Harry's stay at the Burrow

Chapter 17

After having to endure another sex talk from Mrs Weasley this time, Harry figured he'd had enough excitement at the Burrow and decided that he would try not to get into any more trouble before the wedding. But being who he was, he knew someone was bound to do something that would inadvertently get him in trouble, and funnily enough, right now someone was already in their room planning on getting payback against Harry and Ginny...

"I'll show those gits, let's see how they like it"

Harry awoke the next day to find Ron looking at him from his own bed, reaching around for his glasses he put them on and then stretched, listening to his bones make satisfied cracking noises. He sat up and turned to Ron who was still staring at him with a scowl on his face.

"I take it you heard about what happened yesterday?" he asked, already knowing the answer, he began readying himself for the overprotective brother.

"Yeah I heard about you spying on my sister and Hermione" Ron said, grinding his teeth waiting for Harry to explain himself. This angered Harry.

"Look Ron, I didn't go in there to perv on Ginny and Hermione. I went in there to talk to Ginny and it just so happens that they were getting changed"

"I think you left out a little detail...like...I don't know, you were watching from under your invisibility cloak!" Ron stated, giving Harry a disapproving look.

"Okay well what would you have done if Hermione started getting undressed in front of you while you were under the cloak?" replied Harry, getting a little annoyed at him now. Ron's ears turned pink instantly.

"I...well...I" Harry watched as Ron stuttered over his words, trying to make a coherent sentence. It was amusing how one minute he could be all intimidating and at the mention of Hermione, turn to jelly the next.

"T-that's not the point Harry, just because they couldn't see you doesn't mean you get a free pass to ogle at them" he stated, avoiding the question he was asked.

"For your information I wasn't ogling at them I was glancing, and besides I was only staring at Ginny". he said defensively, if he thought that was going to make Ron calm down clearly he was wrong.

"Oh well that makes everything better" he said sarcastically, throwing his arms up in the air and jumping to his feet to vent. Harry watched him pace the room, wondering what he'd said wrong.

"I can't believe you saw them both in their underwear" Ron continued, looking at Harry disbelievingly.

"What bothers you more, the fact that I saw your sister almost naked or Hermione?" that made Ron stop in his tracks, he whirled towards Harry.


"Oh I get it, you're annoyed because I saw Hermione in her knickers and you didn't" Harry said teasingly.

"Wh-what are you talking about...you...you said you weren't looking at her" Ron whined pathetically.

"Maybe I was, maybe I wasn't" Harry was smirking at him, he knew Ron would eventually drop it and then Harry could get a quick shower before heading down to breakfast.

"You wouldn't...you wouldn't do that cause you're with Ginny" By this point it looked as though he was trying to reassure himself more than Harry.

"I don't know I mean Ginny's nice and all, but Hermione is quite good-looking, smart as well" he made a show of trying to decide between the two girls. Despite how he may feel about Hermione, Ron pushed all that out of his mind and went straight back into brother mode. He took a step towards Harry threateningly.

"Harry if you're not serious about Ginny and are thinking of leaving her just tell me now so I can b..."

"I'm kidding Ron relax" he gave a nervous laugh and waited for him to sit back down before he continued, "I wouldn't do that to Ginny, and I have no plans to leave her"

"Good because if you do..."

"I know, I know, you and your brother's will kill me. I got it" Harry finished, rolling his eyes and waving his threat aside with a hand. Silence filled the room as Harry sat there watching Ron sulk.

"She's funny too" came a faint voice suddenly, Harry frowned at him.


"Hermione, you said she was good-looking and smart, she's funny too" Ron mumbled not meeting Harry's eye, he was looking at the floor and Harry could just make out the faint tinge of red covering his ears and neck.

"Then why don't you tell her?" he asked, glad that the conversation had drifted to something else. Ron looked petrified at the very idea of that.

"I-I can't do that, why would she want to go out with me? Plus she's one of my best friends, if she said no it would put a strain on our friendship" he sighed morbidly and began pulling some loose thread from his old tattered blanket. Harry looked thoughtfully at him.

"I think you have a shot with her" Ron jerked his head up at Harry, encouraged he continued. "Ron it’s obvious that you and Hermione have feelings for each other but you know how she is, she won’t make the first move so it’s up to you to do it”

"You really think she'd want to be with me?" Harry was about to reply when...

"Boys come downstairs, it's time for breakfast" Mrs Weasley's head popped round the door to see what was keeping them. Ron immediately ended their conversation by standing up and striding past his mum to go get breakfast, Harry mouthed 'Talk later' to him as he passed before following his lead. 'Well, so much for that shower'

They arrived in the kitchen to find it almost full, the only ones who weren't there were Mr Weasley, Bill and Charlie. Everyone else was seated round the table chatting and eating.

Harry was about to go sit next to Ginny when he noticed Ron take that seat, he frowned wondering if Ron took him seriously when he said he didn’t know whether to pick Hermione or Ginny but then he realised why Ron had taken that seat. The only other spare seat left was the one next to Hermione and Harry had a feeling that he was still embarrassed by their previous conversation.

Harry took the remaining seat as Mrs Weasley handed them their breakfast (smoked bacon and melted cheese double decker sandwiches) his stomach growled from the smell of the food and he began to dig in.

“Why do boys always eat like pigs?" he looked around the table and noticed that it was Ginny who'd asked the question, her eyebrows were raised and she was looking in his direction.

"Sorry" he replied impishly, cleaning the cheese off his face with a napkin and being more civilized, taking smaller bites from his sandwiches and chewing with his mouth closed. Ginny noticed the mischievous tone in his voice and knew he wasn't sorry at all, he proved this when he opened his mouth playfully to show her the food in his mouth.

"Harry!" she placed a hand in front of her face so she couldn't see, he laughed then swallowed the food and turned to Hermione.

"So Hermione, since there's only two more days before the wedding, why don't we all go to Diagon alley to pick out dresses and dress robes"

Hermione thought for a moment, "Well that depends, will we be able to see you or will you be hiding under your cloak spying on us again?" she glared at him and he couldn't help but shift away from her slightly. 'Why are girls so scary?' he thought worriedly. He reckoned even Voldemort would flinch if a girl glared and started yelling at him. Mrs Weasley looked up from the table at them.

"Spying? Cloak? Harry I thought you told Arthur and I you went in there to talk to Ginny and started to leave as they began getting undressed, but then we came in" Hermione and Ginny both raised their eyebrows at him and folded their arms, waiting for him to say something.

"Erm...yes Mrs Weasley that's what happened, I didn't know they'd be getting changed" Harry's face burned from embarrassment, he wondered how long everyone would bring this up. He hadn't realised that Ginny and Hermione might still be mad at him.

"Wait, Harry didn't see anything did he?" Fred and George said together, choking on their food.

"No" he said quickly, "I didn't see anything" the last thing he wanted was for her other brothers to threaten him. The twins looked at him suspiciously but didn't say anything further.

"Fine, I guess we can all go to Diagon alley" Mrs Weasley said from the head of the table, receiving everyone's attention right then. Harry smiled and gave both Ginny and Hermione a glance, both the girls looked like they were avoiding his gaze which answered his unspoken question, they were mad at him.

"Actually you guys go ahead, I can't go I have some...things to finish" Ron said, causing his mother to narrow her eyes at him. Everyone heard him hesitate when he was explaining why he couldn't go.

"It's nothing dangerous" he added to his Mum quickly.

She didn’t say anything for a few minutes and Harry wondered if she’d let him stay. ‘What things did Ron have to finish anyway?’ he thought to himself.

“Alright you can stay…” she started reluctantly.

“Yes!” Ron interrupted, jumping up from his seat and raising a fist in the air.

“But, I don’t want you doing anything dangerous while we’re gone” her face was as stern as McGonagall’s, making everybody nervous. He nodded silently, not daring to say anything in case he said the wrong thing.

“Ok then, why don’t you all get ready and I expect you to be in front of the fireplace in ten minutes. Fred, George, don’t take any of your ‘inventions’ with you”. Everyone left to go get showered and changed, Harry noticed that the twins hadn’t assured their mother that they wouldn’t bring anything meaning they probably would, but he wasn’t really concerned about that. A few days ago he and Ginny had arranged to spend the day together in Diagon alley when they next went; he wondered if she’d still want to if she was mad at him. He decided to go find out, he followed the girls as they made their way upstairs, noting that Fred and George were watching him.

Ron stayed where he was, seated at the table. He waited until everyone had left the kitchen to go get ready before he began to move, he stood up and went out of the back door and headed towards the shed, he knew he wouldn’t be able to start preparing anything yet but he decided to get everything ready so that as soon as everyone left he could start setting it up.

“It’s a good thing Mums going too, she’d never let me get away with this if she caught me” Ron said to himself. Yesterday he’d started planning this and now was as good a time as any to set everything up. ‘Harry and Ginny are in for a shock when they get home’ he thought to himself happily. He practically skipped out of the shed, carrying all of the necessary things he would need to get payback against them.

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