Chapter 9

"Okay, so I walk past Wagner Park then turn right… then past the Baptist Church until I'm on School Ave… Avenue? Then I turn left."

"That's a lovely church."

"Prairie Wind? What's a Prairie Wind?"

"A motel. I ought to tell Sam and Dean about it."

"Now I just… stay straight on this road."

"Bobby would like this yard…"

"My throat… am I… thirsty? How do I get this bottle out easily? Do I just take the bag off every time? That seems impractical."

"How much do I drink? She told me to be cautious."

"I'm still thirsty."

"Okay, that's enough. I doubt I'm even a mile on the way yet."

"How far does the map say I've travelled? A mile is roughly this long… oh. I have walked for more than a mile."

"Where do I turn next? Have I missed it? Surely I've been walking for long enough…"

"Oh, it's that turn up ahead."

"I feel… like I'm surrounded by fire. Why is there water on my face?"


"Salty water?"

"This route isn't particularly picturesque."

"What are these places? Are they… farms?"


"I must keep going. I will notice my tiredness more if I stop."

"At least… that's what Dean said."

"There are a very large number of these buildings with metal roofs. What is their function? Surely metal roofs are highly impractical? I doubt they keep the building very cool."

"Oh! This field is actually green!"

"I like green."


"Goodbye, green."

"Why does my stomach feel… like it is clenching?"

"Oh, maybe I'm hungry. I suppose I ought to eat the sandwich."


"This isn't very pleasant."

"No, I must eat it. She implied I would get very hungry later, anyway. Aren't humans supposed to have three meals a day? It is getting late. This is my first."

"My stomach doesn't feel better."

"What do I do with this… card?"

"I suppose I could put it in the bag."

"Would eating the bars now be a waste?"

"How far have I gone?"

"I'm not even halfway, yet, I believe."

"I'll save the bars."

"My mouth… tastes strange."

"Would water fix that?"

"Stop drinking, Castiel. Slow down."

"Oh, there's a lake!"

"That doesn't look very clean."

"I ought to get back on the road."

"These trees don't look very healthy…"

"Oh! Is this a town?"

"It's smaller than Smith Center…"

"The map… maybe this is 'Bellaire'?"

"That means I'm roughly halfway there."

"Okay, I turn here…"


"… and here."

"Now… I keep going on this road."

"Well, this is slightly more green."


"Not anymore."

"My legs are starting to ache."

"I don't remember this much pain last time I was human…"

"Actually, I believe I was in more pain when I was in hospital."

"Walking never caused me this much discomfort, however."

"More metal roofs! I wonder if there is a farmer I can ask about them…"

"These trees look happier."

"Is this… a cemetery?"

"It doesn't seem as though many people visit."

"I suppose… if there were any vengeful ghosts, they would cause no harm."

"That means that no one would know of them. I should inform Sam and Dean of this."

"This is a long road."

"I am further than three-quarters of the way there…"

"I can have one of the bars."

"This taste is… remarkably unpleasant."

"Oh, my stomach likes this."

"Okay, I will have the rest. Sam and Dean will give me food, I am sure."

"Oh, do I turn here?"

"Yes, I think I do."

"This means I am close!"

"There are houses now… so where would the bunker be?"

"There were trees. It was hidden in some trees…"

"I suppose I should find a place with thick tree coverage."


"Near a road."


"Slightly away from town."



"I know where to go from the grocery store. Where is the grocery store?"

"Here it is! I could go in and get more water…"

"No, that clerk from last time did not seem friendly."

"Now I believe I must go in this direction…"

"It won't be long now."

"My legs can continue."


"This area looks familiar…"

"Why is it suddenly difficult to breathe?"

"My chest hurts."

"This is the bunker. I'm sure of it."

"Now… I just… knock?"





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