Harry's stay at the Burrow

Chapter 2

It had taken over an hour for Ginny to return to normal; Ron had filled her in on what had happened since she had no recollection of the previous hour. Once she'd found out what Fred and George had done she'd used the bat bogey hex on them. Needless to say they didn't bother her for the remainder of the day. Now that dinner was over with she went looking for Harry, although the idea of seeing Harry after she'd just acted like a chicken and done a chicken dance in front of him seemed horrendous, the thought of not seeing him and letting her embarrassment build up seemed a lot worse. She was on her way out of the living room to go check if Harry was in Ron's room when she heard movement outside in the garden; she turned around and headed to the window. She looked out and saw Harry and Ron throwing gnomes over the garden wall and into the patch of field lying ahead. Hesitating only for a few seconds she made her way out into the garden. Ron spotted her coming over.

"Hey Gin, since you're here you can help us with the gnomes. Harry's terrible at it" Harry looked offended.

"I'm not terrible; I got one over the fence didn't I?"

"Yeah, after your third try" Ron replied, Ginny tried to hide the grin that appeared after that comment but failed miserably, Harry had noticed.

"Well let's see you try then if you're supposedly better" he said trying to act annoyed with the situation but his small smile giving him away. Ginny accepted the challenge and walked over to the closest gnome and picked it up. She decided she would apologize to Harry later. She glanced at Harry and an idea formed in her head. She started swinging the gnome around waiting for it to pick up speed and right before she let go she faced Harry's direction. Poor Harry didn't even see it coming as the gnome went 'SMACK' right into his face. Ron burst out laughing as soon as he realized where Ginny was aiming and by now was on the ground in a laughing fit, whilst Harry had been forced to the ground by the impact. Ginny ran over to him quickly, she hadn't intended to hit him that hard and was worried. She knelt over him and shook him to see if he was okay, the moment she put her hand on his back he rolled over in her direction and threw the same gnome back at her. It was Ginny's turn to be surprised as the gnome ended up getting stuck in her hair. By now Ron's laughter was silent from lack of oxygen as Harry was trying to disentangle the gnome from Ginny. They finally managed to pry it away from her and Ron threw it over the fence.

"Well? How do I look?" the two of them looked over at her and remained silent trying to decide if it was best to answer. Ginny's hair was a complete mess, it was all ruffled from the gnome and dirt clung to it.

"Er…you look…great" Harry lied, he didn't want to make her feel any worse, Ron however didn't mind doing that.

"You're a mess and you've got a twig in your hair." Ginny looked horrified and blushed profusely. She felt like crying. 'Why does this always happen to me when Harry's around?' she thought to herself. She ran back into the house and went to the bathroom to look in the mirror.

Meanwhile back in the garden…

"I don't think it was a good idea for you to have said anything Ron, I mean she was already embarrassed" Harry said whilst fixing his glasses that had broken from the gnome. Ron looked at him suspiciously.

"Why do you care how I treat Ginny?" Harry opened his mouth to answer then stopped, he realized he didn't really have an answer to his question. Aware that Ron was still waiting for an answer he started.

"Well-Ginny is…she's" but luckily for Harry Mrs Weasley had called them to help her with some more chores. Ron gave him one more look then headed back into the house, Harry followed afterwards thinking about his question some more. Why did he care?

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