Estrangerous Liaisons

Chapter 5

This is going to be the grand finale to the Estranged!AU, and I worked harder on it to give it a proper sendoff (and because it had been WAY too long since I touched it, haha). Hopefully those of you who have been waiting are at least slightly less pissed off at me after reading!
Fair warning - it's quite NSFW.

Two months later…

"Oh, it's beautiful!"

Elsa laughed. She was lying, of course; the room was an absolutely dismal array of offensive pastels. It simply palled, grated up against her professional tastes. However, it was at least nice and clean, and didn't offend the eyes to a degree that it was unbearable.

"Fine, fine," she said to the bellhop as he set down their suitcases. A handful of Euros sent him on his way, and as the door shut, she stretched her limbs over her head and yawned. "Ohhh, what a painfully long flight that was."

"Worth every minute." With a dramatic gesture, Anna threw open the sliding doors and stepped out onto the balcony, basking in the setting sun. "I can't believe this is real, that we're really here!"

Chuckling, Elsa paced out there to join her sister, hands circling her trim waist. It was all too intimate a gesture, but they were used to those now. "My bank statement says that yes, we are definitely here - or at least two clones of us are draining all my frequent flyer miles."

Shivering, Anna slid her own hands over Elsa's, possessively yet delicately. Birds let out their call over the rooftops and murmuring floated up from the crowded streets below. A long moment passed as they took in the scenery and contemplated small things.

"So… none of my friends are here. Or yours. They're all thousands of miles away."

"Very true."

"And most people here don't speak enough English to follow our conversation, even if they are hanging around outside the door."

"Also true," Elsa snorted, wondering what Anna was building up to. She had a pretty good idea, though.

One which turned out to be wrong. It wasn't checking out the buoyancy of the mattress that Anna had in mind, which was too bad. Elsa had been relishing that notion the entire plane ride.

"We've been kind of skirting this whole issue since the party, but I think, before we, um… 'celebrate the honeymoon', we should probably do that."

"Ah." Elsa's grip tightened, but when she felt Anna's hands jump she loosened it immediately. "You, um- sorry, I didn't mean t-"

"No, no, it's fine," she reassured her with a very strained chuckle. "But…"

"Yeah, okay." A deep breath. "I'm… not sure how to start, but I've been trying to just ignore it, since everything's been so, so wonderful!"

"It has!" Anna gasped, spinning at last to look up at her. "You and me, together? It felt so ridiculous at first, but I mean, from pretty much that first dinner, we've been… falling for each other. And we fought it, sure, we laughed it off, but where are we?"

Leaning in, Elsa kissed her on the nose. Again. "Where we've wanted to be for the past three weeks of hellish wedding plans and catering disasters."

"Ugh! Clam canapes?!" They both giggled for a few seconds before Anna rested her cheek on Elsa's collarbone, breathing in her scent. "How did this end up like this? I didn't mean for it, not when we first decided to play one innocent little prank…"

"It was my idea. And… part of me always worries that-"

"No," Anna told her firmly. "You always bring that up, and my answer hasn't changed. We both are clearly weird, not just one of us. It's nobody's 'fault'."

"But we are related by blood! We- I'm not just a stepsister, or a distant cousin, or something like that! We literally have the same DNA!"

"Not exactly the same, but… yeah, I know. And I don't care."


"Do you know how hard it was to admit that all those years ago, I was jealous of Jasmine? I mean, that's fucked up - we were just sisters back then, there was no reason for me to feel jealousy over some chick you brought home! But I admitted it, right? I'm… all in. Nothing held back, no fronts."

Running her fingers through Anna's hair, she breathed, "And what did you want to do back then? If I had noticed it was because you were jealous, instead of thinking you were merely homophobic… would it have changed anything?"

"Well… probably not. Sucks to admit it, but I really was pretty weirded out by you being a lesbian. I blame Mom and Dad, though."

"Plenty of blame can go their way, for a lot of things," she laughed… before her laughter died, and her eyes squeezed shut. Voice thick with a thunderstorm of emotions, she whispered, "What are we going to tell them?"


"That won't work forever, Anna."

"It will work for now. The way they filled our heads with bigotry, and how hard we had to try to learn to be better people after that… they don't deserve to know. And I'm not down for a bunch of incest-shaming and gay-shaming. Screw that noise."

They were both silent for a few seconds before Elsa spoke. "You said it. The word."

"Yeah, I said it. What else do you want to call it?"

"Well, I looked it up, and we could say we're in a 'consanguineous relationship'. Kind of flowery, but it sounds a little less, uh…"


"Sleazy, yeah."

"That works. I'll have to remember it, though- consign… consanity?"

They spent a few cautiously bemused minutes drilling the new term into both of their minds as they continued to look at the sights outside the balcony. The laughter and jesting eventually gave way to caresses, and then to gentle kisses. Then hands on hips, down further than hips, pressing into backs with desperation. Eventually, the balcony was abandoned for the bed inside, the last rays of the day painting the walls crimson, only adding to their desire.

"Wait, w…" Elsa paused halfway through the process of unhooking Anna's bra. "This will be further than we've ever gone, I- if you have even ONE second thought about doing this with your sister, then you'd better say it right now."

"I'm not doing anything with 'my sister'. I'm making love. With you." There was real fear in her voice, but it was nearly eclipsed by her desire, her sheer affection. "So show me what you got, Barbie."

Eyes narrowing, Elsa snapped the strap, causing a light gasp from below her. "Told you not to call me that."

"What are you going to do about it, Barbie girl?" Another snap. "Ah! Careful, or I might decide I like that!"

This seemed to catch Elsa entirely off guard, and she began sputtering, face redder than the walls of their suite. The freckled face below her surged up to kiss her fumbling lips, taking the bottom one in gently and weighing it within her mouth before releasing it and falling back to the sheets.

But not before Elsa unhooked the garment, leaving it exactly where it was, ready to be removed at any moment but in no hurry to do so. Running her shortened nails up and down the befreckled back, exploring every curve and well, she finally took her in a proper kiss, tongue seeking out another one, body falling heavily onto another body. All was heat and desire and urgency.

"Oh… you…" Having been released at last, Anna licked her lips and entwined her arms behind Elsa, feeling the thin fabric of her shirt giving way, fumbling with the clasp underneath it. "Your turn?"

"Whatever you want, Anna."

"I already have what I want, and have wanted for years. You back in my life."

"Even this way?"

Grinning darkly as a flick of her thumb loosed the tiny hooks, she then slid her hand up Elsa's stomach and underneath the firm cups - creating a gasp of pure adoration.

"Especially this way. I'm so pissed that I didn't get to do this for you first."

"MMmhh! Well, you… seem to know how!"

"I have tits of my own, you know!" As she continued to knead vulnerable flesh, she leaned up to whisper, "Isn't this what you were trying for at Punzie's?"

"I… promise, it wasn't… that just because I liked how you f-felt…" Her eyes slid closed and she bit her lip, unable to speak further with so much happening to her body. She couldn't think, couldn't move. All she could do was endure it, and be grateful.

There was more progression, a suitcase was knocked off the bed frantically. Clothes were discarded, until all that remained were Anna's lime green boyshorts and Elsa's dark blue thighhighs. The latter were insisted upon by Anna when their owner moved to roll them down.

"Oh? Do you have a thing?"

"Maybe," Anna admitted very softly. "I mean, I haven't even dated women before, so that would be kinda weird, I know. For some reason, though… you, with those on…"

The smirk was impossible for her to keep from her face, but she tried to keep it from being too wide or condescending. "Does something for you, eh? Alright, alright." Sitting on the edge of the bed, she slowly crossed her legs, and heard Anna let out the tiniest groan. "Wow…"

"Don't look at me like that," Anna grumbled, though her own eyes were riveted on the legs.

"Not looking at you like anything," she reassured her arousal-fevered sister. Then she rolled over to crawl along the bed, dragging Anna down next to her. "Now, come on; let's enjoy breaking in our suite before room service brings up our supper."

"Oh, you ordered?" Anna breathed as lips kneaded against her bare shoulder, a hand sliding up the back of one thigh. "Wh-what are we having?"

The fingers clutched even tighter on the meaty muscles. "A turkey leg. What else?"

It was obvious that Anna was about to make a remark about that, to tell Elsa she was ridiculous. Before she could, the fingertips glided up and through the leg of the boyshorts. All conversation stopped as her eyes flew open in shock.

And nothing more was said for a time yet. Elsa simply teased her fingertips back and forth, and Anna shook, pressing her face into a firm neck as she weathered the tiny shocks of pleasure. Minutes later, she grew accustomed to it enough to begin to kiss the skin beneath her lips, and then to run her tongue upwards along the nearby jaw.

"Ooh, Anna," she breathed. "You are… the sweetest, and most perfect…"

"Wha?" came the panting answer.

"Lover." It was an admission full of guilt. "More than anyone else I've ever been with, and y-you're my…"

Coming so close to mentioning their relationship made her thighs twitch, but she didn't otherwise acknowledge it. Instead, one thumb lowered to hook around the waistband of the shorts and drew them down. Elsa removed her hand just long enough to allow that, then pressed it back against the soft folds the moment the way was clear again.

"Oh," she breathed. "You shave?"

"For you," she whispered. "I d-didn't know what you like, I… maybe you're not down with furry girls, so I didn't w-want to risk-"

"You would have risked nothing." Ghosting over full lips with her own, she pushed even harder, worked at her flesh even faster. "You're all I want now. You could have a full bush going on and it would just make me work that much harder to get to the goal."

Though Anna's smile was weak, it lit up her features, even as they were glowing from perspiration and arousal. "You… want to be Moses… in front of my red bush…"

"That's terrible," Elsa sighed, but she couldn't keep the grin off her face as she dove two fingers inside - silencing Anna's further speech. Now, it was nothing but passion, Anna's hands exploring her sister now. Only teasing was possible while her own orgasm was being sought, but tease she did, and often.

Finally, she spiralled down from her heights of pleasure and immediately fell atop Elsa, hands roaming and lips pushing at other lips. In two senses.


"This… isn't this a thing?" Anna panted as she lifted Elsa's leg in the air. They both shivered. "Ooh, it has to be! I can feel you… s-so warm!"

"Nhh!" Elsa gasped out, clutching the sheets underneath herself. "Yeah, it just n-never- it's fun for a while, but you c-can't really…"

But Anna was having too much fun, and if she were honest, so was she. Allowing Anna to manipulate her body and do as she pleased was one of her greatest wedding gifts - both to Anna, and from her. Though she knew it would be nearly impossible for her to climax from this, that didn't take away from the experience.

What did take away from it slightly was noticing Anna was rubbing her face along her calf continuously. At first, she merely put it down to logistics; it was the closest thing to her face, after all. Then she saw her lips kneading at the nylon material stretched over her muscles.

"Anna!" she half-gasped, half-laughed once her tiny pink tongue flashed out and ran upward along it. "You… are you really kissing my stockings?!"

"NO!" she squealed, but the shame in her eyes was enough to betray her lies. "Well, I… I don't know, shut up!"

"You don't have to stop!" When Anna set back to rubbing her face against them - though she did not leave kisses this time - Elsa collected herself as she stroked Anna's thigh in support. "But… do you mind my asking when this started? Meaning, have you thought about it before today, or what?"

"Not really, not… much." Then her delicate, damp fingers began to play over the fragile material. "You were wearing them that Christmas. Stockings like these. And then again, on our first 'date' at the restaurant."

"Oh?" As Anna kept thrusting up against her, lips trailing up the other side of the leg now after she had shifted it, up toward her ankle, she tried to think as much as was possible during this moment. "So… when you first found out I was a lesbian, then… when we decided to pretend to be a couple, which turned out to be real. And now…"

"Our wedding night." Then she bit at the ankle, causing Elsa to suck at the air through her teeth. "Even though technically, we spent our wedding night on a plane. That doesn't count."

"You're so… mmmmmMMMmmhh!" she moaned out as the bucking of hips cranked up another notch, perhaps to distract her. "You noticed my stockings? Such a stupid thing?"

"You and tights," Anna moaned as her mouth moved back down to her calf muscle, tongue laving over it hungrily. "I don't know, am I… a freak?"

"No more than I am." The longer Anna spent grinding, the more convinced she became that her idea was the right course of action. Very gently, she began to push the girl's hips backward. At first, it made her groan in frustration… until she felt it.

Nylon, directly beneath her.

"OH!" she cried out, even louder than she had the first time Elsa finished her off. "Oh my GOD, Elsa, no, y- I don't want to mess them up that much, it's g-going to-"

"They're only clothes!" Elsa moaned, reaching down to take care of her own needs. "Who cares?! I just want to give you what you want!"

And it seemed she was. Within the next minute or two, both of them were crying out in pleasure, Anna eventually lowering her own hand to take care of what Elsa's couldn't. It wasn't simply what they had been anticipating for months, but ten times more, and entirely different than even Elsa had been expecting despite having been with a woman before. Those women were not her beloved Anna, after all.

Five minutes later found them panting and staring at the canopy over the bed, eyes wide and smiles just edging their open lips. What could be said? Almost everything spoke for itself.

"So," Elsa said at last, once she had rolled to lean on her elbow, gazing down along Anna's lightly-speckled body and drinking it in all over again. "You… and stockings. Got it."

Frowning slightly, Anna slapped her shoulder with no real power behind the blow. "I swear, if you… ever tell anybody, I'll…"

"You'll what?"

"I dunno." Gulping, she glanced down at them. "And I made a real mess, like I thought I would."

"Laundromats exist, you know." Swallowing again to coat her dry throat, she raised one leg slowly and crossed it over the other, until her toes were grazing up and down Anna's thigh. "You know, I wondered if you were into…"

"Oh," Anna laughed once she caught on. "No, not that. Just the stockings themselves. On you, I mean - I don't have a thing for stockings just lying around. That I know of, anyway!"

"Would you maybe like to wear mine?" When Anna became a blushing, spluttering disaster, Elsa half-snorted in an urgent whisper, "OKAY, sorry! That wasn't supposed to turn you mute, it was just an idea!"

"Ask me again after dinner." When Elsa merely blinked over at her, she smiled and kissed her, hard and fast, fingertips winding into her platinum locks as they rolled over in the sheets, ending with Anna on top once she pulled away. "And… don't take them off until then."

"Really? But I was g-"


The incredulous look Elsa flashed at her spoke volumes, but Anna's meek, imploring gaze melted her in seconds flat. They were still peppering each other with kisses when there came a knock at the door from the bellhop. As Elsa got up and fetched the two fluffy robes from the bathroom - much faster than trying to put on clothes - she looked over her shoulder.

"So… are you having fun yet?"

"Duh!" Anna laughed as she shrugged on the robe, earning her an echo in her sister's voice. "And you? Is this whole thing what you wanted?"

"Well…" Snatching up her wallet from her purse, Elsa rested her hand on the doorknob as she contemplated. No words seemed to do her sheer joy any justice, so she gave up trying to find them. "It sure isn't what I expected."

~ The End ~

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