Estrangerous Liaisons

Chapter 4

Elsa looked up sharply at the knock on the window. At first, her vision was too blurry for her to figure out what was going on outside of it, but a few blinks sorted that problem.

Anna. Of course, Anna. Rolling down the window, she asked, "What?"

"Hey, you… you're still here. I thought you'd have driven off to hide in your swanky uptown apartment by now."


"Well what?"

Wiping her hand over her eyes furiously, she forced herself to admit what she didn't want to: "The key broke off in the ignition."

"Excuse me?"

"I was… so upset when I was trying to start the car that I twisted it instead of turning it, I guess, and… and now I'm either going to have to call a locksmith, or take it to the dealership, and this is just… not what I need right now."

A frown stole across Anna's face. "Could you maybe unlock the other door so I can sit down while we talk?"

"No. Just stand there, that's fine."

"Wow, rude." When Elsa made no move to change anything at all, she rolled her eyes and hunched downward. "Fine. Is this it? Are you going to shut me out all over again?"

"How could you propose to me in front of all those people, knowing we're… that we are who we are?!"

"Like they knew that!"

"Of course they don't, that's not the point!"

"I kinda think it is!" Barrelling ahead, she gestured over her shoulder at the dimly-lit building they had just vacated. "All those people back there? All they know is what they saw - how we were together, the way we touched, danced… cared about each other. They even saw a few of our fights, and still thought we belong together, so you know it's legit."

A blonde head fell forward until it rested upon the steering wheel. "So they're stupid. What does that prove? We can't, Anna. As much as I might have regretted bringing all this to an end because it's… been a lot of fun, it still has to end. We can't be…"

"Dating? News flash, Barbie; we've been dating for months. Whether or not it's for the same reasons they thought we were is irrelevant."

"I hate it when you call me 'Barbie'."

"No, you don't," Anna pressed her with a smirk. "You love it, you just also love pretending to hate it."

"Shut up." But she was smirking in spite of herself. Thin fingers tucked a strand of hair behind her ear as she searched her own feelings. "We can't be married. We're blood-related, and not distantly. Someone in the court system will figure that part out."

"Then that's a 'yes' to dating me?"

"Anna, this is serious!"

Freckled cheeks went from glowing to taut with determination. "You bet it is. I think we both stopped thinking it was all a game after that first date. Definitely after…"

The car went dead quiet. Not even breathing or the jangling of now-useless keys. Anna's high heels scuffled slightly as she adjusted positions, waiting patiently.

"How many times do I have to tell you my hand didn't mean to go there?" Elsa finally breathed very quietly. "Are you ever going to believe me?"

"You groped. It didn't just land, it cupped and stroked me, so I don't think-"

"Because you felt nice there! I'm sorry, I didn't mean to find out such a thing about you, honest, but once my hand came into contact with your skin, it was… I just wanted…"


"Stop that. You know that's not what I'm trying to say."

"Maybe not," Anna said with a quiet shrug. Even though she was trying to act so calm and unconcerned, her entire body was shaking. "But I think you do. Maybe you feel like you can't tell any living soul, but you could tell me."

Finally, Elsa gave an enormous shrug as she stared straight ahead. Keeping her eyes on the road, even though that car was going nowhere anytime soon. "IF. Alright? If things were different, if we were closer in age, if we weren't in the middle of this elaborate ruse…"

"If I wasn't your sister?"

"That's the biggest of them all." Then she raised her eyebrows and laughed humourlessly. "And what about you?! All those boys, and your first gay relationship is going to be somebody off the family tree? That's not particularly wise, is it?"

"It doesn't matter to me!" Anna protested, leaning in slightly, pleading. "Honest, I… yeah, it threw me off a lot at first, but we haven't really known each other lately. We became strangers. And now, we're becoming friends again. Maybe… maybe more."

"No. I can't accept that our relationship is going to become something that twisted, and… and wrong! I just can't, I don't want it and I won't accept it!"

Tears were already rolling down Anna's cheeks. "Don't think so much, okay? Feel a little. Feel how we felt together that morning. I know I… blamed you for it, accused you of getting me drunk, and I'm sorry, I'm really sorry! But I said that already, and I took it all back, because we were both completely smashed, and I felt so happy in the moment that I…" Clearing her thoat, she pushed herself to add one more little thing. "If you had kept going… I wouldn't have stopped you."

Elsa's head whipped around so fast that she felt a twinge up her spine. Although that could easily have been from Anna's words. Either one.

"Anna… nobody ever said I was perfect, least of all me. I was drunk, and it's been too long since I… since I-"

"Got laid? Yeah, I felt that in the kiss."

"You could have been anyone and I'd have crawled all over you, it's not… please don't think I reduced you to that on purpose, alright?" Her tears were returning, and she growled slightly to feel them, hating that they were back when she had just encouraged them to disappear. "You're my only sister, and I love you so much, and I d-don't want to hurt you!"

"You didn't, and you wouldn't. Never." Then Anna leaned in and whispered into Elsa's ear, "But I've never felt like just a sister from the moment we met in that restaurant. Do you mind if I tell you a secret?"

"Would me saying I did stop you?"

"Nah." Her hot breath caressed flesh with her words. "Before I came around the side of the chair and saw your face… when I was still looking at you from the back and trying to shake the feeling of déjà vu… I…"

A few more seconds passed in silence. "What? You what?"

"I thought you were really hot!" Anna burst out. "God, you had such a freaking fantastic body - and I've never really thought about girls that way before, not until my friends started asking me more and more if I was gay, but I saw you in that dress and just- NNhh, I wanted to see you without it! Which really threw me off but it also turned me on, and… and I know maybe that's messed up, so at that time I was kind of relieved it turned out to be you, since that meant I could let go of those queer feelings. Except I didn't, I just buried them! So… so there!"

"So there?" Elsa turned completely to stare openly at her sister. "You mean… they've been down in there this entire time, just… squashed down?"

"Guess so."

"But you stopped entertaining them once you figured out it was me, right?" No answer. "Anna… you haven't been since then, have you?"

Her eyes were wide and beseeching as she twiddled her thumbs. "So this one morning, I woke up and I was a little horny, and even though I normally end up thinking about Johnny Depp in moments like those, instead… that time, I…"

Now Elsa's face was beet red. "Please don't finish that sentence."

"Just that one time, though," she added weakly.

"Once is enough! You thought about me while y- while…" For just a second, curiosity overtook her outrage. "Really? What did you think about?"

"A second ago you didn't want me to finish the sentence!" Anna burst out, covering her face.

"I mean, just how I looked that first night?"

"Well, sure. And… how you looked in the pool."

Blinking, her pale hands gripped the steering wheel for stability. "Oh…"

"And in the shower after the pool." Her voice squeaked a little as she tried her best to patch that up. "Th-though I wasn't LOOKING-looking! I swear to God, please, I'm not some kinda perv, I just… I remembered, that's all! I mean, trust me, you are memorable!"

"Anna, cut that out!" Elsa hissed as her round eyes darted back and forth. "Somebody might hear you! How can you keep forgetting we're related when you say this stuff?!"

"Well… to be completely honest with you?" When Elsa merely shrugged as if to say it didn't matter if she continued, Anna did. "I think figuring out I actually liked a girl instead of a guy was so new and crazy that my brain didn't have any room for 'and she's my sister'. Like, one impossible thing at a time, right?"

That took some of the wind out of Elsa's sails. "Well… I guess… you're right. It's been so long that I've forgotten how bizarre it was to figure out I liked women. At first, anyway." Then she glanced over at Anna. "And besides, I'm… being a bit of a hypocrite, I suppose."

"Right. I mean, what?"

"Maybe you aren't the only one who… remembered."

Anna's eyes shot wide and she gasped, leaning in slightly. "NO. You used me as a naughty thought-y?!"

"Hey, of course not! Unlike you, I have at least a shred of self-control!" Then she cleared her throat. "On the other hand, maybe I did find it a little bit… uncomfortable to wash certain parts of myself that day…"

Anna was laughing. Elsa was trying not to die, burying her head in her arms as she leaned forward against the wheel. At long last, Anna reached down and unlatched the door, pulling it open so she could embrace her sister.

"We're not hooking up now," Elsa growled at her. "Definitely not, and definitely not right now!"

"Never said we were. I'm just glad we were… accidentally on the same page, I guess." Then she sighed and patted Elsa's back. "I want to like, pinch your butt or something, but I have a feeling you would freak out and kick the crap out of me."

"Trust your instincts," she chuckled. A few seconds later, however, she pulled back to bump their foreheads together and sigh. "We're idiots."

"The idiotest idiots who ever idioted." A few more seconds passed. "You do understand that I was serious in asking you to marry me, right?"

"I… did not."

"You had to have. You had to have seen it all over my pathetic puppy-face."

Sighing and rolling her eyes, Elsa booped Anna's nose again; the resulting giggle took some of her frustration away. "Fine, but I think I'd like to get past the whole 'attracted to my sister' hurdle before I try jumping nine or ten more!"

"Yeah? Would it help if I kissed you?" The elder sister froze solid. "Okaaay, maybe not. Can I kiss your face?"

Not waiting for an answer, Anna's lips moved in and pressed against Elsa's cheek - and she heard a quiet sigh. Taking that as a positive step, she progressed down until she was at her jawline… then to the neck.

"This is so dangerous," Elsa breathed shakily. "Anybody could walk past, and… and we are who we are, even if they don't know we are…"

"What do you think we're going to do out here in the parking lot?!" Anna laughed, straightening back up. "You think I'm some kind of backseat bimbo? As if!" Then she slid both of her hands around Elsa's shoulders and toyed idly with her white-gold hair as she smiled softly. "So… ready to go back inside? I'll do all the apologising if you want me to, I know that was sudden… and I'm an asshole."

"No, I'll apologise. After all, I was the one who ran out in the middle of everything." Her blue eyes narrowed with the weight of threat. "But you had better be ready to reassure me that I did nothing wrong. It's only fair."

"Fair is fair," Anna snorted as she helped Elsa stand. "And then after that, I saw a pretty thick set piece backstage we could sneak behind and…"

"Do you ever turn off?!"

"Not with you around." When that only earned her a slap on the arm, she laughed and shouted, "HEY! I'll tell mom!"

It was only after they made it back inside that they forgot the key broken off in the door. As a result, they were still there for another hour after most of the other guests had left, waiting for the locksmith to fix it and dodging his questions about how it got that way in the first place.

To Be Continued

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