Harry's stay at the Burrow

Chapter 13

"What the bloody hell is going on?"

Ginny and Harry were frozen to the spot, trying to think of a suitable reason for why they were in this position that they're in. Ron was standing there waiting for an explanation, anger written all over his face. Nobody said anything for a while and then thankfully for Ginny; Mrs Weasley called for everyone to make their way back into the house. Ginny sighed in relief and raised herself from the ground keeping a close eye on Ron in case he lost it and lashed out at Harry, she glanced at him quickly, noticing that he wasn't following her. It looked as if he'd been petrified and despite it all Ginny found the sight of him quite amusing. 'Obviously Harry was worried about his friendship with Ron but there was no reason to be scared of him, just shove a spider in his face and he'll squeal like a girl and run away' she thought, trying to get his attention by waving in his face.

"Harry, the quicker we get inside the longer you'll be alive" she said jokingly, but he must've taken it seriously because as soon as she'd said it he sprang to his feet and proceeded to the burrow. Ginny laughed to herself then followed, ignoring Ron who was still demanding an explanation.

Ginny was bored, and that was an understatement. She'd never been to a rehearsal dinner before, in fact she'd never even heard of one until Fleur mentioned that they were having one. She'd been polite, greeting people and making conversation with the Delacours but she had her limits, and her limits were surpassed when her mum and dad began dancing, nothing is scarier than having to witness her parents on the dance floor… nothing. So while everyone else was occupied she had made a clean getaway upstairs giving a quick signal to Harry who had spent most of the dinner avoiding Ron. She waited on the stairs for him and then they both headed for her room, unlucky for them though they weren't alone. They entered the room and Ginny was just about to shut the door when Ron barged into the room. He looked between the two of them.

"What's Harry doing in your room?" he said angrily.

"W-we, we were…" Harry spluttered.

"Did you not see mum and dad dancing? We had to get out of there"

"Then I guess you won't mind me being here?"

"Actually I do mind, this is my room" she growled.

"Well if I can't stay here Harry can't stay here, it is 'your room'"

"Yes he can, I don't have a problem with him being in here but I do have a problem with you being in here so clear off" Harry was looking between the two as they started batting insults at each other. It reminded him of tennis, not that he'd ever played it, but he had seen the Dursley's watching it a few times.

"You just want to keep an eye on me and Harry"

"Yeah I do, after what I saw earlier I'm not leaving you two alone together again!" Ron shouted.

"What me and Harry do has nothing to do with you!" she almost shouted.

"Actually it does, your my sister and he's my best friend"

"And he's my boyfr…" Ginny abruptly shut up hoping that Ron hadn't heard what she'd almost said, Harry's face had completely drained of all colour and she could tell that he was waiting for Ron to snap. She looked back at her brother to see what his reaction was, it seemed he had heard what she started to say because his expression went from surprised to furious in a matter of seconds. He turned to Harry and took a step forward, but someone stopped him by placing a hand on his shoulder. Everyone looked at the doorway to see Bill standing there.

"That's enough Ron, I'm trying to enjoy my rehearsal dinner and all I can hear is you two yelling"

"Bill you don't understand, Harry…"

"I don't want to hear it!" Bill cut in, "Leave them alone, Ginny's right, what they do has nothing to do with you"

"Ha!" Ginny said, jabbing a finger at Ron with a smug look on her face.

"And you two can't be alone in your bedroom" he added, looking from his sister to Harry.

"Ha!" Ron mimicked, but took a step back when Ginny glared at him, daring him to say that again.

"Wait you know about Harry and Ginny? And you're okay with it?" Ron asked, realizing what Bill was saying.

"Ron, let's talk outside" he motioned for Ron to follow him out into the hallway. Confused, he complied leaving an even more confused Harry and Ginny standing there. Harry leaned over to her and whispered.

"I thought he said we couldn't be alone in your room" she shrugged.

"Maybe he forgot"

Meanwhile out in the hallway…

"You can't honestly tell me you're okay with this" he started as soon as they were out of earshot.

"Of course I'm not okay with her having a boyfriend but Ron, think how long she's had a crush on Harry and now she's finally got his attention. Are you really going to ruin it for her?" Ron didn't know what to say to that, he'd expected Bill to agree with him, but what he said did make him start to reconsider.

"I know you're just trying to look out for her but you said it yourself earlier, Harry's your best friend. He wouldn't do anything to hurt her" Ron tried thinking of something that would make Bill change his mind about this.

"But she's too young to have a boyfriend"

"She's fifteen" he said pointedly. Ron sighed in defeat, while he may not like the idea of his best friend going out with his sister he didn't want Ginny to be miserable either. Bill could tell that he'd got through to Ron and let out his own sigh, except his was in relief. He didn't think it would be that easy. Ron suddenly looked up at him.

"I thought you said they couldn't be alone together in her bedroom" it took Bill a minute to realize what he was talking about, then he headed back to Ginny's room with Ron trailing behind him. They got to the door and Bill noticed that it was closed, he turned to Ron.

"Did you close the door on your way out?" he thought for a moment then nodded sheepishly.

"I forgot to leave it open" he could see Bill staring at him incredulously. "What it's not my fault, I was confused about what was happening" Bill rolled his eyes and then grabbed the door handle, hoping that he wouldn't walk in on his sister being intimate with Harry he pushed the door open. To his relief he didn't see that when he walked in, both Harry and Ginny were stood in exactly the same spot they were in before he and Ron left. They all stood there looking at each other.

"So…" Bill started

"So…" Ginny repeated, feeling quite awkward.

"What happened after we left?" Ron asked, trying to make conversation.

"Nothing, we've been stood here waiting to see if you'd come back" he nodded waiting for someone to address the situation.

"Look Ron" everyone looked at Harry who had finally said something to Ron after remaining quiet most of the day. "I get that you don't want someone dating your sister, but I respect her too much to mess around with her. I really do have feelings for her and I'm serious about our relationship…mine and Ginny's relationship not ours…although I am serious about our friendship" Ginny rolled her eyes, she didn't think Ron would be stupid enough to think that Harry was talking about having a serious relationship with him. Everything became silent again while waiting for Ron to respond, eventually he cleared his throat.

"Okay" Harry and Ginny were stunned.

"Okay?" they asked.

"Yeah, you can date my sister, but I don't want you to try anything funny with her and if you hurt her you'll have all her brothers to answer to!" and with that he left the room to re-join the dinner.

"Well…let's go back downstairs before Ron tells mum and dad, I gather you want to be the one to tell them?" Bill asked Ginny who nodded straight away, she knew if her mum found out from someone else that she was going out with Harry she'd never hear the end of it. They left the room and headed back to the rehearsal dinner. 'Well at least that problem's solved' she thought happily.

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