Harry's stay at the Burrow

Chapter 6

Ginny was sitting in the garden basking in the sunlight. She was tired out from the Quidditch match that was thankfully over with now, after the incident that occurred earlier in the day the match continued with Charlie's team in the lead, although Bill's team had been slowly creeping up to them with the score 60-50. By the end of the match everyone was tired and were actually glad to be back on the ground, Ginny especially. She'd had trouble focusing on the remainder of the match after the awkward moment with Harry and was quite surprised when her team came flying over to her cheering and patting her on the back, she had been completely oblivious to her surroundings during the game and hadn't even realized she'd caught the snitch.

She smiled a little to herself as she thought vividly about the previous hour, the look on the other team's faces when it was Ginny who had caught the snitch and not Harry was priceless. Her thoughts unwillingly diverted back to Harry and what happened earlier, she thought she might be going crazy. She could've sworn that Harry had been looking at her, lingering somewhere where if her brothers had seen would've killed him. But as she sat there she was starting to think maybe she was going crazy, 'why would Harry Potter look at me?' She thought sombrely. 'He can get any girl he wants'.

She'd been sat in the garden for about an hour now, she was trying to avoid Harry again, that seemed to be something normal and natural for her now since she had a habit of doing something stupid while he was around. It was going good as well, until her mum called out from the kitchen telling her that they would all be spending the rest of the day near the lake. Everyone was inside packing things into bags, the lake wasn't that far away but with the weather being as it was, sunny, they didn't quite fancy carrying everything back to the house later. Ginny was waiting for everyone else to hurry up; she hadn't bothered packing anything since all she was going to be doing was swimming. Suddenly a thought occurred to her, 'what should I wear?' She stood up and headed back into the house and went straight up to her bedroom. She opened one of her drawers and began flinging clothes out searching for something. She procured a light blue two piece bikini from her drawer, trying to decide if she should wear that or not. Ginny decided to go with that and was about to change into it when she heard her dad yelling to her to hurry up. She sighed; 'I'll have to change at the lake' she thought. She was about to leave her room and join everybody else when she noticed one of her bikini's from last year, she knew it would be quite tight on her now but it was an old favorite of hers. She hesitated briefly then grabbed it and ran from the room.

Ten minutes later they had arrived at the lake with Mr and Mrs Weasley leading in front. As soon as they got there they all scattered into different directions from one another. The twins lead Angelina and Lee as far away from their parents as possible so they could talk without being overheard. Bill and Charlie had been arguing on the way over and were now wrestling each other to the ground with Ron and Harry cheering them on. Hermione and Ginny rolled their eyes simultaneously then headed over to the lake; they discarded their clothes revealing two brightly colored bikinis (they were able to quickly put them on under their clothes before they left) and stepped into the water shivering as the coldness touched them. They started splashing about and soon Ron came over and joined in, leaving Harry sitting on a picnic blanket watching them. He couldn't take his eyes off Ginny, now that she was wearing very little Harry began to finally appreciate her body. He'd had a glimpse earlier but because of their close proximity he had kept blushing as his thoughts trailed off. He hadn't talked to her since then and he'd thought that no one had noticed where he had been looking except for maybe Mr and Mrs Weasley, Sirius, Professor Lupin and Tonks. But as soon as him and Ron had gone to put their broomsticks away Ron's brotherly instincts kicked in and he yelled at Harry saying he shouldn't have been looking and that he couldn't go out with Ron's little sister, Harry had told him that he didn't like Ginny that way and he was looking there, surprised because it was the first time Harry had had a girl lying on him. After a while Ron had calmed down but he still kept his eye on Harry to make sure.

Mrs Weasley had told everyone to gather on the picnic blanket for something to eat later on in the day, as soon as she mentioned food everybody scrambled to their feet and rushed over to her, everyone except Ginny who was taking her time. Ginny trudged through the water to get to the edge so she could climb out, she was enjoying playing in the lake and she didn't like having to leave just for some food, but as she thought that her stomach growled so she scowled at it then hauled herself up onto the grass. She picked up a towel and began to dry herself off, slightly aware that a pair of eyes were staring at her, she paused trying to decide whether or not to look and see who it was, she didn't want to be disappointed in case it wasn't who she wanted it to be. Just then Ron appeared by her side. He was mumbling to himself and awkwardly handed her a long woolly t-shirt then walked away quickly. Ginny stared at the back of his head bewildered then shrugged and threw the shirt onto the ground; it was too hot to wear woolly clothing. Harry had seen the look Ron gave him after handing Ginny a shirt and got the message. Reluctantly he stood up, took one more glance at Ginny then turned, a slight blush creeping onto his face and followed Ron to where the others were.

Ginny looked around, noticing that everyone including Harry were gathered around Mrs Weasley demanding food with lighthearted menace in their voice. She started to make her way over to them sulkily; she was a little upset at being the last one there. She had wanted to sit next to Harry but looking over at them she saw that Ron had taken that position.

Hermione notices Ginny approaching and tries to get Ron to move over so Ginny can sit next to Harry but he wouldn't budge. She was a little annoyed by Ron's behavior and decided to agitate him a little. She leaned over him not noticing the sudden blush that appeared on his face and addressed Harry, her lips twisting into a wry smile.

"So Harry, How do you think Ginny looked in her bikini today?" Harry spluttered his cheeks going bright red; he quickly looked up and noticed everyone but Ron smirking at him. Ron's expression was just a silent glare as if daring him to answer. At that moment Ginny arrived to find everyone smirking and Ron glaring at Harry. Ginny looked from one person to the next, then annoyed with the elephant in the room asked.

"What?" they all remained silent except for the twins who doubled over laughing. She glanced in Harry's direction and saw that he was looking down at the ground in silence. Her anger grew.


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