Harry's stay at the Burrow

Chapter 19

"Well then, if I haven't trapped Harry or Ginny, who did I trap?” Ron asked nonplussed, everyone looked around, doing a head count to see who was missing. Suddenly they all paled and gave Ron a genuinely sympathetic look, even Hermione. He stood there confused until it finally clicked and he balked. Nobody said anything for a few minutes and then Harry decided to voice what they were all afraid of saying.

“You…you pulled a prank on Mrs Weasley”.

Everything was silent; nobody dared move or say anything. The prank Ron had sprung for Harry and Ginny had unintentionally been set off by none other than Mrs Weasley, now, all they could do was wait for her to get out of the trap. Ginny knew it wouldn’t be long; it was a simple prank that Ron even managed to get out of, but did they want her to get out so soon? Mrs Weasley would probably start yelling everyone’s ears off the moment she landed back in Ginny’s room, and then she'd make them all do chores for the rest of the summer, for Fred and George she’d tell them they couldn’t use magic to speed things up. Ginny looked over at Ron, despite the fact that it was all his fault she couldn’t help but feel sorry for him right now, knowing that he was going to get the full bout of their mothers' fury. It seemed Ron knew that he was doomed, instead of fleeing to his room and pretending he hadn't done it, he was rooted to the spot, probably too afraid to move in case he made things worse for himself. There was a tense atmosphere in the air so the twins tried lightening things up.

"Well, you're in for it now"

"Yep we might as well say goodbye to you now since we might not get another chance" Fred said grimly.

"If you think about it Ronniekins, you've probably just made one of the biggest mistakes of your life"

"We're the biggest pranksters for miles and even we wouldn't be stupid enough to prank Mum"

"I don't think you're helping" Hermione interjected.

Both the twins looked at each other and shrugged, "Wasn't trying to" they said simply. Throughout all of this Ron's face became paler with each second they talked, he looked like he was going to be sick.

"Oh come on Ron" Hermione said gently, trying to comfort him, "I'm sure she's not that bad. You're just overreacting, I'm sure any minute now she's going to come out of Ginny's room and-" Whatever Hermione was about to say was drowned out as the door to Ginny's room burst open and Mrs Weasley stepped into the hallway yelling. To say that she looked angry would be a complete understatement.


“W-Wha?” Fred sputtered.

“We didn’t do it” George managed to say, both worried about the safety of the lives.


“Where not” they said in unison, getting more and more scared by the minute.

“WELL THEN WHO DID?” she asked, still seething with rage. They all took a step back from Ron, leaving him in front of the manic mother, she eyed him menacingly, and it looked as though she would pounce on him at any given moment. Ron tried shrinking back into the group but noticed they weren't beside him anymore, he risked a glance behind him and saw they'd taken a few steps back, cursing silently to himself he turned back to his enraged mother.

"Erm...hi Mum, how-how was shopping?" everyone behind him face palmed. 'Of all the things to say that's what he goes for' Ginny thought. Mrs Weasley's eyebrow twitched slightly, clearly not happy with what he'd chosen to say.

"Shopping?" she whispered threateningly, making the hairs on everyone's neck stand on end. "I get home to drop off everyone's things, I try to put Ginny's things in her room and I get attacked and trapped god knows where. I manage to get out and you're asking me how was shopping?" her voice was rising with each word and Ginny knew she was about to blow a casket.

"RONALD WEASLEY HOW DARE YOU PRANK YOUR OWN MOTHER, YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF!" her voice rang out through the whole house, the famous Weasley temper finally revealing itself. Everyone shrank back and rubbed their ears, no matter how long you'd known her, you could never get used to her yelling.

"Honestly I thought I raised you better" she continued, albeit a little quieter. "What motive could you possibly have to attack your poor sweet loving mother?"

"Erm..." Ron didn't have a response to that, but at least he wasn't covering his mouth with his hand to stop himself from laughing like all the others were doing. He tried ignoring their snickering and instead focused on his Mum who was now looking upset.

"Well to be fair the trap wasn't really for you, you just picked the wrong time to come into Ginny's room" Mrs Weasley's sadness quickly evaporated and was replaced with anger.

"Oh well then I guess it's my fault is it? maybe next time I want to enter someone's room I'll ask you for permission first shall I?"

"Wha- no mum that's not what I meant I..."

"I know exactly what you meant young man and let me tell you now, you're in for a long haul for the rest of the summer" Ron deflated, not only did he not get payback on Harry and Ginny, but now he was being punished by his mother.

"M-Mrs Weasley?" Harry took a hesitant step forward, hoping that she wasn't mad at him.

"Yes Harry dear?" she answered softly, losing all traces of anger, her mood swings were very disconcerting.

"Well I was just wondering, how did you get out of the trap?" Mrs Weasley's smile vanished, not liking the topic of conversation. She was about to answer but then Hermione turned to him.

"What I want to know is what happened, everyone keeps talking about a 'trap' and why is Mrs Weasley green?" Harry placed a hand over her mouth to stop her from uttering that last word but it was too late, she'd already said it. Everyone looked at Mrs Weasley to see what her reaction was, it was hard to tell if she was angry or not because of her dark green skin. Harry whispered something in Ron's ear, his face showing his confusion at what he's just heard.

"What's a Hulk?" he received a slap on the back of his head for that one, from Harry and Hermione, who we're the only ones who knew who the Hulk was.

"I don't want to talk about it" Mrs Weasley said, everyone was reminded of the time when Ron had given the same answer when Harry had asked him the same question.

"Please" they all asked at once, they thought she wasn't going to budge with her answer but they had to at least try. Mrs Weasley was a bit surprised that she had everyone's attention on herself, not wanting that to change yet she spoke up.

"Oh very well, I guess I'll tell you what happened and how I got out..."

Mrs Weasley landed in the living room in front of the fireplace with Harry and Ginny's shopping, she set them down and used a spell to get all the soot off of her. Once finished she picked up the shopping along with Fred, George and Hermione's which she'd left in the living room earlier and headed for the stairs. Fred and George's room was the first room she came to, she deposited their things onto their beds, tutting at some pranks she found lying about, and left the room. Next she went to Ron's room to drop off Harry's things, placing them on his bed she noticed something that caught her eye. 'I wonder what that is?' she thought, reaching under his bed she retrieved a book. She glanced at the cover and her mouth dropped open in shock, it was an educational book, about sex. "Why on earth does he have this? And where did he get it?" she asked aloud even though she was alone in the house since all the kids were still at the Leaky Cauldron. Finding it hard to believe that her sweet innocent Harry could own this book, she began flicking through the pages, some of the pages had bookmarks and certain words were highlighted.

"How many talks does he want to have?" she said exasperatedly to herself. Not liking what she was reading or the fact that Harry was reading this while going out with her daughter she closed the book and decided to get rid of it, she wasn't going to have smut under her roof. She placed it in Ginny's bag for the time being and left the room. Mrs Weasley made her way towards her daughters room but stopped just before she got to the door, she thought she heard a cough coming from somewhere close by, or was she just imagining it? waiting another minute to see if she could hear anything else, she turned back to Ginny's room when she was satisfied there was no one around and placed her hand on the doorknob and pushed it open. As soon as the door opened slightly a spark flew over her head towards something above her, she didn't have long to register that it was a box as all too soon the box exploded and a bunch of fireworks ignited, they began zooming around scaring Mrs Weasley. One got too close and set the ends of her hair on fire, singeing them to a burnt crisp, they began exploding around her, making scorch marks on the walls and ceiling, sparks flying in all directions, some getting too close for comfort. Cursing her twin son's for leaving them there, probably to scare Ginny, she recollected herself and entered Ginny's bedroom, not noticing the flaming rope going from one end of the room to the other. She tried turning the light on but for some reason it wasn't working.

"Great, another thing we have to fix, and why is it so dark in here I can't see anything" She stumbled through the room, blindly looking for Ginny's bed. She bumped into something to her left, not having a clue what it could be she reached for it, big mistake. Her hand hit something hard and it got knocked onto the floor, instead of a crashing sound though, there was a high pitched pop followed by a cloud of green substance. Mrs Weasley began coughing and her eyes began to water, the only good thing about this was whatever the substance was it smelled great, like watermelons. She waited for the cloud of gas to disperse and for her eyesight to return to normal before she continued on, it was seeming like a huge obstacle course for her, all this just to drop off Ginny's things. Taking a few steps forward she finally made it to the bed and placed all the shopping on it, 'Finally done' she thought, but as luck would have it, Mrs Weasley still had one more trap left to overcome which had subsequently just been activated, and this was the worst one. Hearing a noise ahead of her she looked into the dark and noticed for the first time a rope on fire, it was getting smaller by the minute as the flame made it's way into the darkness ahead, heading to it's destination, whatever was on the other end of the rope. Mrs Weasley squinted ahead to see if she could determine what it was but it was no use, she couldn't see anything.

She took a look at her watch to see what time it was but as soon as she lifted her arm up and looked at her watch she shrieked, her fingers, her wrist, her arm were all green. She checked her other arm and just like the other one it was completely green. She started panicking, not knowing what had caused this, she pulled out her wand and began shouting spell after spell at her arms hoping it would eventually fix the problem but to no avail, she was still a sickly green colour.

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