Harry's stay at the Burrow

Chapter 15

"So…you and Harry are together…when did that happen?"

"Well, we've been getting closer over the summer and we've been talking about how we felt about each other for a few days now but it became official the day you went to Diagon Alley" Mrs Weasley raised an eyebrow at that.

"Tell me how that happened"…

Ginny blushed slightly, she didn't really want to go into detail about what happened that day. "Well, after you left Harry and I went outside to do our homework but we got distracted –"

"Distracted?" Mrs Weasley repeated slowly.

"Because of the nice weather"

"Oh" she exclaimed relaxing a little, Ginny gave her a weird look before continuing.

"Anyway, we got distracted and decided to go for a walk first".

"Is that when you two became official?" she asked.

"Well…yes and no, I asked him about our relationship because I didn't know if he wanted one, but he didn't really give a clear answer. It wasn't until we went back to doing our homework that he gave me a proper answer".

"So what did he say?" Ginny thought back to the confession he'd made a few days ago and decided that she'd spare him any embarrassment.

"Erm, well he asked me out, and he told me that he's wanted to ask me out since the start of summer". Mrs Weasley smiled at that.

"That's wonderful dear. So you two just talked?" she was staring at Ginny waiting for her to answer, Ginny for her part mumbled two words.

"We kissed". As soon as she said that she thought back to that day, when he held her hand, when he kissed her, when he pulled her onto his lap…a small blush crept onto her face. Mrs Weasley noticed.

"Are you sure that's all that happened?" it was a few seconds before Ginny answered with.

"Yeah" Mrs Weasley narrowed her eyes but didn't press the matter further.

"Ok, well since you have a boyfriend now I think it's time we had the talk-" Ginny sweat dropped.

"Wait what? We don't need to have the talk Mum; we won't be doing anything like that for a long time!" Ginny exclaimed, hoping she could convince her mother not to talk to her about sex. Mrs Weasley rolled her eyes.

"Not that talk, honestly, it's like I'm living in a house full of sex crazed maniacs"

"Oh it's not that talk?" she asked sounding relieved.

"Unless, do you want to have that talk?" Mrs Weasley asked

"NO!" Ginny blurted out quickly, making her mother chuckle slightly.

"Anyway the talk I'm talking about is the relationship talk, now the most important thing to remember is if you're not comfortable with something he's doing then you need to tell him. If you don't he won't know to stop. It's also good to remember that you shouldn't change just to please him, if he doesn't appreciate you as you are then he doesn't deserve to be with you." She paused "Now obviously I'm not referring to Harry, we trust him and know him enough to know he wouldn't try to change you or make you do something you're not ready for, although if he does try to take it to the next step make sure you're ready."

Ginny sighed and placed her arms on the table and buried her head in them, this was going on forever.

"Yes Mum, I will".

"In a good relationship you should be able to trust each other and be able to speak freely about things without worrying how the other will react." Ginny let her Mother drone on and by now her voice was like a buzzing in the background, she nodded her head occasionally where she felt it was due and when she'd finished she quickly lifted her head off the table with a rapt look on her face and pretended as though she'd been listening the whole time. Ginny muttered something under her breath.

"What was that dear?" Her mother said.

"Oh nothing" She replied plastering a false smile on her face. Mrs Weasley sensing she was losing her daughters attention decided to end the conversation for now.

Meanwhile at the same time, Harry was having a most embarrassing conversation with Mr Weasley in the living room…

Harry was sitting opposite Mr Weasley in the living room; they were sitting in uncomfortable silence. He didn't know why Mr Weasley had sent the others upstairs but he was feeling quite nervous because of it. If he didn't know any better he'd say that Mr Weasley looked just as nervous as he did. The silence was very disconcerting and he couldn't help being fidgety.

"So…" Mr Weasley said suddenly, making Harry jump a little. He regained his composure then waited for him to continue.

"Well, since you and Ginny are…you know…together. I thought it would be a good idea for us to…talk" He shifted slightly in his chair before continuing. "Erm…when you're in a relationship, eventually you'll want to do things with them…physical things…sex is-". Mr Weasley was jumping all over the place with this conversation and it appeared that he was uncomfortable talking about it. Harry sat there watching him as he tried to finish a sentence. "You see Harry, people have urges…it's good not to rush things…when a man and a woman-"

"Mr Weasley, Mr Weasley" Harry said, trying to get his attention.

"No Harry I can do this, okay, what I'm trying to say is…Molly put me up to this". He slumped in his chair and rubbed his temples. "And now I'm getting a headache" he whined feeling sorry for himself. Harry tried not to laugh at the predicament Mrs Weasley had put him in.

"Mr Weasley we don't have to have this talk" Harry said, much for his sake.

"Yes, we do" he said in defeat, "I was young once too Harry, I know what teenagers get up to. It's my job as a parent to make sure that when the time comes you and Ginny will know about safety and the importance of not rushing into things". Mr Weasley gave an embarrassed cough then reached under the coffee table and picked something up which Harry saw was a book. He handed it over to Harry which was open at a certain page, mumbling 'this is very educational' and watched as his face turned bright red.

"We already know that" Harry said quickly, blushing from what Mr Weasley was showing him.

"You do?"

"Yeah we know all about safety and we're not going to rush anything, we're taking it slow". Mr Weasley still looked unsure.

"Don't worry sir, Ginny and I won't be doing anything physical for a long while"

"You're sure?" Mr Weasley asked, sounding desperate.

"Of course, I promise" Harry smiled reassuringly and Mr Weasley seemed to relax at that.

"Okay so I guess we don't need to have the talk, but I do need to ask you a question" he pulled something out of his pocket that Harry guessed he had brought for the talk.

"Now, do you know how to use one of these?" Harry stared at Mr Weasley incredulously, not quite believing what was happening here, he stood up quickly and started to make his way towards the door.

"I'm sorry Mr Weasley I just remembered I have some assignments that I need to finish" he opened the door and as he stepped out he bumped into something. He looked up to find Ginny and Mrs Weasley standing in front of him.

"Harry wait come back, we're not finished". Mr Weasley yelled.

"Hey Harry, what did I miss?" Ginny asked. She glanced behind him into the room he'd just come from to find her Dad sat there waving a condom in the air as he continued calling out to him. She looked back at Harry and saw that his face had turned completely red. Mrs Weasley had by now noticed her husband and was standing there with a hand covering her face as she shook her head. Ginny jokingly wondered what to two of them had got up to and decided that she would tease Harry about it later.

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