Harry's stay at the Burrow

Chapter 11

Harry and Ginny were laid there in the grass looking up at the cloudless sky; she had her head resting on his chest with his arm wrapped around her gently rubbing her side. They laid there in complete silence, just enjoying each other's company and the nice warm weather. Ginny yawned.

"Maybe we should head inside now, we've been out here for hours and I think I'm overheating"

"Yeah it's too hot to stay outside for long" Harry said sleepily. He got up and helped her to her feet. They made the trek back to the burrow slowly, all the energy they had earlier sucked out of them by the heat.

Ron tried Ginny's room next, he silently crept towards her bedroom and barged open the door to find, nothing. He stepped inside just as Harry and Ginny walked up the stairs, past Ginny's room and into Harry's. They shut the door behind them a second before Ron came out of Ginny's room slightly annoyed now. He headed off to check elsewhere around the house.

"Thanks for letting me keep my school stuff here Harry; I'll move them out of here as soon as I've tidied my room up a bit, Harry?" Ginny tapped him on the shoulder to get his attention, he hadn't been listening, instead he was staring at the door.

"What's wrong Harry?"

"I could've sworn I locked this door before I came downstairs this morning" he looked over at Ginny and they both shrugged.

"So, should we go downstairs?"

"Sure. We can play wizard's chess" they put their things on Harry's bed then headed out onto the landing and made their way down the stairs heading towards the living room, not noticing Ron leave from there and head out into the garden. They entered the room and sat down on armchairs opposite each other, Harry picked up the chess board from the floor and started setting it up, Ginny grabbed her chess pieces from one of the shelves then placed her pieces on the board. Everything was set up and the match was about to begin.

"Before we start playing do you want to have something to eat first, we could be awhile" Ginny said.

"Yeah okay, we'll eat in the kitchen so we don't get in trouble with your mum" Harry smirked at her which made her roll her eyes. They got up and left to go to the kitchen.

"She's not that bad" she argued as they left.

Five minutes later…

Ron ran back into the living room to use the Floo network, he didn't see Harry or Ginny anywhere so he knew he needed to tell his mum and dad. He stopped halfway to the fireplace and looked at the chess set that was set up on the table, he stared at it suspiciously. 'Was that there when I came in before?' he asked himself. He walked over to the board and noticed that the sets of chess pieces were both Harry and Ginny's.

'They are here!' he thought to himself. He packed everything away and carried it out of the room and went in search for them.

In the kitchen...

Harry and Ginny were stood there looking at the back door, their eyebrows furrowed.

"Why is the door wide open? I thought we closed it when we came inside" Harry nodded.

"Yeah I'm sure we did, do you think there's someone else here?"

"No, everyone went to Diagon alley. We'd know if they came back" Ginny walked over to the door and shut it, making sure to lock it.

"There, you definitely saw me shut it this time" they went to the table and picked up their food.

"Come on let's just eat in the living room, you know my mum won't mind if I say it was your idea"

"Wait so you're pinning the blame on me?" he said pretending to be hurt.

"Yep" she raised herself up onto the balls of her feet and gave Harry a quick kiss on the cheek then walked past him to the door. Harry reluctantly followed suit. Harry wasn't watching where he was going and was surprised when he collided into something, dropping his food.

"Oww" he rubbed his forehead then looked to see what he'd bumped into, it turned out to be Ginny.

"Sorry Ginny, why did you stop walking?" he noticed that she wasn't paying attention to anything he'd just said, he peered over her to see what the problem was. She was looking in the direction of where they were sat before going to the kitchen.

"Okay something's definitely going on, you don't see a chess board there either, right?"

"No I don't see it" he pulled out his wand. "Ginny we need to be careful, someone's in this house and it could be death eaters" Ginny frowned.

"But why would they steal our chess set? Why not just kill us…" Harry shushed her.

"Don't say that they might hear you" he glanced at the doorway cautiously.

"Do you really think death eaters are in this house?"

"Well you said yourself it can't be your family and what better opportunity to attack then when everyone's out of the house" Ginny thought for a moment.

"I don't know, I'm still not convinced"

"Me neither" Harry admitted as his shoulders slumped. "I just like being prepared on the off chance I do bump into one. We still have to be careful though, there is someone here. Come on, stay behind me" Ginny pulled out her wand and held it firmly in her hand, Harry took hold of her other hand and led the way in search for the intruder.

"Harry are you sure this is a good idea?" she looked at him skeptically. Harry finished tying the rope he was holding then nodded.

"This is the only thing we can do, it's not like we can use our wands to defend ourselves"

"We can in life threatening situations" Ginny pointed out.

"And do you think this is a life threatening situation?" Ginny stood her ground for a minute before turning away from him.

"No" she said sulkily, handing Harry a box. He took it and placed it on top of a door then attached some rope to it.

"We're almost finished; we just need to attach the other end of this rope to something" he placed the invisibility cloak over the box so it wouldn't be seen then squeezed into the room, being careful not to move the door. Ginny waited outside the room and a few minutes later he squeezed his way back out into the hallway. They stared in appreciation at their handiwork then moved off, not wanting to be there when 'the intruder' arrived.

Ron was getting very impatient, he was missing out on going to Fred and George's joke shop because Ginny decided to stay home with Harry. He knew he was overreacting but his brotherly instincts outweighed any rational thoughts he had. He was more curious to know what they were up to since he couldn't find either of them anywhere. He was on the second floor of the house, he'd checked here a few times already but he thought it wouldn't hurt to check again. He proceeded down the hallway, opening doors and popping his head through before moving onto the next one. He was halfway down when he noticed one of the doors slightly open, he tiptoed to the door and grabbed the handle, before pulling it open he pressed his ear to the door and listened. There was a sort of ticking noise coming from inside. 'They must be in here' he thought, happy to be finished with this game of hide and seek. He pulled the door open fully.

"Harry step away fr…." His words were cut short as something big fell straight onto his head, it fell to the floor with a thud after emptying its contents all over him, Ron looked down at the box near his feet and kicked it away, regretting this as he noticed that a piece of rope was tied to it, pulling whatever was on the other end of the rope. Ron turned and looked up as something came rushing through the dark towards him.

Back in the living room…

"Did you hear something?" Harry asked Ginny, they both stayed quiet for a moment to see if they could hear anything then Ginny shook her head. They both shrugged then went back to their game of wizard's chess, finding the chess board and pieces on the porch in the back garden earlier. A few minutes later the fire in the fireplace burned green and Hermione stepped into the room followed by Mr and Mrs Weasley, Bill, Charlie and Fred and George.

"Hello dears, did you enjoy your day?" Mrs Weasley asked crossing the room and giving them a hug.

"Yeah, we got all our homework done and then we went for a walk" Ginny said "Mum I think someone's in the house" Mr Weasley came over to her.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, me and Harry were playing chess earlier and when we left the room to get something to eat and came back it was gone, we found it later in the back yard when we went looking around"

"And the back door was wide open when we went in the kitchen which was weird because we closed it when we came in" Harry added. Mrs Weasley looked at her husband in alarm. Harry saw Bill and Charlie draw their wands; he looked at Hermione who had a worried look on her face. Fred and George were following their brothers, slowly taking their wands out of their pocket. Harry frowned.

"Where's Ron?" Mrs Weasley looked really alarmed now.

"Wasn't he with you?" Ginny was about to say something when someone stepped into the living room.

"Ron?" Bill said trying not to laugh at the state his little brother was in. Ron stomped angrily towards them, covered from head to toe in feathers and glue, he scowled at Harry and Ginny as Fred and George fell to the floor in a laughing fit.

"What on earth happened to you dear?" Mrs Weasley asked, getting to work pulling the feathers off of him.

"Ron? You're the intruder?" Harry asked bewildered.

"I don't think he can be an intruder in his own home" George said in between laughter. Mrs Weasley looked from Ron, to Ginny, to Harry then sighed, realization washing over her. Everyone relaxed knowing they were safe, Harry turned to Ron who was still scowling.

"Sorry mate, I didn't know you came home. By the way, how did you manage to get out of the…"

"I don't want to talk about it!" Ron interrupted "I'm out and that's what matters" he gave Harry a look that said drop it so he did. The twins looked at the two of them and Ron knew that this discussion was far from over. Hermione was helping Mrs Weasley clean Ron up, as she was pulling the feathers off she noticed that Ron had something stuck to his foot. She lifted his foot slightly and peeled it off. Everyone stared at the clump of toilet paper in Hermione's hand then at Ron who had turned a very deep shade of red. Fred spoke up.

"Is that from…?"

"I DON'T WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT!" Ron shouted then hurried out of the room.

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