Harry's stay at the Burrow

Chapter 16

Harry was sat on his bed feeling mortified after the ‘talk’ he’d had earlier, Ginny and Mrs Weasley turning up didn’t exactly help either. He knew Ginny would want to tease him about it sooner or later, he knew it from the mischievous glint she’d had in her eyes, but the only problem with that was it would lead to an awkward topic that neither of them had thought about before, after all they hadn't been going out that long and they'd never been in a serious relationship before.

He sighed then got up and headed for the door, it's not that he dreaded talking to her but the fact that her parents thought their relationship was that far into it did bother him, he felt like they expected him to want to rush things because he was a guy when in fact he was just as nervous about taking things to the next level as she was.

He approached her door and knocked, a few minutes after not receiving an answer he hesitantly pushed the door open and entered her room. Once inside he looked around and noticed that the room was empty and was about to leave when something caught his eye, it was a photo frame. He walked over to it and picked it up, a smile crept onto his face as he stared at the picture inside, it was the DA picture they'd taken at the end of last year. He studied everyone in turn before lingering on Ginny who was stood next to Hermione, she was smiling and Harry's breath caught in his throat at the sight, her smile reached her eyes which sparkled, reflecting how happy she was. He followed where her attention was focused on and noticed that she was staring at him who was stood in between Ron and Hermione. Harry was reminded again of how much of an idiot he was to not notice Ginny sooner, he spent all of last year pining after Cho and wasted his time with her...

"I'm telling you Hermione, my dad really did that".

Harry dropped the photo frame and let it clatter back onto the chest of drawers, Ginny and Hermione were outside the bedroom door and to Harry's dismay it sounded as though Ginny was retelling everything that happened earlier that day to Hermione. He looked around the room quickly to see if there was anywhere he could hide, he definitely didn't want them to catch him in their room now, he wouldn't be able to deal with Ginny teasing him with one of his best friends in the room.

"I can't believe your dad actually did that, Harry must be traumatized" came Hermione's reply.

Starting to panic now and not finding a suitable place to hide Harry pulled his invisibility cloak from his back pocket, which luckily for him he'd put there this morning. He slung it over himself then made sure he was completely covered by going over to the mirror and checking, he quickly readjusted the cloak to hide his exposed foot just as the door opened and the two girls came into the room giggling.

"Oh I'm sure he is, I can't wait to bring it up next time I see him" Ginny smirked flopping onto the bed. Harry stared daggers at her for being so cruel and was going to retort but then he remembered that he was hiding from them so he kept quiet, silently seething to himself. Hermione sat on the other bed and reached under it to pull her suitcase out, she propped in on the bed next to her and started unzipping it.

"Well are you sure that's a good idea?" Ginny gave her a confused look."I mean won't it be kind of awkward to talk about it with each other, think about what topic you'd be talking about" Hermione finished. Ginny took awhile to answer.

"You really think it'd be awkward?" she placed an index finger on her chin."But my brothers talk about that sort of stuff all the time with each other and they don't seem uneasy about it" Harry rolled his eyes, of course guys can talk about it with each other without feeling awkward, but this is different. Hermione rolled her eyes at the exact same time as Harry which he found amusing.

"Ginny this is different, you and Harry are dating and eventually the things your mum and dad talked about earlier are going to happen, maybe with him if you're still together..."

"Well of course we're still going to be together" Ginny blurted out, finding it ridiculous that Hermione would even say that. Harry seconded that, though silently.

Hermione held both her hands up in surrender,"Ok Ok don't bite my head off, I was only saying 'if', I wasn't implying that you won't be together" Ginny huffed but left it at that and waited for Hermione to continue with what she'd been saying.

"As I was saying, it's going to happen so if you two started talking about it you'd be talking about what you two will eventually be doing together" once Hermione had finished she started emptying her suitcase, holding some clothes up every now and then, then shaking her head and discarding it onto the floor. Harry was glad that he had on his invisibility cloak to hide the flush on his face, this was why he had dreaded it, and this was Hermione talking about it not Ginny, so he couldn't imagine how it would've gone had it been the other way round.

"I guess you're right" Ginny said going red herself, Harry watched as she headed over to her wardrobe and started pulling clothes out. Harry suddenly started feeling very nervous, both the girls were looking through their clothes as if they were about to...Ginny returned to her bed and put a shirt and a pair of pants on the bed, she straightened up then began to take her shirt off.

Harry could feel his heart thudding against his chest, he knew he should leave but a voice in the back of his head was telling him to stay. He watched as her shirt came up over her head and fall to the floor, now she was standing there in only her red bra and pants. Harry couldn't help but stare, he'd never seen a girl shirtless before and even though he shouldn't be looking he couldn't stop a stray thought crossing his mind, 'It might be harder than I thought to keep my promise to Mr Weasley'.

Something out of the corner of his eye caught his attention, he realized that Hermione was starting to get changed as well but instead of feeling excited about it like with Ginny, he was feeling slightly uncomfortable at the idea of his best friend stripping in front of him.

Deciding that it would be best to leave he took one last look at Ginny and was about to head for the door when she started unbuttoning her pants, he froze as his mind went numb at the sight before him. Right now Ginny had his undivided attention without even knowing it, his heartbeat quickened and his palms became sweaty as his nerves failed him. She slipped her pants off revealing red knickers matching her bra and Harry didn't think he could take anymore.

A few minutes later he saw Hermione take something else out of her suitcase, it was some kind of perfume from the looks of it. She began spraying it, the only problem was she was a little too close to where Harry was hiding, he got a whiff of the perfume and it tickled his nose. 'uh oh' he thought to himself, he grabbed his nose to try and stop the sneeze that was coming, luckily, the sneeze was silent, unluckily, another noise came from him and this was heard by Ginny. Ginny paused for a minute worrying Harry, but then she turned to look at Hermione.

"I see you're not much of a lady unless in the presence of boys and adults" Ginny mused, raising an eyebrow at her.

"Huh?" Hermione replied not understanding what she meant.

"Never mind" she said absentmindedly. Harry stayed rooted to the spot trying not to make another noise, he'd managed to get away with that one and if he weren't busy being thankful for it he would find what Ginny said quite amusing. Having too many close calls for comfort he decided to leave, he started back tracking away from them towards the door when he stepped on something that made a loud noise causing both the girls to squeal. He scrunched his eyes up preparing for the worst.

"What was that?" asked a panicked Hermione, covering herself with a shirt. Ginny didn't respond straight away.

"Harry!" she exclaimed, both angry and embarrassed that he had seen her almost naked. She felt around the air until she felt soft invisible material and then pulled the cloak off of Harry. Just then the door opened and Mr and Mrs Weasley entered the room.

"What's going on...Harry?" Mr Weasley asked.

"DAD!" Ginny shouted, Mr Weasley turned to see what his daughter was yelling at and noticed that she wasn't fully clothed. He imitated Harry and scrunched his eyes up.

"Sorry! sorry! I didn't see anything" he yelled, panic in his voice.

"Honestly Arthur" Mrs Weasley rolled her eyes at her husband then began shepherding him and Harry out of the room.

“We’re going to have to have a little talk young man” she said closing the door behind her. Harry trudged after her miserably, not looking forward to another ‘talk’ that was coming.

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