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Taehyung is from a poor family, his girlfriend left him for a guy with more money and he was just fired from his job. Jimin let out a deep breath before rolling his eyes, "What do you want from me? Why here of all places?" Taehyung was staring at the well-dressed male whose entire outfit was worth more than himself. His body slightly shook from the freezing winter air flowing through the holes in his jacket. As he opened his mouth to speak, the chattering of his teeth became more apparent. "How?" The older scoffed becoming more annoyed, "How what?" Jimin placed his hands in his coat pockets. "Look if you're still mad about getting fired that was your fault-" The younger spoke again, "How did you do it?" Taehyung took quick inhales of breath that barely made his pants visible in the cold winter wind. "We came from the same part of town; your family is just as poor as mine and yet you're rich." The wind slowing began to pick up blowing fresh snow onto the already covered cars and rooftops. The taller shivered fiercely from the lack of clothes. "Y-You were the lowest ranked in class but yet you're the one who's rich." Taehyung laughed bitterly at the realization. The fact that he worked harder than the person in front of him and always did things correctly, but he's the one struggling.

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Chapter 1

Three Years Ago

It was a dark winter night, snow was blowing in the cold December wind. The first thing Taehyung wanted to do was go home and cuddle with his girlfriend Yura in a fluffy warm blanket. He couldn’t help but smile as he continued to walk, shivering whenever the wind blew stronger. He had his bare hands stuff in his coat pockets, curling them closer to him to gather the little body heat he had. Taehyung did this every day, walking home from work to save money to pay the bills and maybe buy Yura something. But it was so rare that he would ever have the money to buy anything but Ramen at all. The male was so happy that she still stayed with him this long even with the fact that he can’t afford to buy her anything. Taehyung thought to himself how fortunate he was that he still had her, and how he couldn’t have gone this far without Yura. Making a left at the corner store he had only two more blocks to walk until he would finally get to rest his aching back and sore feet. Pushing himself to move faster he eventually made it home letting out a deep breath as he took out his keys.

Looking up he jumped at seeing Yura in front of him with bags in her hands. “W-What is going on? Why so many bags?” He tried to gently push her back inside the house.

She sighed going past him only to be stopped by the grip on her arm, “Let me go!”

“Wait, tell me where are you going?” Taehyung asked

Yura glanced back yanking her arm away, “I’m leaving...” She stared down at her hands before looking up at the empty street that was lightened by a blinking street light. “My Mother’s cancer came back, she has to stay in the hospital and they’re talking about ending treatment because she can’t afford it.” Taehyung gasped in shock at the new information. “I need to help pay for her medical bill and living here with you trying to scrap change just for the rent isn’t going to do it.” She clutched the bags tighter as she took her first step down the stairs. “I found someone else, he’s from a rich family and said he would pay for my Mother’s treatment.” Giving the other the last look she descended down the steps.

Taehyung ran after her stopping the female in her tracks, “Why can’t you-”

Yura jerked her arm away again, “Don’t touch me, and delete my number from your phone and never call me again.”

Two Months Ago

Taehyung shook his head to get rid of the slight nerves and replace his worried face with a smile. Holding his portfolio to his chest he entered the interview room and saw a row of men and women seated in front of him. There was a single chair in the middle of the room that the woman in the middle gestured to. Nodding he sat down, his hold tightening from the multiple eyes on him scrutinizing every move he made.

“Please give us your application,” Taehyung jumped up almost tripping on his feet as he went down the table handing one to each person. Now he knows why they required eight copies of the same application. “Hmm...” The man in glass said while scanning the paper. “Is this it?” The male placed the paper in a pile before picking up his coffee. “You can leave now, don’t forget to give the lady at the front desk your pass.”

Shaking his head, “Wait, you’re not going to ask me questions? I graduated top of my class at Seoul University and even interned here last summer. Please-”

The people in front of him looked bored, “Leave, or you will be removed by security.”

Taehyung wanted to plead again but saw how serious they were when they said they would call security. He didn’t understand why no one was giving him a chance. As soon they see his lack of experience in fashion and the fact he never traveled abroad, the interview would immediately end.

“Maybe I should just work at another restaurant?” He thought out loud.

For the first time since he graduated he tried to get a job in what he went to school for. He would have tried years before but he didn’t have time to just not have a job and not work. He needed to pay the bills, and if that meant not doing what he liked then that’s what he had to do. Life to him was more like trying to survive and he felt like he was barely doing that. The way things were going he didn’t think he would ever land a job doing what he loved, fashion. Taehyung gave the lady at the front desk his pass and headed for a nearby coffeehouse to meet his friend that he planned to call. He wasn’t going to buy anything, just wait for them to get there.

Once he entered, he took a seat by the window while staring at his hands that still held his portfolio. He wondered what he was doing wrong that would cause them to not even give him a chance. He had plenty of artwork that showcased his designs and even could make them in person if they think he was qualified enough. Sighing he placed his head down on the table wishing he didn’t have to keep getting jobs his heart wasn’t in. Turning his head to look out of the cafe window he saw people walking with bags in the hands and the ones that didn’t still dressed better than him. He was wearing a grey sweater that had holes at the top, and naturally distressed jeans with the same pair of shoes he always wore. His hair was parted in the middle, almost covering his eyes since it was getting too long and he couldn’t afford to get it cut.

“He what’s wrong?” A familiar voice asked.

Taehyung sat up giving his best friend a weak smile, “I didn’t get the job, they didn’t even interview me. I don’t understand why I never get past the first stage? I never get to show them anything that I designed or made.” Setting his portfolio on the table he decided not to think about it. “I’ll just ask John for my job back so I can save up for next months rent.”

Bam Bam frowned, “Why can’t you just stay with me for a while until you-”

Taehyung shook his head, “No, I don’t want to bum off you, besides I’m still saving for something better.” The younger nodded know how stubborn his friend could be. “I do appreciate you wanting to help but I’m fine. I still have a house and food to eat, I’ve made it this far on my own I’m okay.”

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