Cross To Bear

Perspectives: Castiel's Morning

Castiel didn't want to go to school. He never would have gone; he was so far from ready. But Sam… Sam was putting so much hope into that one move, that one little decision for him to go to the place he knew as a prison. Cas sighed heavily as he stared out the window of that awful tin can, how could he possibly deny his brother that moment of peace? Sam really thought that if Cas would get better the first step was normalcy.

And maybe that was true, but after that night, after Death spoke to him, Cas couldn't stop thinking about what would be around the next bend for him. The next time he had a power surge, what would happen? What do angels look like? And why demons? Why would he have to deal with demons? They were coming for him; they were sniffing him out one by one and coming after him.

Disguised as people he knew or inside people he knew? When a demon walks the Earth do they do it in their own skin or do they take over another? Rotting them from the inside out and leaving an empty husk behind? Cas had to protect his family. When it happened, when whatever event occurred that brought the monsters to him, he didn't want them to be there. Every fiber of his being knew he needed them but he couldn't risk their lives, he couldn't do that to them again and again.

His dad killed the first one inside his teacher; his mom killed the second inside her father. They saved him but he put them through it, unknowingly he put his family through those hells just by being in their lives. What else could he possibly do to them? He didn't want to be responsible for their nightmares, but maybe he already was.

He had to leave. Cas had decided just as his dad had woken up that morning. He'd have to leave before something went wrong. He had no idea how to protect them other than getting out of there; if he was the target then they'd be okay without him. He had no idea how to fight, he didn't have the strength to kill and he didn't ever want to be responsible for that. So how could he ever think he'd be able to save them? He couldn't.

"You sure you're okay coming to school?" Dean said suddenly. "I don't want to pressure you or anything."

"I'm already on the bus." He pointed out with a laugh and a smile as he looked back over at his brother. He could tell Dean was nervous about him, maybe it was because he didn't look like he was functioning properly.

"Fair point, I guess." Dean was awkward; was Cas the reason for that? He didn't know and frankly he wasn't sure he wanted to know in case it was true. But he checked anyway, seeing inside Dean was easy and took no effort at all so why not? Privacy, but he'd ignore that for now.

Dean was uneasy, everyone seemed to be lately. Mostly they were concerned about Cas, if he was okay, if he wasn't telling them something, or if something had happened. In that particular case Dean was worried Cas wasn't saying something. It was stuck inside Dean's head like a sickness, was Castiel alright? What was he thinking about? Did something happen to him that he's not saying? And it went on and on like that, an infinite loop. His mind wouldn't ease up on him and Cas couldn't quite lift that worried weight. All he could do was smooth over the edges and hope it was enough.

He managed to get Dean to focus on his cracking voice, to get the worrying angled a little more toward whether or not Cas was going through a 'normal' puberty.

Cas almost wanted to answer, Hell no, nothing I go through is normal. But he kept it to himself.

There was something else in Dean he noticed, it was something new and though he wasn't sure he should poke at it he tried to take a closer look. There was a strange part of Dean's being that glowed, it was attached to his core and stuck out like a sore thumb. Cas knew it hadn't been there before, he'd studied the way Dean's soul looked and moved, this piece wasn't normal. He reached out to touch it but hesitated, what reason did he have to do something like that? He'd already dug in Dean's mind when he knew it was against Dean's privacy, he couldn't just go around poking at things too.

Instead he inspected the new growth in Dean's being, it shone and glistened like silver - and something else. It reminded him of when his body would glow, but that couldn't be right, could it? It was Dean, Dean was human.

Cas didn't have an answer for it but he backed off all the same. Whatever it was, it hadn't done anything and Dean didn't seem concerned about it.

The bus pulled up and he hopped off like always, everything was normal enough for Sam and Dean at least. Cas' mind was like a hornets' nest but he tried to keep that to himself - but he couldn't fool Jet. It took a hug and a look and that was all Jet needed to know something wasn't quite right with him.

Sharp bastard... he cursed to himself before attempting to lie for Dean and Sam's sakes. He'd just spent so much time trying to keep his brothers calm. "Nothing, I'm sure it's nothing." It didn't really ease their nerves as much as Cas would've liked but it was enough. Everything he did lately seemed to just barely be 'enough.' Enough wasn't 'good enough' anymore.

When Dean glanced at Sam Cas gave Jet a look, hoping his friend would stop asking questions. There was no guarantee he'd get away with it but if Jet would cooperate it'd be a lot simpler. He breathed a sigh of relief when Jet was silent, he hadn't thwarted the questions he would receive but he'd managed to focus down who they'd come from for now.

As he expected Jet wasn't going to let him go that easily but it was alright, Jet didn't know what was happening with him or what he planned to do.

Upon saying goodbye to Sam, Cas walked into the school. In moments Charlie came running to him. "Oh my god, Cas! You've been gone for forever, are you okay? Dean said you were 'going through some stuff.'" She hugged him the second she reached him. "I'm glad to see you're back."

"Yeah, I'm okay." He hugged her back and smiled to himself. "How have you been?"

"Pretty good, we got this group project going in Language Arts and I got teamed up with Kubrick. He's a bit 'into you' right now, if you know what I mean." Charlie leaned in close to emphasize the two words.

"I'm... not sure that I do." Cas admitted sheepishly, "When you say 'into me' do you mean he likes me?"

"Too much. It's creepy." She hooked her arm around his and led him down the hall, "C'mon I gotta get stuff from my locker and you're not getting away from me."

He laughed but made no attempt to escape. Dean and Jet were right behind him; he had no reason to resist. "You really missed me, huh?"

"Everyone missed you, silly."

"Cas!" Garth called loudly as they approached Charlie's locker, Garth's was right next to her so it was impossible to miss him. "Hey man, how's it hangin'? You been busy doing your Messiah schtick?"

"Messiah schtick?" Cas raised an eyebrow at him, "What do you-"

"Oh, it's just what some people were saying you were doing. Apparently you healed Kubrick," he laughed in a way that made Cas feel so much better. No one believed it - well a few did but they were probably friends of the local crazy-dude. He smiled to himself.

"Pfft, yeah." Charlie rolled her eyes, "He keeps going off about how you're sent from heaven and an angel in disguise and he just goes on and on," she opened her locker and hooked the lock over her door frame, "and on."

"Sounds interesting," Cas shrugged and looked back at Dean and Jet quickly for some support, he wasn't going to sound convincing on his own.

"He's nuts and we all know it," Dean added, "I don't believe half the shit he says."

"You kidding?" Jet snorted as he folded his arms over his chest, "Dude's grade A crazy, I believe that he believes he's right beyond a shadow of a doubt." He paused thoughtfully for a second, "And beyond logic, for that matter."

A swarm of friendly reception, Cas couldn't believe how much people wanted him around. He remembered Mary telling him once that he had a sort of 'calming effect' on people; he knew he was able to do it but he had no idea that it emitted from him too. Class was a warmer environment than he expected, or maybe that was his disposition toward his classmates, either way it was nicer than he'd thought.

He'd almost completely forgotten about that morning until he walked out of the bathroom at break. Jet stood waiting for him and Cas remembered the expression his friend held, the look Cas had given him and everything that made his stomach tighten into knots.

"I think you know what I'm about to ask you." Jet's tone was level, calm and made Cas feel like a scolded child. He nodded his head, he didn't know the details of what Jet was going to ask but he knew it was something he didn't want everyone listening to.

"I do... Outside?"

"Whatever you need, buddy." Jet complied and they wandered off. Cas fidgeted loosely with his sweater sleeves, Jet was good at getting people to talk. What would he end up saying? Was it okay to tell Jet anything? Cas couldn't keep it all to himself, he knew that much. It was slowly eating at him and making him feel ill. The weight of what was expected of him and what he had to do in the near future was too heavy, he needed to share it, get advice, something. Jet always seemed to be the perfect one to do that with.

When they were somewhere he expected no one to be he double checked to make sure. It wasn't a gesture that Jet missed, he was sure, but that didn't matter. Jet already knew something was going on anyway. So where to start? "Something happened last night, I talked to Death again." Just saying the words brought a lump to his throat, part of him just wanted to cry. He just wanted to collapse to the ground, give all the responsibility away and hide. But he didn't, somehow.

"Okay, what'd he say? Did you tell your parents?" Jet was so calm and collected about all of it. Cas was a little jealous.

"I haven't told anyone yet and honestly," He paused and reconsidered for a second, maybe sharing with Jet wasn't the best idea. Then again Jet wouldn't let up if he didn't say something, and there was no lying to a guy who could do it professionally. "I'm only going to tell you because you noticed something was up." He added seriously.

Jet took it well, "Alright, I'm listening man." Why did he have to so understand? It made it so hard to refuse talking to him and keep information to himself. Cas didn't know what he was giving away to Jet just by standing across from him. What body language could Jet read, what did he see in Cas' face, and what were his words actually saying? Cas could dip into Jet's mind to try and find it but that'd only give more away.

So then he just had to start talking. His plans to run could be kept to himself but Jet deserved to at least know the reasons. He steadied himself and took a calming breath, he sensed his preparations weren't making Jet feel any better but Cas had to ready himself for this. If just saying the words 'I talked to Death' rattled his mind he couldn't imagine what the rest would do to him. "Death came into our living room and told me I'm not human, he told me that - and this might sound crazy," he added quickly, knowing that just listening to the first part of his sentence was insane enough, "-that I'm an angel. Heaven and Hell are frozen; he said I have to fix it." Cas couldn't control the rising emotions in him. He felt sick and he wanted to cry again, keeping it to himself he went on, he just had to get it out. As if talking and telling a friend would solve it, would somehow save him a difficult fate. "I have to go there to unseal it, dead people have nowhere to go and Death is counting on me." It sounded like madness and he kind of wished he really was just crazy. Fear gripped him as his own words pushed into his head.

He hadn't said it out loud before. Explaining it, sharing the information made it real. It was real and it was going to happen. "I don't know what to do, I don't know how to get there or any of this stuff but Death said it'd come to me. I'd develop into it. I don't know what that means, Jet!" Jet tried to comfort him but Cas didn't want to be touched and instinctively pulled back, "He said demons are coming for me! Demons are coming after me, like the ones in my grandpa and Caplan! I can't do this!" He'd raised his voice to shouting but it was quickly muffled when Jet dragged him into a hug. It was sudden but so welcoming.

"Shh," Jet's grip was strong but gentle and Cas let himself relax into it. "It's okay, I'm right here, your family is here, we'll help you."

Cas wished those words could solve the problem. He closed his eyes and tried to fight back tears but they got through. "How?"

"I don't know but you're not alone." Jet said honestly and Castiel appreciated it. Being lied to wasn't what he needed, though it was kind of what he wanted. To just for a few minutes believe that he was going to be fine, that maybe Jet had an idea. But all in all it was better that he knew the truth of his situation.

"Thanks Jet, I needed that." He rubbed at his eyes and hoped they weren't too red.

"You're welcome, but can I ask something?" Cas nodded.

"Why haven't you told Dean yet?"

It was a good question, one he'd tried to answer that night but failed. He didn't think Dean would understand, maybe? Dean would worry too much? Cas didn't know. "I'm not sure what to say yet. I don't know how to talk about this." Even thinking of it made him emotional, it broke him down little by little and telling Jet was already difficult. He couldn't imagine if he told Dean. He always sensed Dean's emotions easier; he never had to look for them, they just washed over him without a second to breathe.

"Just say what you said to me-"

"It's not that easy." He didn't mean to snap like that but it came out all the same. He wanted to apologize even more when he saw Jet turn away from him.

"Sorry, just wanna help."

Cas felt awful and wished he could be someone else right then, but of course that was impossible. "I know, I'm sorry. I'm just so anxious and scared. I know I should tell Dean and my parents and they'll help me but I need to figure this out before I involve them..." How could he be so mean to Jet? Of all people, the guy that's been one of his best friends since he was little, helping him through tough times and lifting him up whenever he needed it. Cas felt like a villain and maybe that was why he kept talking, guilt. He felt guilty and now Jet had that look on his face - he knew something.

"Don't you fucking dare." Cas cringed; he knew what was coming next. Dean normally got these speeches but apparently now it was his turn. "I know what you're thinking. Whatever you think is coming for you, whatever kind of monster that's headed your way, you want to do some heroic bullshit and lead it away from your family."

"Jet that's not-"

"Shut up for a second; let me see if I've got this straight." Jet was mad; Cas didn't need to look inside his friend to know that. Jet was onto him, knew exactly what he was thinking and was undoubtedly going to give him shit for it. "You heard the Grim Reaper tell you that a bunch of monsters are coming for you, and just you. Now, what I'm hearing in your voice is that you haven't shared this information because you don't want help. You don't want our help because you think those things will kill us, so you're thinking you'll leave and keep us safe, deal with the demons alone. Am I wrong?"

No he wasn't. Cas wished he was, he wished more than anything Jet was wrong but he wasn't. That's what Cas was planning on doing, that was his reality and right in that moment he had no escape from it. "Jet, please, just let-"

"Am I wrong?" Jet practically growled the words in a low whisper; he'd leaned into Cas' face and gave him no out. This was the intensity Cas had seen others get, something he knew Jet was more than capable of but had never truly experienced it himself.

But this was something he deserved. He managed to find his voice and looked Jet in the eye again, "You're not wrong."

And just like that Jet's eyes changed from angry to remorseful, his voice lost the sharp edge and he just looked lost for words. "C'mon, you know you can't do that." He reached up and held the side of Cas' head; Cas hadn't expected the touch at first. Though it was meant to keep his gaze focused, he chose to receive it differently, the way Jet's core meant for him to know it. There was a purpose for his hand on Cas' face but it was meant to comfort him more than anything else.

"You can't leave us now, you need us. You've given all of us so much of yourself, you've saved us, you've fixed us, you've healed us and protected us. Why do you think we wouldn't do the same for you? If something's coming after you we'd all do whatever it takes to keep you safe, you know that, man."

Cas nodded, tears slipped down his cheeks despite his best efforts. He knew they would, and that was partially why he was afraid. He didn't want anyone to try and do what he'd done, Cas wasn't human and it wasn't impossible for him to heal another. He'd brought Dean back from the dead, for Christ's sake. For Dean to repay the equivalent of that move he'd have to do something life risking, and Cas wouldn't ever be able to live with himself.

"Please don't leave," Jet whispered so softly that Cas nearly missed it. Jet was in pain, there was a swelling in his chest that usually meant emotional distress. Tears were at the edges of his eyes and of all things Castiel didn't want to make his best friend cry.

"I'll try," Cas leaned in and hugged him back, soothing the ache and smoothing over the cracks that pain caused. He could see it written all over Jet's being, Jet loved him like family and Cas couldn't bear to disappoint him. I love you too, Jet. He wished he could etch that into himself, that Jet could just see it when he looked Cas' way, but it wasn't possible. Cas would just have to settle for saying it more often.

After putting Jet's concerns to rest, they returned to class and before Cas knew it lunch was upon them. They had an extra fifteen minutes and while Dean and Jet were excited about the free time all Cas could think of was how much homework he'd missed in a week, and how tired he was already. Fifteen minutes would never catch him up though, it was pretty silly to even consider it, so he took Dean's advice and packed away his things.

As Dean and Jet talked Cas' mind drifted, sure it was tacos for lunch that day and cupcakes that Cas would inevitably give away, but all he could think about was the outdoors. He wanted to go outside for a little before waiting in a line up to sit in the cafeteria. He glanced toward the window, the sky was so inviting he wished he could just laze in the grass and stare at it.

"You coming Cas?"

He nodded, "I'll be right there, don't worry I'll get a cupcake for him." Cas figured he'd just spend a few minutes outside, only a few.

Surprisingly Dean let him stay behind. Cas wasn't sure if it was because Dean really wanted tacos or if it was because he wanted to give Cas some space. Either way he appreciated it.

Castiel went to his locker to put his things away, the halls were relatively quiet except for some people wandering around. Cas thought nothing of it as others approached, at least not at first. Something was wrong.

He looked up to suddenly meet eyes with Kubrick, "Hello, Castiel." Kubrick smiled and stepped closer, Cas stepped back. "It's nice to see you're feeling better."

"What do you want, Kubrick?" Cas frowned but stopped his retreat when he realized people were behind him too. Something was really wrong. They looked at him strangely and expectantly, like he was meant to do something or say something.

"Not much, just a little demonstration." He reached forward but Cas swatted his hand aside.

"Don't touch me." He insisted firmly, his heart starting to race and panic set in.

"Heal me," Kubrick demanded, the look in his eye was disconnected and sent Cas' stomach tumbling into knots. "You did it before, do it again. Show them your power, Castiel."

Cas shook his head, "I don't have any power, Kubrick. And you're not even injured." He tried pushing his way through the pack of students but some of them were a little more stubborn than he'd anticipated.

"You're right, how silly of me, I'm not injured." Kubrick pulled a pen from his pocket and, before Cas understood what was happening, jammed it into the arm of kid next to him. "But he is."

Cas' eyes widened, "You're sick," he stammered out. "Get away from me!" He shoved the students out of his way and bolted down the hall, but there were more walking toward him. He thought he could push past them so he charged.

He was wrong. They caught his arms and held him tightly despite his struggling. He wasn't strong enough. Cas strained but he couldn't do anything except whimper as they dragged him into the bathroom before anyone saw them. A hand clamped over his mouth to keep him quiet as he was forced into the handicapped stall. He noticed they'd brought in a large pot and filled it with water, he could only imagine what they were going to do with it.

"If you won't heal anyone then maybe you'll show it another way." Kubrick's voice was like venom and Cas wished he could push back. Someone forced him to his knees in front of the large cooking pot and held Cas' head over it. "Angels don't need to breathe."

Those were the last words Cas heard before he was plunged into cold water. He pushed back again, water rushing into his ears and drowning out all sound but his own heart skipping beats. Seconds passed like hours as he struggled to get free. His lungs started to burn as he grasped at the arms around him, hoping and praying that someone would come help him.

It hurt, his chest ached and his entire body felt stiff. He needed to breathe. He needed to take a breath but he didn't want to drown. It didn't matter though, within 40 seconds he instinctively tried to inhale. Water filled his mouth and nose, pouring down into his lungs and stomach. Cas thrashed and convulsed against the people holding him down, frantically trying to pull away. One of his limbs connected hard with the student on his right side, Cas didn't know where he hit them but it was enough to wrench away.

Cas threw another kid aside, adrenaline guiding his actions and sending his mind into a spiral. He didn't fully know what he was doing but it was working, he'd forced a path clear for himself and he took it. Maybe it was super human strength or just the terror coursing through him, whichever it was he used all of it to get out of there.

Once he burst out of the bathroom he didn't think, he just ran to the stairs hoping for an escape. But there were more of them coming down from the second level. With a clear memory of what had happened the last time he tried to charge past them, he froze on the landing between the two floors and backed up to the window, "Get away from me..." he repeated weakly, his heart pounding so loud he almost couldn't hear anything else. "Please... get away from me."

Why wasn't he coughing? He'd inhaled water; did he really not need to breathe? Was that part of being an angel? He didn't know, his mind was too flustered to care about that. And then a sharp sensation rippled through him.

His back hurt. He shuddered and tried to will it away, he couldn't have a spasm here, not now.

Pain shot through his spine once, like a shock of lightning and again a few seconds later. 'This one's going to be bad.' He knew it. He knew it before his muscles tightened and he couldn't do anything but curl forward. Kubrick and the others surrounded him and stepped closer, some were saying things, others were in awe, he didn't care. Cas' hearing dulled and all he could understand was that the muffled voices belonged to people.

It felt as though someone had taken a sledgehammer to his back, pounding and pounding away. Then they took handfuls of skin and tissue and tried to tear it from his spine, punching down hard into his core and ripping it back out again. Over and over, each time getting more painful and each time he wanted to cry out. His face was soaked in water and tears, his body temperature sky rocketed and fell just as fast.

He couldn't breathe.

"Get away from him!"

It rang clear as a bell, Dean's voice crashed into his mind and Castiel wanted to scream. He wanted to tell Dean it hurt, he wanted it to stop but he could speak. He couldn't move. Dean's hand pressed into his back but it didn't help, it wasn't like last time and Cas was starting to lose his mind.

All he wanted was something pleasant, like earlier that morning or the day before. Anything, anything else but the pain. He tried to get his mind out of that toxic space, out of the agony and into a daydream. But that could never work.

He felt his muscle tearing, like bone was stretching out of his spine and there was nothing he could do. Screaming was the first thing he noticed, his body hunched closer to itself but his legs wouldn't give out. Castiel lost track of himself, his mind shut down and for a second he thought he'd gone insane, or maybe he'd died. The pain couldn't be any higher than it was; it had peaked and scorched his back.

Then suddenly it released him. The pressure let go and though it left his skin throbbing and split open he felt better. Cas gulped in air and slowly regained his bearings, trying to get his head on straight. The people around him were freaking out, some screaming and others in gasping awe.

"Cas?" Charlie's voice reached him, she sounded shocked if not a little horrified. "Are... are you okay?"

He didn't know how to respond, when had she gotten there?

Cas slowly tried to straighten himself out and felt an extra weight on his back, it put him off balance and he struggled to remain standing. Something in the corner of his eye moved, something unnatural and strange. His eyes were drawn to it - a wing. An enormous wing with blood dripping down the feathers was arched there, stemming from somewhere behind him.

Cas' heart stuttered as a gust of wind from behind him blew over the dampened limbs, he felt cold. The wing fluttered a little to shake off the blood; Cas felt every muscle movement and realized even more that it was his. He had wings.

But where was Dean?

Castiel turned around, everyone that had surrounded him moments before gave him space to do it. The window behind him was broken, but wasn't that where Dean had been standing?

His heart stopped and he ran to the window ledge, he felt sick as he leaned over. Among the glass and gathered students laid his brother, on his back in the dirt with his head limply rolled to the side. Dean had been knocked so far back by the force of Cas' wings he'd landed several feet away from the building - there was even some dirt kicked up from where he'd skidded to a stop.

"Dean-" Cas choked on the name, he was the one who did that. "Oh my god," he covered his mouth and ran down the stairs past the other students. He felt his wings drag behind him, knocking some people over. "I'm sorry," he immediately stammered out, his body was shaking now as he looked to the person who just blinked up at him, unaware of what just hit them. "I'm so sorry," Cas continued to rush outside; apologizing to everyone he accidentally struck.

"Dean! Dean!" He shouted as he bolted out the door and around to where Dean was starting to moan. "Dean? Can you hear me?"

Green eyes fluttered open and Dean groaned softly. "Cas?" He whispered in a hoarse voice, his eyes slowly focusing on him. "Cas your eyes are glowing."

Castiel laughed quietly and leaned over to wrap his arms around Dean, "You're okay," he wasn't sure if he was reassuring Dean or himself but it worked for both. There was a soft light that shone between them for a split second before Dean gasped.

"Oh my god," Dean groaned louder and Cas knew he was okay for sure this time, he'd healed him. "Oh my god Cas - you've got wings!" The sudden realization was a loud one with Dean, his face nothing more than shock and awe.

"I know." Cas lifted up off of him, a smile perpetually on his face.

"And I gotta say, glowing eyes is pretty crazy, man."

"I'd turn it off if I could." They both laughed a little and hugged again; Dean's hand slipped behind him and touched the base of his wing and his back where they'd torn through.

"How's your back?"

"Healed, I guess." Cas tried to pretend he hadn't shuddered from the touch, his wings had never seen the light of day before so they were a little sensitive.

"But seriously, why do you have wings?" Dean questioned further and Cas shrugged.

"I'll uh… tell you later?" He liked the light-hearted feeling of their conversation; like he hadn't just grown wings and he hadn't just nearly murdered his brother. Cas started to help Dean up when he felt something sickening in the pit of his mind. Something was coming.

Something was there. He looked up and at first he saw Meg, she looked disheartened and worried. "You have to run, Cas." Her voice was even and the tone made his skin crawl. "I tried to help, I'm sorry."

"What? Meg what are you-" His words nearly strangled him as he watched her face contort. It wasn't like before, it wasn't like his grandfather's expression tore itself apart or when Caplan's face melted, it flickered. It changed but it was more his vision of her than her actual face.

But a monster still stared back at him, something horrifying from a nightmare that made him want to throw up. "Y-your face." He stammered and tried to move, "Meg, your face, something's wrong with-"

"Nothing's wrong with my face, asshole. This is what I look like." She sneered at him, "But I can finally see you now… I really wish it hadn't been you, Cas."

"What the fuck's going on?" Dean snapped but Cas wasn't paying as much attention as he should've been. He was so focused on Meg that Dean's concerns slipped past him. "What is that!?"

Cas looked at Dean first then followed his gaze up; something circled over the school and Cas knew what it was. Demons had come for him. Whatever beacon he was going to give off that'd attract them had happened, his wings were there and Meg could see something different in his face like he could see in hers.

"Those are demons, Dean." Meg explained tensely, her expression tight as she watched them swoop around hunting Cas down. "They're not sure where you are yet, you have to get out of here."

"They know I'm here, why else would they be here?!" Cas shouted at her above the sudden roar of shouts and screams around them.

"Because I know you're here, they're not sure who they're looking for, now get inside before they see your goddamn wings!"

Her warning was too late, though. Cas was about to take Dean with him and go but several demons landed around them. "Not so fast, angel." One of them grinned.

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