Harry's stay at the Burrow

Chapter 12

Ron had barely spoken to anyone for the remainder of the day, he'd said a few words at the dinner table but that was about it. He was also avoiding Harry and Ginny because of what they did, he knew it wasn't intentional but he couldn't help being mad at them. Ginny didn't mind, she was quite glad he fell for the trap after hearing why Ron had come home early. Harry on the other hand was feeling quite guilty about it all, he was mad at Ron for trying to spy on them but he didn't want to use one of Fred and George's inventions against him, having experienced first-hand a few of them himself.

Ginny was in the kitchen helping her mum do the washing up, the wedding was in a few days and she'd been so distracted lately that she had forgotten all about it, it was her mother mentioning guests who'd be arriving that reminded her of the event. She looked sideways at her mother who was busy washing some plates, Ginny knew that she wanted to know what happened with her and Harry while she was in Diagon alley, but so far she hadn't asked a single question, she knew they were coming though, probably after the rehearsal dinner. Mrs Weasley took the cup from Ginny's hand that she was about to dry.

"You should head up to bed dear, you have to be up early tomorrow morning for the rehearsal dinner" Ginny handed her mother the tea towel then gave her a quick hug saying good night, she left the room and ascended the stairs then went into the bathroom to put on her face mask. She left and entered her bedroom. Not noticing a pair of eyes watching her in the shadows.

"Sirius what are you doing?" Lupin questioned hurrying after him.

"Relax Remus I'm not doing anything wrong I just want to see what she's like"

"And you can't do that in the morning like a normal person?" Sirius ignored him and continued forward, changing into his animagus form. He climbed up and towered over the person, a look of curiosity on his furry canine face. Remus stood in the doorway unable to believe what his best friend was doing 'He's finally lost it' he thought, shaking his head sadly.

Ginny had been having a really good dream, her and Harry were in Diagon alley sitting at a table outside Florean Fortescue's ice cream parlour, eating ice cream. They were talking and laughing, just enjoying being with each other, Harry had cupped his hand over hers on the table and was leaning towards her. They were going to kiss, but then something had woken her. Her brain was switched on but she was too tired to open her eyes. She willed herself to go back to sleep but it was hopeless, for some reason she just couldn't get back to sleep. After a few more minutes of trying she gave up and opened her eyes then froze. There, standing right over her was a massive black dog with sharp jagged teeth, she wanted to scream but fear was stopping her from doing that. She needed to calm down. She began to slowly count to ten in her head and when she got to ten she carefully switched her bed lamp on, trying not to make any sudden moves, just making sure that there was actually a dog there and she wasn't imagining it. The light came on and she let out a loud piercing scream the same time the dog yelped and scurried off the bed with its tail between its legs. Someone came rushing over to her and it took her awhile to realize it was Professor Lupin.

"Ginny, Ginny calm down everything's alright. You're not in any danger" Lupin said soothingly, he did this a few more times and when he finally got her to relax all the Weasleys, Harry and Hermione were gathered in the room. Mrs Weasley ran to the bed and pulled Ginny into a comforting hug.

"What happened to my baby?"

"I don't know, maybe it's a spell gone wrong. Don't worry Molly we'll get your daughter back to normal" Sirius said, patting her shoulder solemnly. Ginny noticed for the first time that he was in the room as well 'That's odd, I didn't see him come in' she thought absentmindedly.

"She's fine Molly; Sirius just gave her a bit of a fright" said Lupin, he turned to Sirius "I told you it was a bad idea!"

"I don't remember you saying that, I remember you asking 'what are you doing' but you never said it was a bad idea"

"Any sane person would know automatically that it was a stupid thing to do" Lupin countered.

"Wait so she wanted to know why Ginny was screaming? Not what's wrong with her face?" Lupin shook his head wearily then faced everyone else.

"Sirius thought it would be a good idea to transform into his animagus and stand over Ginny while she slept"

"Why?" they all said in unison, staring at Sirius with looks of confusion painted on their faces.

"I just wanted to talk to her; Harry speaks very fondly of her so I wanted to speak to the girl who made quite an impression on my godson…also, I thought it would be funny if she did wake up and see me, which she did" he laughed which caused some of the tension in the room to lift. Harry shuffled his feet awkwardly as all eyes in the room averted to him. Mrs Weasley looked between Harry and Ginny and smiled, Mr Weasley shared a knowing look with Bill, Charlie, Fred and George while Ron stood there completely in the dark about what was happening. Ginny was confused.

"Wait, so you were the one standing over me? That big black dog is your animagus" Sirius nodded.

"Sorry about scaring you, although in fairness you scared the hell out of me with that thing on your face so I think we're even"

"It's a face mask"

"Wait, so you put that thing on you intentionally?" he asked in surprise.

"It's to help keep your skin clean"

"Well in my day we used soap to keep our skin clean, and we never wore it. But nevertheless I am sorry. Sometimes when I transform my animal instincts take over and I end up doing stupid things" Lupin nodded in agreement. "In hindsight I see now it was a bit inappropriate to be standing over a teenage girl watching her sleep. It won't happen again, as much for my sake as yours" satisfied with his last comment Mrs Weasley addressed them all.

"Well everyone, back to bed. You've still got a few hours left of sleep so you might as well take advantage of that while you can. Bill you can show Sirius and Remus where they'll be sleeping" One by one they began filing out and the room gradually emptied with the exception of Ginny who sat there completely bewildered by the previous event.

Ginny awoke at eight in the morning feeling surprisingly refreshed considering being woken up a few hours earlier, she had managed to get back to sleep but it had taken her a while. She got a quick shower, put on some clean clothes then headed downstairs to help set things up. When she got onto the ground floor she could see how hectic everything was. 'A lot of trouble for a rehearsal dinner' she thought making her way into the kitchen.

"Morning Mum, is there anything you need help with?" Mrs Weasley was at the dinner table going over plans with the Delacours.

"No we're fine for the minute dear. Oh but Harry and Hermione could use some help in the garden" she turned back to Mr and Mrs Delacour and continued planning. Ginny left the room and went outside to find Harry and Hermione; she found them out on the field hanging decorations up (or trying to hang them up).

"Harry you're doing it wrong! They peel off at the back you don't need to glue them" Ginny saw Harry roll his eyes while Hermione was distracted and giggled. She slapped herself mentally for doing that, she hated giggling, it was such a girly thing to do. Harry looked up at her just then and smiled. 'Great and he probably heard me'

"Hey Gin, want to stay and help?"

"Actually that's why I'm here; my mum said you needed help"

"Oh thank god, finally someone else with a brain" Hermione said with a sigh of relief.

"Hey I have a brain" Harry said defensively.

"Yes and it's never been used, it's practically new" Harry turned to Ginny frantically.

"Don't leave me alone with her" he pleaded. She laughed then joined him on the grass, they let Hermione do the decorations while they talked and jokingly criticized her on her decorating.

"You're doing it wrong!"

"That looks nothing like a flower"

"Remind me not to ask you to decorate at my wedding"

"Boo!" Harry shouted, making thumbs down gestures in the air. Ginny was in stitches with it all she barely noticed Harry sneakily slip his hand into hers, she blushed slightly then quickly checked to see if Hermione had seen, but she was too busy fuming to notice. The two kept this up for a few more hours before Hermione had finally had enough and left, her hair was a complete mess from the times where she'd pulled on it in frustration which had made it much harder not to laugh when she'd eventually snapped. Ginny sighed realizing that her and Harry would have to do the rest themselves and there was only an hour left to finish it all. She could feel Harry playing with her fingers with his left hand while his other hand was still intertwined with hers, causing her to forget about everything but him. They just sat there, enjoying the moment. Harry untwined his hand from hers and wrapped his arm around her, holding her tight. She couldn't keep the girlish giggle from escaping her lips making her turn crimson red. She buried her face into his shoulder, trying to hide so he wouldn't see.

"God you're adorable" he said, laughing at her behavior. She was really glad he couldn't see her face right now; she didn't think she could go any redder. Harry pulled back a little then cupped his hand under her chin and tilted her head up towards him. She stared into his emerald green eyes, completely mesmerized by the beauty emanating from within, 'How did I get so lucky?' she thought.

"We have a little while until your mum comes looking for us" he said gently, giving her a quick peck on the lips. She bit her lower lip trying to decide whether to give in and return the kiss or be responsible and go finish decorating. She was about to go with the latter when he kissed her cheek, he continued kissing her, moving along her face towards her ear. She gasped as he gently nibbled on her earlobe.

"Harry we should really get back…" her words became muffled as he kissed her on the lips again. Her breathing was heavy now and even though she was enjoying it she knew she had to stop, otherwise it might move forward to things she's not ready for, and her and Harry had only just started dating not that long ago. Ginny thought she heard a noise, it sounded like footsteps. 'My mum wouldn't be looking for us now, would she?' she leaned back and Harry was about to follow her when he noticed that she was staring over his shoulder with a look of horror on her face. He looked behind him to see what had got her attention and paled. Standing a few feet away from them was Ron; to say that he looked furious would be an understatement. Everything was silent for a few painful seconds and then he opened his mouth to speak.


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