Harry's stay at the Burrow

Chapter 5

Ginny arrived a few minutes later in the garden to find Mr and Mrs Weasley sat on some chairs getting themselves comfortable to watch the match; she scanned her surroundings and noticed that professor Lupin was here as well as Sirius. They were sat at one of the tables and it looked as though Lupin was telling Sirius off, Ginny rolled her eyes wondering what he'd done this time then made her way over to the big field they were playing in right outside their garden, that's where they'd always played it. Charlie had always tried to build a replica of the Quidditch pitch at Hogwarts as best he could with what he had. It wasn't like the Quidditch pitch at Hogwarts though, there weren't any stands for people to watch from and the field was more of a yellowy color than green but they did have the three goal hoops at either side (granted they were made of very fine strong wood) and they had one of the speakers that was from Hogwarts, Fred and George's friend Lee Jordan had given it to them after he'd stolen it during last year at Hogwarts. They didn't have a quaffle or a golden snitch but they did have two bludgers thanks to the twins who pretty much take anything they think looks cool.

Ginny stepped through the gate and onto the field, her two eldest brothers were deciding teams so she started heading over to Bill. She could see Harry talking with Bill and Charlie who were waiting for everyone to come onto the field. Harry saw her and smiled then dropped his smile when he saw that she didn't have her broomstick with her, he gave her a questioning look. Ginny mouthed 'I'll tell you later' then turned to Bill.

"So, whose team am I on? And what position am I playing?" Bill thought for a moment then looked down at the clipboard he had in his hand. Charlie was stood next to Bill sulking.

"You're on Charlie's team and you'll be playing seeker" Ginny laughed, she knew why Charlie was being sulky. Whenever she got to play as seeker she almost always ended up winning her team the game. If she wasn't trying out for chaser and if Harry wasn't the current seeker for Gryffindor then she would most likely try out for seeker. Charlie didn't mind Ginny winning the games for them by catching the snitch, but, since he had played seeker when he was on the Gryffindor team he liked playing as that position. It was only because of George saying he was 'getting on a bit' and was 'too old to be playing period' that he handed over his position to Ginny.

"Looks like it's me against you, I'm playing seeker for Bill's team" she turned and looked at Harry who had a mischievous glint in his eyes.

"You're going to be really upset when I catch the snitch Harry" she replied. Harry stuck his tongue out at her playfully then went to find Ron who was on the same team as him. Ginny was smiling like an idiot at what Harry had just done; she hadn't known how childish he could be. Bill and Charlie were looking from Ginny to Harry's retreating back suspiciously but refrained from saying anything.

Finally the match was about to start, everyone who was playing was now placed into teams and up in the air waiting for Lupin to toss the Quaffle (which was just an ordinary ball) into the air. The ones who weren't playing had edged closer and were now sat in the field. Charlie's team consisted of Ginny (Seeker), Tonks (Chaser), Fred (Beater), Luna (Chaser), Angelina (Chaser) and Michael (Beater) with Charlie playing as the keeper. Bill's team had Harry (Seeker), Ron (Keeper), George (Beater), Alicia (Chaser), Katie (Chaser), Fleur (Chaser) and Bill as the other Beater. All in all it's going to be quite…interesting, Ginny thought as she sat on Charlie's old broom waiting. Luna, Angelina, Michael, Alicia and Katie had arrived earlier that day at Fred and George's request. Luna had to borrow an old broomstick as she didn't have one, she had only decided to join in because she didn't want to stay on the ground with Percy, she had a feeling he didn't like her, she probably felt like that because he had expressed very clearly to her that he didn't like her.

Ginny was trying really hard not to think about Harry, she needed to concentrate on the game especially since he was her opponent. She was too busy thinking about trying not to think about Harry that she didn't hear the whistle blow signalling the start of the match, thankfully Charlie had brought her attention back to the match with a tap on her shoulder. She soared up higher into the air and began searching for their Snitch which was a baseball Harry had brought over; it had been bewitched to fly around.

"And it's Angelina with the quaffle; she swerves past Alicia and dodges an oncoming bludger sent by one of the Weasley twins. Not sure which one. She's making her way over to goal -." Lee Jordan was here as well doing the commentary, it wasn't a surprise he was here; he always turned up during the holidays.

"GOAL TO CHARLIE'S TEAM! THAT WAS A FABULOUS GOAL BY ANGELINA!" Ginny looked at the match in time to see Angelina's shot shoot past Ron who was trying desperately to stop it.

"10 – 0 to Charlie's team. Bill has the quaffle, he passes to Katie who feints right then passes left to Alicia who drops the quaffle. It's quickly picked up by Tonks who avoids a bludger and passes to Luna who…

Ginny cut out the commentary and focused all her attention on finding the snitch. She could see Harry on the other side of the field doing the same thing.

It had been about twenty minutes since the match had started and the score was 60-40 to Charlie's team. So far Angelina had broken her wrist from the bludger that George sent her way, Ron had been knocked off his broom twice by Fred and Michael ended up being knocked out because he wasn't paying attention to the game. Instead he was staring at Ginny which was starting to creep her out and which was probably why Fred had hit that bludger at him, even though they were on the same team. Charlie didn't make any complaints though in fact he pretended as if he hadn't seen what happened. Just then she saw a white blur zooming past her from the left; she veered left and went in pursuit of the snitch. Harry saw Ginny out of the corner of his eye, she was speeding towards something…the snitch. He leaned forward on his Firebolt and sped after her. Ginny was close to the snitch, a few more inches and she'd be able to reach for it. Harry changed tactics and instead of following her he turned right and picked up speed, he was going to go around so the snitch was heading towards him. He saw the snitch speeding towards where he was, Ginny trailing behind after it. Harry was close, he and the snitch were on a collision course which would make it easy for him to catch it then dodge Ginny. THREE…he was almost there, just a few more seconds. TWO…he was closer to it than Ginny now. ONE…Harry reached out his hand, about to close his hand over the snitch…

'SMACK'. At the last second the snitch had shot up into the air leaving Harry and Ginny to crash into each other. They both landed on the ground with a loud thud then rolled which caused Ginny to fall on top of Harry.

"Oww" Harry moaned then opened his eyes; he blinked a couple of times surprised to find Ginny lying on him. She lifted herself up a little bit, slightly dazed. Harry's attention unconsciously averted to something else, completely unaware that everyone from both teams were running over to them and Ginny had noticed where he was looking, and started blushing. Harry looked up from where he was looking, suddenly realizing where he had been staring.

"Ginny…I…" he stuttered.

"Oi, which one of you caught the ball?"

"Erm, I don't think either of us caught it". Ginny called back.

"Oh" was all they said and then scattered away, not caring that both of them had just crashed into each other and were now sprawled out on the floor with Ginny on top of Harry.

"Erm…Harry?" Harry looked back at Ginny whose face was now rouge.


"Could you- I can't get up" it took Harry a minute to realize what she meant. Hiding his embarrassment, he let go of Ginny's waist which he had been holding onto and a few seconds later she lifted herself off of Harry. Slightly disappointed he raised himself off the ground and the first thing he noticed when he'd stood up was that Sirius, Lupin and Mr and Mrs Weasley were staring at him, all with a look he didn't quite recognize. Harry paled; did they notice where he had been looking?

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