Harry's stay at the Burrow

Chapter 7

Everyone ate their food in uncomfortable silence, an occasional murmur could be heard every now and then but apart from that no one said a word. Ginny was still curious as to what had been said before she came over, she knew one thing though, it was about her. She glanced at everyone in turn looking for some sign but unfortunately there was none. She sighed then continued eating; she had a strong suspicion that Harry was also the topic of conversation. The look on his face earlier said it all; he looked embarrassed and refused to look up at her. Ginny was deep in thought trying to think what it could be but then her thoughts were interrupted by a girlish scream. Her eyes shot up in the direction it was coming from.

"What did you do that for?" Ron yelled, slightly pink in the face due to his unexpected high-pitched scream. Ginny stifled a laugh.

"We have no idea what you're talking about, do we George?" Fred said innocently.

"No we haven't done anything; we were just sat here eating" replied George

"Come off it! Only you two would be cruel enough to do this" Ron looked as though he was about to cry.

"FRED! GEORGE! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE NOW?" Mrs Weasley demanded, glaring at the twins. If looks could kill they probably wouldn't be alive right now. Ron pointed a shaky finger at his sandwich and everyone peered at it wondering what he was making such a fuss over. Fred and George saw this as an opportunity to bail; they quickly and quietly stood up and made their way into the forest near their home. Everyone looked at the sandwich which Ron had thrown down on the floor, a few seconds passed and a tiny spider emerged from inside it. Ginny shivered in revulsion, she hated spiders as much as her brother did, Harry was quite thankful that he hadn't sat anywhere near the twins and Hermione looked as though she was torn between rolling her eyes at Ron's behavior or sympathizing with him, she went with the latter. She patted Ron on the shoulder.

"There, there Ron. It's okay it's gone now"

"Yeah you did a good job of scaring it away by screaming" added Ginny with a small smirk plastered on her face.

"That wasn't a scream that was…a war cry!" whined Ron indignantly, straightening himself up. This time Hermione did roll her eyes.

"Yeah, whatever you say Ron" Harry said, trying hard not to laugh at his best friend.

It had been ten minutes since the spider 'attacked' Ron and everything seemed to have quietened down now. Mrs Weasley had noticed the twins' disappearances and had gone looking for them. The last remnants of the conversation that were heard were, Immature…more like Percy…irresponsible. Feeling like the odd one in the group, Mr Weasley had gone after her which left Harry, Ginny, Hermione and Ron alone. A few minutes trailed by and still no one spoke, 'these awkward silences were becoming a nuisance', thought Ginny as she played with her food, she'd lost her appetite which was understandable. Hermione broke the silence with a loud sigh, clearly bored with how the day was going now.

"So…" everyone stared at her expectantly. She smiled nervously then continued.

"Instead of sitting here doing nothing, how about we enjoy the few hours we have left before we have to go back" Ginny thought about this for a moment.

"Okay how about we play truth or dare?"

"Truth or dare?" Ron asked quizzically.

"It's a muggle game that people play at parties or get-togethers" Hermione explained. "How did you know about that game Gin?" she asked turning to look at her.

"We studied about it in muggle studies last year, never played it though so you or Harry is going to have to show us what to do". Harry looked alarmed.

"What's wrong Harry?"

"It's just…I've never really played this game before either" as he said this she noticed that he still wouldn't make eye contact with her, she had an idea.

"That's okay there's nothing to teach any of you really, you just spin a bottle and if it's pointing to you then you have to pick truth or dare, simple" Hermione said whilst emptying a bottle of water.

"We'll use this" she placed the bottle in the middle of the picnic blanket then spun it. All four of them readied themselves in case the bottle pointed at them. It slowly came to a stop pointing at Ron. He gulped.

"Okay Ron, truth or dare?" Hermione said, Ron took his time thinking about which one to pick.

"Erm…dare" he finally said, slightly unsure of what he was getting himself into.

"I dare you to-kiss Hermione" Ron looked at Harry alarmingly, wondering why his best friend would dare him to do that. He had turned beetroot red as well as Hermione.

"What…I can't-…Hermione is…" he was searching for a suitable excuse to avoid doing this but none was coming to him. Hermione remained silent the whole time waiting for him to decide what he was going to do.

"Come on Ron, it's just a dare" Ginny chimed in, frustrated that he was taking too long. Ron looked towards Hermione to see what her reaction was to all of this.

"Help me out Hermione!" he pleaded.

"Don't worry Ron you don't have to do it if you don't want to" Hermione said gloomily, She stood up and walked away from the three of them and Ginny thought she heard her stifle a sob. They watched her retreated back as she started to make her way over to the burrow. Harry nudged Ron in the ribs.

"OW! What?"

"Go after her, you've upset her"

"I-I have?" Ron asked startled. Harry nudged him again.

"Stop wasting time and go after her" slightly confused, Ron stood up and went after Hermione. And then there were two.

"Want to continue playing?" Harry turned to Ginny then realized what she was talking about.

"I don't think that's a good idea" he said nervously. It seemed she hadn't paid attention to him since she grabbed the bottle and spun it. They played for just over quarter of an hour; neither of them had asked or dared anything personal after Ron and Hermione. Instead they dared each other to do stupid stuff like licking pebbles and dancing with twigs. Eventually it started getting dark.

"Come on, we'd better head back to the burrow" Harry said getting to his feet. Ginny shook her head playfully.

"Not yet, just one more go" she wasn't going to let him go until she found out what the conversation was about earlier that she interrupted. Harry looked like he was about to protest but then Ginny pulled the puppy dog eyes on him so he sighed and sat back down.

"One more go" he stated, she nodded then spun the bottle. She tried to hide a smile that came onto her face as it landed on him.

"Truth or dare?" 'please say truth; please say truth' she begged inside her head.

"Dare" her smile dropped for a moment but it quickly reappeared as she thought of a way she could still get the answer out of him.

"Okay, I dare you to tell me what Hermione asked you earlier on the picnic blanket" Harry froze.

"Nothing" he didn't even sound believable, she shook her head.

"Harry just tell me, I know it was about me because as soon as I got there everything went quiet" he thought for a moment.

"Ok fine" he took a deep breath "Hermione asked me how I thought you looked in your bikini" he said this in a rushed voice, maybe hoping that she wouldn't catch what he said.

"Oh" was all she said, surprised that he actually told her. She shuffled her feet looking down at the ground, not wanting to meet his eye.

"And what did you say?"

"I…well I didn't answer her, I practically had your whole family around me so I thought it best not to answer" she nodded.

"So what would your answer have been if she'd asked you in private?" the words slipped from her mouth and she regretted it the moment she'd realized.

"Erm…my answer would have been that you looked beautiful, you always do" she wondered if she'd heard him right. 'Harry potter didn't just say I'm beautiful' but as she thought this she could see Harry leaning in towards her slightly nervous. 'Oh good he's going to kiss me' she unconsciously leaned in to meet him; their lips were inches apart slowly closing the distance. Harry's lips brushed against hers and opened slightly, they were about to kiss…

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