Harry's stay at the Burrow

Chapter 3

Ginny awoke early the next morning and headed straight downstairs into the kitchen to have breakfast. She had avoided Harry and the others for the rest of the day after the gnome incident and had ended up missing her dinner, she was partly to blame of course but to be fair she hadn't intended on Harry throwing it back at her. As she walked in she spotted her mother over at the sink cleaning.

"Morning mum" She said sleepily, stifling a yawn.

"Oh, good morning dear". Mrs Weasley replied looking over her shoulder at her and sounding cheerful as usual (when she's not having a tantrum at someone). Ginny sat down at the table in her usual seat to find toast and eggs already set on her plate. She picked up a piece and began eating it, looking around she saw another plate on the table but its contents gone, only crumbs and pieces of crust lay on it.

"Mum who's plate is that?" Mrs Weasley looked over at the direction Ginny was pointing in.

"It's Harry's; he woke up half an hour ago". She knew the next question Ginny was going to ask her. "He's in the garden now". Ginny continued eating her breakfast albeit a little faster now, she was looking out of the window to see if she could see him but it was impossible with the family car parked in front of it. She finished her dinner then dashed outside the back door. Mrs Weasley smiled, a knowing look appeared on her face while watching her youngest child run into the backyard then she went and picked up the empty plates left on the table.

Ginny wandered around the garden looking for Harry, she wasn't doing so well with her 'stay away from Harry rule', she knew that, but despite her hair disaster yesterday she'd actually enjoyed spending time with Harry, though it had only been for a short while she had managed to have fun with him without even stuttering once. She went over to the old tree house they had next to the river, she'd seen Ron take Harry and Hermione there a few times so maybe he was up there. The tree ended up taking more energy out of her than she thought it would, she stood at the top panting for a little while, then she straightened up and there sitting on the edge of the tree house with his legs hanging over the edge was Harry. She walked over to him.

"Hey Harry". Harry turned around and smiled. 'Good sign' she thought.

"Morning Ginny, you're up early" she sat down next to him.

"Yeah, I figured I'd get something to eat early since I missed dinner"

"How come you didn't come down for dinner?"

"Uh…I wasn't feeling too well" she lied; she didn't want him to know she was avoiding him.

"Oh, well I hope you're feeling better today, we're all having a Quidditch match later". She felt a blush coming but suppressed it and grinned instead.

"Thanks I am. who are the teams?"

"Don't know yet, Bill and Charlie are deciding teams" Ginny nodded, they hadn't had a Quidditch game in over a week and she needed to polish up her flying skills, she also needed to impress Harry since he was the new Quidditch captain for Gryffindor so he would be leading the try-outs.

"You seem quiet today" Ginny looked over at Harry a little puzzled.

"Quiet?" she asked. Harry smiled again.

"Yeah, we've been talking for about ten minutes now and you haven't yelled at me once" Ginny faltered, she'd completely forgotten about shouting at Harry the other day.

"Oh god Harry I…"

"Don't worry about it; I didn't bring it up because I wanted you to apologize. I brought it up because it's great you can talk freely to me without worrying how I'll take it"

"Well I didn't know it was going to be you" she said nervously.

"I know but it's not just that time it's all the time, you know exactly what to say to me without even thinking about it"

"So me saying 'What do you want' helped you with something?"

"Well…no, not that time. But I knew you didn't know it was going to be me, you looked surprised when you saw me. So I didn't take any offence" she sighed in relief.

"That's an interesting look by the way", she looked at Harry then down at herself. She was still wearing her pajamas (a tight dark blue vest and black three quarter length pants) and she remembered that she hadn't had a shower yet or brushed her hair. Harry laughed at the panicked look on her face.

"Don't worry you look fine, I've never seen you in your pajamas before. They look really good on you" Ginny's face turned scarlet and she looked in the other direction hoping he hadn't noticed. With Ginny's face turned she didn't see Harry looking slightly flushed with what he'd said.

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