Harry's stay at the Burrow

Chapter 21

Everyone was out in the garden helping Ron prune the flowers while Mrs Weasley watched from the kitchen window, keeping an eye on them all so there were no more shenanigans. When Harry and Ginny had first come outside earlier in the day they had accidentally interrupted something going on between Ron and Hermione, of course they'd denied that anything was going on but Ginny was sure that she'd seen them almost kiss. Now those two were avoiding each other, which meant that Harry had to stay with Ron while Ginny stayed with Hermione.

"So I have a question" Hermione announced after remaining silent for over ten minutes. They were pruning the flowers on one side of the garden while the boys did the other side where all the gnomes were hiding about. Ginny stopped what she was doing, wiped some dirt off her hands and turned to her.

"Oh yeah? What's your question?" she asked.

"Well I was just wondering, what were you and Harry doing whilst we were outside and your mum was in the kitchen?" Hermione asked, throwing Ginny off slightly and causing her to lose her balance.

"W-Why do you ask?" she sat up quickly, listening to Hermione giggle while doing so, and went back to kneeling on the floor by the flowerbed they were working on.

"I was just wondering that's all" Hermione said in between giggles, "But your reaction to me asking means that 'something' did happen. Okay Ginny, spill"

"...Nothing happened" Ginny answered straight away, although she couldn't hide the slight blush that crept onto her face prompting Hermione to question her further.

"Liar, I know something did, maybe I should ask Harry about it in front of Ron, I know he'd be interested to know" Hermione teased. Ginny stared wide-eyed at her, not quite sure if she was bluffing or not, then an idea struck.

"Okay, and while we're there I can ask Ron what was happening earlier in the garden between you two, or better yet, I could ask at dinner when everyone's sat at the table" Ginny emphasized 'everyone's' to make it clear what she was getting at, but she hadn't needed to, the moment she'd said dinner Hermione paled and gaped at her like a startled fish, knowing what she was referring to.

"Fine I won't mention anything about it to Ron, but you can't say anything at dinner because you know how Fred and George will react, they'll start teasing and they'll probably hover around us to try and catch us doing something" Hermione was too busy worrying about how Ginny's twin brothers would react that she didn't realise she'd accidentally revealed something big.

"Wait, so are you and my brother dating now?" Ginny asked, trying to appear angry and disgusted, but failing miserably at repressing her goofy grin. Hermione, catching on to what she'd just said, began stuttering incomprehensibly as her cheeks flared bright red, a nervous laugh escaped her lips as she tried explaining things.

"Did I imply we were? W-What I meant to say was...if him and I were dating, then they'd be following us around, trying to catch us doing something...yeah, that's what I meant" she gave another nervous laugh then went back to tending to the flowers while Ginny stared at her, waiting for Hermione to break. She waited a few more minutes, just staring at her before Hermione let out a sigh then turned to her.

"Okay fine, yes, Ron and I are going out but you can't say anything to anyone, well, except Harry of course" she narrowed her eyes at Ginny to show she was serious about her not telling anybody, then decided to avoid all the question she knew she'd be asked by standing up and pretending she needed the bathroom. She left Ginny to her thoughts and proceeded to the house.

Ginny sat there and sulked, wanting to ask Hermione some questions but having to wait til she got back. She had a feeling that Hermione had done that on purpose which she found quite mean, after all when Hermione had found out she was dating Harry she'd bombarded her with questions of how it had happened and when. Just then she felt a tap on her shoulder, she turned around to find Harry standing there holding a shrivelled up flower that had wilted.

"Here you go" Harry said cheerfully, handing her the dead flower.

"Oh thanks Harry, it's just what I wanted, a dead flower from my own garden" Ginny replied sarcastically, she took the flower and sniffed it, hoping that at least it smelled nice, but alas, it didn't.

"I knew you'd like it, I saw it and thought of you" that earned a slap on the head from Ginny. He rubbed his head then smiled down at her, he knew it was a cheap shot, especially since the flower was dead, but he wanted to see her and not empty handed.

"You're so romantic" Ginny said dryly, returning the smile. They both stood there in comfortable silence, thinking about the day they'd had. They hadn't had time yet to talk about what happened up in Ginny's room earlier, Mrs Weasley had made sure to keep them both quite busy since they'd decided to help Ron out in the garden. Now here they were, neither one saying anything, but Ginny figured talking about it now would ruin the moment.

"Hey you two look what I found!" Ron came bounding over carrying something in his hand, something that smelt terrible, consequently ruining the moment between them. Ginny covered her nose in disgust at the smell, Harry mimicking her.

"Ron what is that?" she asked, taking a step back from him as her eyes began to water from the putrid smell.

"I have no idea, I found it in one of the bushes just now. It doesn't have a nice smell to it, but, it does kind of look cool don't you think?" he looked between Ginny and Harry, waiting for them to agree with him, not noticing that now the two of them were taking slight steps back, wanting to get as far away from him as possible.

"Erm...yeah Ron, that does look...cool?" Harry replied, hoping that if he answered his question Ron would walk off with it and put it back where he found it, or better yet get rid of it altogether.

"Want to hold it?" he asked happily, holding it out to them both.

"NO!" Harry and Ginny said at the same time, staring wide-eyed at Ron, wondering if he was crazy. For one thing it smelt terrible, and for another, whatever it was looked dead.

Ron frowned at them, not understanding why they didn't want to hold this 'awesome' thing he found. He held the 'dead' thing closer to him, as if he was comforting it because they hadn't wanted to hold it.

"I don't see what the big deal is, it's not dangerous or anything"

"Ron we have no idea what it is, why would we hold something you found in one of our bushes, looks dead and smells terrible?" Ginny argued, questioning her brothers sanity.

Ron was about to argue back but Harry beat him to it, but surprisingly for Ginny, it wasn't quite what she was expecting him to say.

"Actually Ron you're right, it is awesome"

"What?" Ginny blurted out, now also worrying about Harry's sanity.

"Come again?" Ron asked a second after Ginny's outburst.

"You've found yourself something very...interesting, in fact I was just thinking, we don't know what it is so why don't we ask someone who might know. A certain bushy-haired friend of ours who just loves finding things out and studying" catching on to what Harry was doing Ginny smiled, happy that his sanity is well intact.

"You mean H-Hermione?" Ron asked in a squeaky voice, now regretting showing them what he found. He knew Hermione didn't like things like this and would probably freak out if he showed her it. "I don't think that's a good idea, you see Hermione isn't like you and me Harry, she might not agree with us".

"Come on Ron I'm sure it'll be fine, how could she possibly refuse her 'ickle Ronnikins?" Ginny teased, wanting this little show to take place as payback for Ron interrupting her and Harry with something stupid and for Hermione rushing off to the bathroom just as she'd announced that she's dating Ron.

Ron gulped audibly trying to think of a way out of this, he didn't really know how she'd respond but he was positive that whatever her response was it was going to be bad.

"Let's go" Harry called out over his shoulder as he made his way back into the Weasley kitchen with Ginny following close behind. They heard Ron sigh loudly then soon after he was heading into the kitchen as well.

"Oh, have you finished with the garden already? That was quick" Mrs Weasley said, watching as all three of them started crossing the kitchen towards the stairs.

"No not yet, we just need to ask Hermione something. Is she still upstairs?" Ron asked while hiding the thing he found earlier behind his back so he wouldn't get into trouble for bringing something dirty into the house.

Mrs Weasley eyed them all suspiciously before nodding her head and going back to washing up. Wanting to hurry up and get this over with, Ron continued to make his way to the stairs but stopped when he noticed that Harry and Ginny weren't following him anymore. He turned to them.

"Come on this was your idea remember"

"Yeah..." Harry started.

"...Were going to wait here" Ginny finished, watching as Ron's face slackened slightly from this news.

"What do you mean you're going to wait here? I'm not going by myself to ask her" he announced quite weakly, the determination he had a minute ago to hurry up and get this over with had somewhat diminished now that they were telling him he was going by himself.

"It's okay Ron we're here, so if it starts going bad just call us and we'll be right there" Ginny said sweetly while inwardly enjoying every moment of this. Ron stared at the two of them in disbelief, this was their idea and he had to go alone?

He waited to see if they would reconsider and join him, but instead they had taken a seat at the table and were busy talking. Sighing and hoping that Hermione would go easy on him and not react too badly to what he was going to show her, he turned back towards the doorway and went through it, heading upstairs to find her.

Ginny waited til Ron's footsteps receded before she turned to Harry and began giggling, Harry soon following her except his was slightly more masculine.

"What have you two got Ron into now?" Mrs Weasley asked them, knowing that whatever it was it couldn't be good. They both stared innocently at her and feigned sadness that she would even accuse them of setting something up to get Ron into trouble.

"We have no idea what you're talking about, we wouldn't put into Ron's head that he should ask Hermione about what he found in the garden earlier even though she won't react very well to it because of how it looks and smells" Ginny said with that same sweetness in her voice as before, making Mrs Weasley roll her eyes. Honestly, sometimes she worried that Ginny looked up to her twin brothers too much and would follow in their footsteps when she left school.

"So how do you think she'll react when he shows her it?" Harry asked her, waiting patiently for something to happen that would be entertaining. Ginny was about to reply but before she could there was a loud scream coming from upstairs in the direction of the bathroom.

"That's how" Ginny answered while staring up at the ceiling.


"I'm so sorry Hermione, I didn't real-" Ron tried but was cut off.

"Didn't realise what Ronald? That there was a reason I was in the bathroom? That girls also have to use the lavatory?" she hissed vehemently while entering the kitchen, Ron trailing in after her looking like a lost puppy.

Harry and Ginny's interest in the conversation suddenly piqued after hearing what Hermione had just said, did that mean that Ron walked in while she was...busy in there.

"L-Look it's not my fault, I didn't want to bother you, I wanted to stay outside but those two-" he gestured maniacally at Harry and Ginny who'd conveniently taken a sudden interest in their shoes. "-they made me do it" Hermione glared at them both and folded her arms across her chest, still slightly embarrassed from what had just happened upstairs.

"And besides I didn't even know you were in there, I thought you were in Ginny's room but since you weren't I decided to look around" Ron added as an afterthought, hoping that she would take pity on him for being set up by the two at the table. Hermione turned to Ginny.

"But I told you before I went in the house that I needed to use the bathroom"

"Oh, so before, you really did need the bathroom..." Ginny said more to herself than Hermione who was staring at her in exasperation.

"Why did I agree to spend the summer holidays here!" Hermione moaned to no-one in particular, slumping into the nearest dining chair while Ron patted her on the shoulder.

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