Harry's stay at the Burrow

Chapter 9

Ginny felt like she was on top of the world, she'd spent the rest of the evening talking with Harry before turning in and couldn't wait to see him later. The only problem with seeing him though was that she didn't know where her and Harry stood, they hadn't really talked about it last night and she was kind of on edge about it. They'd kissed but that didn't necessarily mean he wanted something more like she did. She got changed then headed downstairs into the kitchen, everyone was already seated at the table eating breakfast, she sat down next to Hermione who was reading one of her school books.

"Good morning dear, here you are" Mrs Weasley handed Ginny her breakfast (Fried eggs, sausages and toast) then went back to washing up. Everyone seemed to be in a good mood today she noticed; even the Weasley twins were behaving themselves which was very unusual. Ginny turned to Hermione.

"Hey Hermione what's going on? How come everything's peaceful and quiet?" Hermione bookmarked her page.

"Hmm… Oh we're all heading to Diagon alley to visit Fred and George's new joke shop" she pursed her lips at that.

"Well that explains why those two seem to be on their best behavior" Ginny said whilst smiling. She hadn't been to Fred and George's joke shop yet, she'd been begging her mother all summer and now she was finally getting her wish.

"Well everyone except Harry" Hermione added. Ginny's smile faltered.

"Wait, why isn't Harry going?"

"He said he had to catch up on his summer homework, I'm quite pleased he's being responsible really. I mean there isn't long left of summer and it would be terrible if he was falling behind on his first day back"

"Where is Harry anyway, he's not still asleep is he?"

"No he woke up a while ago actually; he's upstairs getting started with his assignments" and with that she went back to reading her book leaving Ginny to think.

An hour later everyone was gathered around the fireplace ready to travel to Diagon alley, Harry had come downstairs to say goodbye, probably taking a little break before going back to his essays. Mrs Weasley picked up the jar that contained the floo powder and handed it to Bill; he took a handful of the powder then stepped into the fireplace.

"Diagon Alley!" he said loud and clearly so he didn't end up somewhere else by accident. The inside of the fireplace became emblazed in green flames and a second later they disappeared taking Bill, Charlie went next, then the twins, then Ron until the only people who were left in the house were Mr and Mrs Weasley, Ginny and Harry.

"Okay dear you next" Mr Weasley said gesturing to Ginny.

"Actually I was wondering if I could stay here"

"Stay here? But you've been talking about wanting to visit your brothers' shop for ages, why don't you want to go now?" Ginny tried to think of a reason that her parents would find believable.

"Well…I'm not feeling very well and I just remembered I have a potions essay that needs doing for the first day back at school. Can I skip this trip and go with everyone when we go collect our books later?" she crossed her fingers behind her back.

"Alright, I guess you can stay home but you might not get a chance to see the joke shop when we go later" Mr Weasley said taking a handful of the powder, Mrs Weasley stayed where she was, looking at Ginny, she figured her mother knew that she just wanted to spend some time with Harry alone. Mrs Weasleys eyes drifted from Harry to her then she too stepped into the fire to join her husband. If Ginny didn't know any better she'd say that her mum looked a bit reluctant to go now.

Harry and Ginny watched the two disappear along with the flames then Harry broke the silence.

"It's a shame we can't go with them but if I don't get my work done now I'll end up putting it off until the last minute, I wouldn't mind but I've got three essays to finish. What about you, is it just the potions essay you have to do?" Ginny nodded.

"Yeah that's it, and then I'm free to enjoy the rest of my summer without having that at the back of my mind"

"You want to study together outside, it's a nice day today"

"That would be great; I'll go get my books" she rushed upstairs as if her life depended on it, yes she was feeling a little disappointed that she was missing a visit to Weasleys' wizard wheezes but on the plus side she would get to spend most of the day with Harry, there was no Ron or Hermione to take him away from her and no protective brothers around to watch the two of them like a hawk. She gathered up her parchment and ink then skipped out of her bedroom.

Five minutes later they were sat on the freshly cut grass trying and failing to start their essays. Harry threw his quill down.

"Ok, maybe it was a bad idea to go outside to study. It's just too good a weather to be sat down writing"

"It was your idea and yes it was a bad one" Ginny said playfully. Harry harrumphed good-naturedly then stood up to stretch.

"How about we go for a walk?" he suggested, Ginny gave up trying to do her essay and stood up and the two began walking side by side towards the river. Despite herself Ginny was actually quite proud with how far she'd come since the start of the summer, yes she still got nervous around Harry but it wasn't as bad as it had been which was an improvement. They spent a long time chatting and walking along the garden, every so often their hands would brush against each other causing Ginny to blush. She'd decided earlier that she would ask Harry about the two of them since now was a perfectly good opportunity, she needed to know what was happening between them wasn't just having fun; she wanted it to mean something to him like it did her.



"I was wondering, what's happening with you and me?" Harry turned to her.

"What do you mean?"

"Well…is there a you and me? I mean, it just feels like something has changed between us this summer and I wanted to know…" her words caught in her throat as Harry slipped his hand into hers. Her heart fluttered in her chest as a silent confirmation embraced her. They walked in silence, just enjoying each other's company before heading back to make a start on their homework.

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