Human Biology

Chapter 2

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"A nice murder. That'll cheer you up."-Mrs Hudgson


There was a faint smell of treacle in the air, the cafe was decorated in lime green and was located in a small Muggle village outside Cambridge, called The Pie stand. Tonks was there with her mum.

Sometimes Tonks thought her mum was OCD, because Andromeda was a woman of routine. The woman always ordered a cup of tea with one sugar in, followed by a slice of blueberry pie-never cream on the side- the napkin always folded on the right side of the plate.

But when Tonks had breeched the subject to her dad, he had just said her mum was just quirky like that. Maybe they were living in denial...Or maybe it was just how her mum had been raised. Her dad had said etiquette stuck like gum on a shoe, it was why her mum always ate dinner like she was dining with the Minister of magic himself.

"Are you alright? You haven't touched your sandwich," Andromeda said inquisitively.

Tonks jerked her head up, taking her eyes off the spot on the wall she'd been transfixed on. "Just tired, mum, been working late." She smiled brightly, her hair changing to an even more vibrant pink. "If it isn't an old lady duelling a werewolf, it's a bonkers hermit trying to breed Dementors in his basement..."

Her mum chuckled into her tea cup. Tonks cocked an eyebrow, her mum's eyes widened. "Oh! You're serious? How did they even...?"

Tonks shrugged, taking a large bite of her tuna sandwich, chewing ungracefully, before swallowing it in one large gulp. "I dunno. He was off his rocker." She wiped the crust from her mouth. "I doubt it would have worked anyway."

Andromeda stared at her endearingly, smiling faintly, before using her fork to take a small chunk of pie. "Makes you wonder what the worlds coming to."

Tonks just gave a half-shrug, her mind trailing back to Melanie. Her brow creased, her hair changing to blue. "Yeah, I guess."

She saw her mum frown.

Tonks sat on the carpet of her apartment living, the place looking overcrowded with the large brown boxes piled up around the room, a pool of documents and photos surrounding her on the floor. She chewed her pencil, her brow creased in thought as she stared at the five photos.

All five victims had some sort of deformity, which was either physical or mental:

(Age 31) Mrs Eliza Agarkar, had a birth mark the shape of Australia on her left thigh.

(Age 43) Ms Rebecca Cornhill was born with six toes on her right foot.

(Age 50)Mr Alphonso Merrygold was Autistic.

(Age 37)Mr Arthur Lipworth had webbed feet.

(Age 46) Mrs Yuki Li had dead nerves on the left side of her mouth.

She stared at the photos very closely, why was Melanie murdering the deformed? It didn't seem like a hate crime…..

Tonks' stomach rumbled loudly, she frowned, she'd forgotten how hungry she was; what time was it anyway? How long had she been sitting here? She winced when she uncurled her legs, trying to stretch out the discomfort-she really fancied pizza right now-getting to her feet she walked over to the fridge.

Inside the fridge there was a variety of vegetables, a tub of butter, salad dressing and a small cheese pizza stuffed in the back. The apartment was in a Muggle neighbourhood, which Tonks found she liked, it was a lot more peaceful and the Muggle appliances were pretty wicked. The only downside was having to constantly convert her wages into Muggle money, but her dad had been a great help in that area, so it wasn't that much of a hassle.

She ripped the plastic off the pizza and placed it in the over-she wondered if Melanie lived in a Muggle apartment. Tonks frowned, leaning against the kitchen counter, trying to figure this psycho out was infuriating. Not to mention Melanie was a condescending ass….but at the same time the crazy bitch acted like she was trying to teach something important.

Tonks drummed her fingers on the counter top. Melanie was an Unspeakable, which meant she had high clearance. Even though many didn't know exactly what the Unspeakables did, the Aurors were aware that the department did do research into genetics, so it wouldn't be difficult for Melanie to get medical files on thousands of wizards and witches.

The victims were dissected and displayed in fancy poses, (one victim had the skin from his back stretched out into angel wings.) So it was a combination of Art and biology.

"So I'm dealing with an artistic scientist," she said dryly, letting out a deep sigh. "Fantastic."

Lots of magical folk were freakish in some way, especially with inbree-

Tonks froze, her eyes widening, she nearly tripped over when she rushed back to the living room, she snatched up the medical files, among the abnormities, the victims' blood status was also listed:

Mrs Eliza Agarkar: Pureblood.

Ms Rebecca Cornhill: Half-blood.

Mr Alphonso Merrygold: PureBlood.

Mr Arthur Lipworth:Half-Blood.

Mrs Yuki Li: Pureblood.

"Fuck yes!" Tonks shouted, a giant smile forming on her face.

The point Melanie was trying to prove was a personal and social experiment, she was trying to find the link incest had with genetic deformity, and more importantly she had a solid pattern. The murders took place every month, two woman then two men, Pureblood followed by Half-blood.

The next victim was going to be a Half-blood woman with some form of abnormity, whose family had a history of inbreeding which was documented in official medical records. The victims so far were between the ages 30 to 50, which meant Melanie was looking at the fairly recent products on incest.

Tonks felt a swell of excitement, she could solve this and wipe that smug look of Melanie's face, show her that her crimes wouldn't go unpunished.

Meanwhile the pizza burnt in the oven.

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