Harry's stay at the Burrow

Chapter 4

It was just after lunch at the Burrow and Ginny was in her room pretending to be getting ready for the Quidditch match they were having in half an hour, she hadn't needed to get ready but it was the first thing that had popped into her head. She was sat on her bed thinking. She couldn't stop thinking about what Harry had said earlier up in the old tree house, 'Don't worry you look fine, I've never seen you in your pajamas before. They look really good on you'. Harry Potter gave her a compliment, she couldn't believe it. Ginny could only manage so long without babbling like an idiot so after the awkward silence that followed his statement she had made an excuse about needing to get ready and then left. So now here she was, sitting. She'd thought about using her new broom for the game but decided against it, if she showed them it now it would raise a lot of questions as to how she could afford it. The answer she would give them was she had saved up her money from past Christmas's and Birthdays but she didn't want the rest of the summer consisting of all her brothers cramped in her room ogling at her new broom. She would be using one of Charlie's old ones instead. She got up from her bed and went over to the chest of draws by the window, glancing over everything that was piled on top of it she found a picture that was taken just before summer, at Hogwarts. It was a picture of all the DA members gathered around in the room of requirements, it was a memento for all they had accomplished that year and Harry of course was stood in the center as he'd been their teacher, their leader.

She placed the photograph back where she found it then opened one of the draws, a few seconds of searching later she extracted her hand, holding onto a bobble. She tied her hair up so it wouldn't get in the way during the game then stepped in front of the mirror checking to see if she looked okay.

"They're not as good as your pajamas, but they'll do". She looked in the direction of the door and saw Harry leaning on the door frame with his arms folded and a smirk plastered on his face. She thought for a moment that she could see a tiny blush on his face. She blushed.

"Look if you like my pajamas so much maybe you should have them" she joked. Harry thought about it for a moment.

"Hmm…tempting, but I think I'll stick with my own clothes"

"Well the offer still stands if you change your mind" Harry nodded his head and Ginny could feel the silence starting to creep up on them.

"Ginny" he said nervously.

"Yes Harry?"

"I'm sorry for that comment I made earlier, I felt like a creepy old man after you'd left. Once I'd thought about it I thought it was a bit inappropriate, especially since you're my best friends little sister" her face fell, she was a little disappointed that he was apologizing for that.

"You don't have to apologize Harry, I didn't feel creeped out, and I didn't mind you saying that" she felt her cheeks going red after she realized what she'd just said. Harry shuffled his feet nervously.

"I felt like I pushed you away, after I said that, you left" Ginny mentally slapped herself on the head, realizing what her leaving must have looked like.

"No, that wasn't it, I-I had to get ready that's all. Plus I thought you wanted to be alone to think" she tried. Harry looked relieved at hearing that.

"Are you sure you didn't mind?" he asked cautiously, she nodded and then everything went back to silence. She wondered what he was thinking right now, did he still think he'd creeped her out?

"Great. So, are you ready?" Harry asked a few minutes later smiling. Ginny looked at him a little puzzled.


"For the game", he could see that she still wasn't following. "The Quidditch game that's starting in a few minutes".

"Oh" Ginny said, realization finally coming to her. The quick change of topic was a little disconcerting.

"Yeah, I'm ready" she made her way to the door and was about to step out of her room when Harry stopped her.

"Aren't you forgetting something?" Ginny shook her head.

"No I don't think so". Harry waited a moment then hesitantly stepped into her room and headed over to her bed. He bent down onto the floor, stuck his arm under the bed then pulled out her broomstick.

"How did you…" Ginny started, wondering how he knew about it.

"You really want to know?" she nodded her head.

"Well tough I'm not telling you" he replied playfully. He ran out of the room shouting to her to hurry up or they'd start the game without her. Ginny stood there baffled. How on earth did he know it was there? She placed the broom back under her bed (she had already decided she wasn't going to use it) and made her way downstairs and out into the garden.

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