Harry's stay at the Burrow

Chapter 20

Ginny awoke the next day to the sound of cursing from Ron outside in the garden, annoyed at being woken up, she threw the covers off herself and went over to the window to glare at him. What she saw in the garden though changed her mind so instead of glaring at him she laughed, quite loudly, at the predicament her brother was in. He was trying to prune the flowers in the garden as one of his punishments for pranking their Mum the other day, but the gnomes had other ideas for him, while he was busy they had pinched his wand and were now chasing him round the garden shooting little sparks from his wand at him.

"Sodding gits!" Ron swore, earning a smack on the back of his head from Mrs Weasley who just happened to be walking past to go into the kitchen. Ginny spent another minute enjoying the show outside as their Mum began berating him about his language, before she retreated from the window and went to go get a shower.

Ginny entered the kitchen half an hour later to find only Harry sitting at the table eating his breakfast, she knew where Ron was, and her mother was probably still outside trying to teach him manners, the twins were no doubt at work, but where was Hermione? 'Come to think of it, I don't think I saw her in bed when I got up' she thought to herself. Harry answered her unspoken question.

"She's helping Ron with his chores" This brought a slight smile to her face.

"That's very nice of her, I wonder why she'd do that" Ginny said slyly, sitting down beside him and pinching a piece of his toast.

"Hmm...who knows? Maybe she's just a really good friend" Harry continued, playing along.

"So she'd help you with your chores?"

"No" he replied instantly, remembering one time earlier in the week in which he'd gotten into trouble and she refused to help.

"Oh, then I don't know what motive she has to be helping Ron out, she might like him more than you"

"I don't think that's possible" Harry said matter-of-factly.

"Why not?"

"Well, I'm quite lovable" he said with a straight face. Ginny choked on the piece of toast she'd been eating, she wasn't expecting that from him which made it more funnier. Mrs Weasley came back into the kitchen just then, having finished scolding Ron, and noticed Ginny sat at the table.

"Oh honey you're up, just give me a second while I whip you up some breakfast" she hurried over and began getting to work on her food. Ginny swallowed the piece she'd been choking on then wiped her eyes with her sleeve, as they'd been watering from all the coughing she'd been doing. Harry just stared at her.

"What was so funny?" he asked innocently.

"I hate you" she said sulkily, folding her arms and pouting.

"No you don't, like I told you, I'm lovable"

"Humph" was all she said, turning away from him and looking to see if her mother had finished making her breakfast. Harry watched Ginny for a few minutes and then moved his hand off the table and prodded her in the stomach.

"Hmm, you've put on weight" he commented in a simple manner, prodding her a few more times. Ginny's eyebrow twitched slightly but she refrained from turning back to him and replying.

"Look, my finger just sinks in and pops back out" He continued prodding her stomach while he went back to eating his breakfast, the problem was he wasn't looking at where his hand was going. His hand brushed against something round and firm as his finger prodded a certain area. Confused at what it could be, he looked at her just as she turned to him, eyes slightly wide.

"HARRY!" she yelled, by accident. She hadn't meant to react like that but she was shocked at where he'd touched her.

"Oh god Ginny I'm sorry, I thought I was still touching your stomach" he explained in horror, although, he was trying to hide a small smile crawling onto his face as he realised where he'd touched her.

"What did I miss?" Mrs Weasley asked, hurrying over to them.

"Nothing!" They both said quickly, trying to act casual with Harry going back to eating and Ginny grabbing the plate her Mum had been about to give her. Mrs Weasley didn't believe them but before she could question them further Ron began cursing in the garden again, forgetting about the two teenagers at the table, she marched back outside to reprimand him.

There was a tense atmosphere in the air, neither would look at each other and the background noise of Mrs Weasley yelling at Ron didn't exactly soothe things. Ginny continued eating, occasionally glancing at Harry, waiting for him to say something, the only problem was; that's what he was waiting for. A few more uncomfortable seconds passed by before Harry cleared his throat, seemingly tired of no one saying anything.

"I really am sorry" he said timidly.

"You don't need to apologise Harry I'm not mad, I just wasn't expecting it that's all" she shoveled the food around on her plate, blushing as she thought about what he was apologising for, also slightly annoyed that he was sorry about it. Harry seemed to sense that she was feeling this way, not wanting her to take it the wrong way he tried fixing things.

"Not that I didn't like where I touched...what I mean is, I wouldn't mind doing it again-oh god I'm making things worse for myself aren't I?" Ginny let him continue babbling on, finding it highly amusing.

"I'm trying to say-while I wasn't intending on touching you there...it did feel quite nice...not that I wasn't expecting it to...not that I've been wondering...although, that's to say, I haven't not been wondering..."

"Harry, Harry you can stop, I know what you're trying to say" Ginny said in between giggles. Watching him stutter and worry about if he was saying the right thing was very amusing.

"You do?" he asked sounding relieved.

"Yeah, your a hormonal teenage boy" she replied cheerfully. This time it was Harry who ended up choking on his breakfast, but before their conversation could get any more awkward Mrs Weasley once again came back into the kitchen, ready to finish the washing up. Before she went back to that she walked over to the table, remembering that she was talking to them about something before she left.

"Right then, what were we talking about before your brother started using foul language?"

"Oh, we-we can't remember, can we Harry?" Ginny gave him a look, not that she needed to, he didn't exactly want Mrs Weasley to know he accidentally touched her in a certain area.

"Hmm? No, no we haven't got a clue as to what we were talking about" he answered, having recovered from choking a few minutes ago. She eyed them both suspiciously, knowing that something was going on, but she decided to leave it for now.

"If you two are finished with your breakfast you can head upstairs, Ron's going to be busy all day and Hermione, she's helping him so looks like it's just you two today" she headed over to the sink to finish washing up while Harry and Ginny stood up from the table, they left their plates piled up at the side of the sink then made their way upstairs.

They were in Ginny's room sitting on her bed, Harry was helping her with her potion assignment she thought she'd finished a few days ago, but she'd made a mistake by misreading one of the questions which thankfully Hermione had pointed out. Ginny couldn't concentrate, she knew that something was on Harry's mind but he wasn't saying anything. She put her quill down and turned to him.

"What's wrong Harry?" she brushed some of his hair off of his forehead in a comforting way.

"Is your Mum okay with us being alone together?" he asked in a hushed voice, closing his eyes and letting her play with his hair.

"What do you mean?"

"I don't know, it's just, when she said we should head upstairs and how it would just be the two of us, she sounded a bit... hesitant" he heard Ginny sigh.

"She's my Mum, it would be more weird if she was completely fine with a boy, a year older than me, being alone with me in my room. She's just being protective" she gave him a gentle kiss on his forehead then cuddled up to him, Harry responded by wrapping his arms around her and kissing her on the lips. They continued like that for awhile, deepening the kiss and getting more intimate by the minute, he gently pushed her down so she was lying on the bed then laid on top of her. He placed his right hand on her waist, lifting her top up slightly, causing her to pull him closer to her, and began kissing her neck. Ginny closed her eyes as Harry started biting her neck affectionately, while he was doing this she could feel his hand slowly moving upwards towards her chest. Completely forgetting that things were going too fast in their relationship and that they weren't in the house alone, she grabbed the front of his shirt and tugged on it, bringing him as close to her as she could and then locked her arms around him as he continued with her neck. He moved down towards her collarbone making her gasp and clench her fist in his hair, tugging on it slightly. His hand was just below her left breast, she could feel his fingers brush against it every few seconds, she knew any minute now he was going to move his hand up again and then he'd be touching the same place he did earlier in the day, just one more move of his hand...

*Knock *Knock

The door opened quickly causing the two teens to panic and try to disentangle themselves from one another.

"Ginny dear I was wondering if..." Mrs Weasley cut off abruptly as she took in the sight before her, Harry and Ginny weren't quick enough and were still pretty much tangled together, panting and flushed from what they'd been doing. Ginny pushed Harry off of her then sat up on the bed and righted herself.

"Mum, I thought you were washing up" she wouldn't meet her mothers eye and was embarrassed that she'd walked in on them being intimate with each other.

"Oh-I was, I-I just...I was wondering if I could ask you something" it seemed her Mum was quite shocked at what she saw, her little girl lying on her bed with a boy on top of her, she didn't want to know any of the details. Harry was sitting next to Ginny trying to catch his breath, he was also avoiding making eye contact with Mrs Weasley, 'I guess there was a reason for her to be hesitant' he thought to himself, confused and happy about how the day had gone, up until now that is. Mrs Weasley regained her composure and was now staring at them both with a scowl on her face and her hands on her hips.

"Didn't we just have a talk a few days ago about this? I sent you upstairs so you could hang out and have some fun since it's the holidays, I didn't send you up here so you could have shenanigans while everyone else is busy!" she gave them both disapproving looks and waited for them to say something.

"We weren't planning on it, it just sort of started happening" Ginny tried, feeling quite guilty about what they'd being doing. Harry thought it was probably best not to say anything, he didn't want to make things worse.

"You're too young to be doing those sort of things and don't you think you're rushing into the physical part of your relationship?"

"I know, I guess we just got caught up in the moment" Ginny mumbled, wanting this to be over soon.

"I haven't raised a girl who doesn't value herself and lets boys do whatever they want with her and I'm not one of those mothers who condone their daughters behaviour when they're messing around with boys, nor do I go out buying sex magazines and bringing them into my home!" Mrs Weasley finished, wanting to get all that out in the open that she isn't one of those mums.

"Okay Mum I know, I do value myself and and I'm not going to let anyone do whatever they want with me. And don't worry, I know you're not one of those mums who would bring sex magazines into the house" she waited while her mother breathed a sigh of relief.

"Oh good, sorry if I came off a bit harsh dear, I just wasn't expecting to walk in and see you two...well, I suppose it doesn't matter now so I'll just leave, with the door staying open" Mrs Weasley opened the door as wide as it would go and was about to leave the room.

"Mum?" Ginny called out before she left.

"Yes dear?"

"Well, you came in here because you wanted to ask me something, didn't you? So what did you want to ask me?"

"Huh? Oh, erm..." Mrs Weasley laughed nervously, hoping that what she asked next wouldn't be taken the wrong way. "Well I was just wondering...do you have a book about sex education?"

"Erm...yeah, I found one in one of my shopping bags, why?" Harry stared at her, surprised, wondering why she had such a book.

"Could I have it?" her mother asked, rather timidly. Now Harry blinked at her, 'Is Mrs Weasley really asking for a book about sex from her fifteen year old daughter?' Ginny looked equally as confused but stood up and went over to the chest of draws to get the book anyway. She came back to the bed and awkwardly handed her mother the book, both refusing to look at each other and instead looking at the ground. Harry found it funny that Mrs Weasley had just announced to them that she wasn't one of those mums who would bring sex magazines into the house and here she was asking her daughter for a book about sex which was in one of Ginny's shopping bags, which Mrs Weasley had brought to her room. He figured in her defense it wasn't technically a magazine, it was a book. Ginny sat down on the bed while her mother stood there blushing slightly, holding the book at arms length as if it was contaminated. Because it was stretched out towards them Harry could see the front cover of the book which made him pale, it looked like the same book Mr Weasley had shown him before and tried to give him. 'Why does Ginny have this book? How did she get this book? It was in Ron's bedroom' Harry thought quietly to himself, hoping that it was just a coincidence and his was still in Ron's room.

"...I better get back downstairs then, I have a lot of work to do for the wedding" Mrs Weasley shuffled out of the room without glancing back, she probably should have explained to Ginny that it wasn't her book, but she couldn't say it was Harry's.

"So, that was...different" Ginny said, trying to get some normality back in order. Harry just nodded his head, completely confused by everything that ensued after Mrs Weasley entered the room. Ginny looked around the room for anything that would get rid of this awkward atmosphere, not having any luck she sighed then turned back to Harry.

"Should we go help Ron and Hermione with the garden?" Harry again nodded his head then jumped up from the bed and proceeded to head out of the room, letting Ginny go before him.

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