Cross To Bear

Perspectives: Jet's Morning

Propped up against the school building Jet exhaled heavily into the cool morning air. He'd been there for a little while already, the day had broken and he was waiting for a specific school bus to pull into the lot. Jet was early to school that morning; he'd seen his mom off when she left for a hike with a bunch of people he barely knew. They'd come by to visit her when she was bedridden and he knew he should've paid more attention but they weren't all that important to him. His mom was important to him, and her time spent with him. The petty part of his mind was jealous and angry, that he finally got her back on her feet and she was going out with these people.

They were her friends though, and everyone was so excited to see her healthy. Jet could get over himself, he could see past the idiotic and childish side of his mind and see her for who she was. She was a human being, just like him. An individual with thoughts, feelings, desires separate from his and he had to respect that. She had friends, past relationships with other people that he could never know the same way and he'd have the same. People like the Winchesters that he could run to in a way she never could. And of course she was his mom; he'd probably be the one to spend more time with her than anyone else so there was no reason to be greedy. It was a difficult thing to push himself into thinking, to remind himself of but when he saw how happy she was he couldn't rightfully get bratty about it.

He was happy for her. Jet wasn't the one who'd fixed her up but he was the one who brought Castiel home - that was good enough. Jet loved being the one to accomplish great things; he loved the admiration and everything that came with being 'that guy.' But he was just as capable of being the person who 'knows somebody' who could do a specific task. He'd long learned that he was the more social guy of his group of friends. Dean was charming and cute but always so family oriented, leaving a few people left out of his inner circle. Cas was a little quieter; he had such an intense world that sometimes he forgot to share it with anyone other than who was in the immediate vicinity.

Speaking of Cas, he still hadn't gone to school; it'd been about a week and Jet was starting to get a little antsy about it. He'd said some bold things to Sam and Dean, how Cas was going to be fine but he didn't really know any better than they did. He wanted to thank Castiel properly for healing his mom and by extension him, but ideas for how to do that didn't come easily.

Instead he watched the school scene and made sure Dean brought the homework home, there wasn't a whole lot he could accomplish with that but it was something. He meant to visit the Winchester home but things were a bit complicated, they had some crap to work through. Not to mention he really wanted to stay home with his mom, Nikki was so active now and he loved it. They'd gone for long walks together, hung out in some playgrounds and she even played tag with him. Jet would've lied if he said he kept a straight face through any of it, or that he'd even kept dry eyes.

He smiled to himself at the memory and the thought of the new ones he'd make. Cas was a blessing to all of them but Jet felt particularly vulnerable about it. In his entire life the only people who mattered to him were his mom, his dad, and the Winchesters. Dean was his best friend on one level, and Jet was certain he'd do anything Dean asked him to do. But Cas was something else; he was someone Jet wouldn't hesitate to give up everything for if it would help. Not that Cas would ever ask, but he was prepared to do anything. And the weirder thing about that was his mind, normally he'd immediately remind himself there was nothing romantic involved but with Cas that never crossed his mind. Castiel wasn't a person you 'have a crush on,' unless you were Dean of course.

And then of course there was Sam. He was a kid and had been crushing on Jet for a while now, Jet wasn't sure when it had started, really. Regardless Sam was his family, and though he was small he was such a big part of it. Jet could play a montage in his head consisting of all the adorable little things Sam did and said to him, it was special and he didn't ever really want to lose that. Sam was like his little brother, in a way. Not like the way Dean and Cas were to Sam though, which made Jet wonder what a little brother was supposed to be treated like. Dean liked to joke and make fun of Sam for having a crush but the little Winchester was 12, Jet couldn't see him that way. That wasn't to say it couldn't happen, he was sure Sam would be a gorgeous young man in the future, probably tall…

Jet shook his head, why the hell was he even thinking about that? He watched the bus pull up, the number on its side telling him it was the 'Winchester bus.' He could see inside the windows and watched as Sam waved excitedly at him. Jet smiled and gave a short wave back, a shallow movement part of him wondered more about than he should've. When he was Sam's age would he have waved like that? Would he have shaken his entire arm and part of his upper body to show enthusiasm in seeing someone? Or was that just Sam?

Whatever, it didn't matter. He pushed himself up from where he'd been resting and walked over to them. As he closed in he saw Castiel following Dean off the bus. His grin widened when he reached them, kind of understanding Sam's excitement. "Look at this, Winchesters all together again." He laughed and caught Cas in a hug, the shorter teen squeezing him back. "Welcome back."

"Thanks," Cas sighed and adjusted his bag, something was a bit off about him.

Jet raised an eyebrow and glanced at the other two, Dean and Sam didn't look too different but Cas had one of those expressions. Something happened again. "Oh for god's sake…" he ran his hand through his bangs and pushed them back, "What now?"

"What do you mean?" Dean furrowed his brow and looked at Cas who smiled sheepishly. "What does he mean?"

"Nothing, I'm sure it's nothing." Cas shook his head and when Dean and Sam turned to one another to exchange a glance, Cas gave Jet a look. It wasn't harsh or angry or a warning, it was just a request. Jet was pretty good at reading gestures and situations, whatever it was Cas didn't want him asking anymore. Not in front of Dean and Sam, anyway.

So he waited. There were plenty of people who wanted to talk to Cas, the little idiot never realized how many people actually really liked him. Charlie wouldn't leave him alone, Meg stopped by though briefly, Garth asked him how he was, and even Gordon was civil. But of course that was Cas, always underestimating himself.

Sam had to go to his classes so he went to the other side of the school as per usual, Dean would be a little harder to remove. But Jet waited. He noticed people's interest in Castiel, a little different than normal and a little off. He wasn't sure he liked it but he kept it to himself, there wasn't any reason to cause a fight or argument, anyway. Kubrick was among these people; his gaze was unsettling and stalkerish, it made Jet uneasy. More than the others, Kubrick's eyes were on Cas like a target, his prey.

No… Jet furrowed his brow and watched as the other teen disappeared into the crowd of students that morning. It wasn't like Cas was being preyed on - it was more like reverence. A dislocated expression given only to the most insanely devout who'd lose their minds and everything else in the presence of the thing they worshipped. Jet decidedly kept a closer eye on Cas, his stomach turned anxiously as he noticed a few others with the same kind of oddity in their faces. Kubrick wasn't the only cultish-ly religious guy in town; he was usually the most intense but not nearly the only one. Apparently he'd gathered people to his little beliefs.

Cas should've gone to school right after the incident with Kubrick; but there was no changing what had happened now. People could believe whatever the hell they wanted and apparently Cas having magical powers was in this year.

His opportunity came at 10:30 that morning during their first break. Castiel went to the washroom while Dean was a little caught up in talking to Lisa. Bela and Meg were there too but Jet paid them no mind as he followed Cas' lead. He leaned against the wall outside the bathroom and waited a little longer, he wasn't about to stand in there and watch his friend go, after all.

Castiel appeared a few minutes later and stopped in his tracks when he saw Jet standing there. "I think you know what I'm about to ask you." Jet said evenly and Cas nodded.

"I do… Outside?"

"Whatever you need, buddy."

Cas walked to an area no one else could hear them, it wasn't too hard but he still took special care to do it. "Something happened last night," his voice low and he turned to look at Jet seriously, "I talked to Death again."

Jet raised his eyebrows slowly, "Okay, what'd he say? Did you tell your parents?"

"I haven't told anyone yet and honestly, I'm only going to tell you because you noticed something was up." Cas didn't beat around the bush; he was serious so Jet nodded his understanding.

"Alright, I'm listening man."

Castiel took a deep breath and steadied himself; Jet didn't like how much preparation was going into this. He wasn't sure he'd like the news he received but he kept that to himself. "Death came into our living room and told me I'm not human, he told me that – and this might sound crazy – that I'm an angel. Heaven and Hell are frozen, he said I have to fix it." Cas' eyes were terrified as he spoke, Jet watched his expression fall from being ready to talk to anxious to horrified and so many other emotions he couldn't quite process in that short amount of time. Of course Cas didn't stop, he was nervous and when did a nervous Castiel ever stop talking?

"I have to go there to unseal it, dead people have nowhere to go and Death is counting on me. I don't know what to do, I don't know how to get there or any of this stuff but Death said it'd come to me. I'd develop into it. I don't know what that means, Jet!" Panic had set in, Jet reached over to place a calming hand on Cas' shoulder but the other teen pulled away. "He said demons are coming for me! Demons are coming after me, like the ones in my grandpa and Caplan! I can't do this!"

Jet forcefully grabbed Cas' arm and pulled him into a hug, "Shhh," he hushed him and let Cas' head rest against his shoulder. "It's okay," he whispered reassuringly, "I'm right here, your family's here, we'll help you."

"How?" Cas muttered, Jet felt his shirt dampen where Cas was pressed so he didn't let go.

"I don't know yet, but you're not alone." Lying to Castiel never worked, Jet knew that well enough to not do it.

They stood there for a little while; the school's bell went and signaled the start of classes again. Cas relaxed against him and slowly stepped away, "Thanks Jet." He smiled and wiped his eyes, "I needed that."

"You're welcome, but can I ask something?"

Cas gave a short nod of his head in consent.

"Why haven't you told Dean yet?"

Cas exhaled heavily and ran a hand through his hair, "I'm not sure what to say yet. I don't know how to talk about this."

"Just say what you said to me-"

"It's not that easy." Cas snapped quickly.

Jet bit the inside of his cheek lightly and glanced away for a moment, "Sorry, just wanna help."

Cas froze up and fidgeted with the ends of his sleeves, "I know, I'm sorry. I'm just so anxious and scared. I know I should tell Dean and my parents and they'll help me but I need to figure this out before I involve them…"

Jet's mind caught onto Cas' tone before his words, he knew what that sounded like and h knew where it was headed. "Don't you fucking dare." Jet couldn't stop his first reaction to filter it, "I know what you're thinking. Whatever you think is coming for you, whatever kind of monster that's headed your way, you want to do some heroic bullshit and lead it away from you family."

"Jet, that's not-"

"Shut up for a second, let me see if I've got this straight." Jet interrupted, somewhere in his gut he felt bad for being harsh but Castiel needed to hear this from him, just like Dean did on occasion. "You heard the Grim Reaper tell you that a bunch of monsters are coming for you, and just you. Now, what I'm hearing in your voice is that you haven't shared this information because you don't want help. You don't want our help because you thinking those things will kill us, so you're thinking you'll leave and keep us safe, deal with the demons alone. Am I wrong?"

Cas slowly moved his head back and forth, eye contact lost and attempting to stop the conversation, "Jet, please, just let-"

"Am I wrong?" Jet leaned in close to Cas' face to hiss the words through a clenched jaw.

Cas couldn't help but look at Jet's eyes again, he swallowed, his lips trembled and he finally shook his head, no. "You're not wrong." He said weakly.

Jet's expression softened and he sighed, "C'mon, you know you can't do that." He reached up and held the side of Cas' head firmly to keep it from turning away from him again, "You can't leave us now, you need us. You've given all of us so much of yourself, you've saved us, you've fixed us, you've healed us and protected us. Why do you think we wouldn't do the same for you? If something's coming after you we'd all do whatever it takes to keep you safe, you know that, man."

Cas nodded, tears slipped down his cheeks but he didn't move away this time.

"Please don't leave," Jet whispered quietly, trying to ignore an ache in his chest and push the tears back. Cas could see it all, but he tried all the same.

"I'll try," Cas leaned in and hugged him, he felt something ease the pain that swelled and he closed his eyes. Cas always gave the best hugs, he always put you first and even if Castiel was hurting he'd take care of your pain before his. Being an angel made so much sense.

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