywhere. We have no way to track him; no cell, no credit cards… hell, he doesn't even have a name."


"Face it, Sam. He's dead. And if he's not, there's nothing we can do."

"That doesn't mean you should just drink yourself into oblivion!"

"Hunter's Helper."

"He wouldn't want this for you."



"Shut the fuck up about Cas."

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