Cross To Bear

Saving Sam

Jet tapped his foot as the line seemed to go on forever; Dean's paranoia was starting to make him a little anxious. And not just because something might delay his friends and he wouldn't get their cupcakes, there was a slowly sickening feeling in his stomach. Dean was gone no more than five to ten minutes before something happened, Jet felt the air get colder, almost electric. It was subtle at first but he knew immediately it wasn't normal.

"We need to leave," he told the person ahead of him in line, it happened to be Gordon. Of course the other teen didn't assume Jet was speaking to him, why would he? Hell, Gordon was probably doing his best to pretend Jet wasn't the one standing right behind him. "Yo, Gordon. We have to get out of here, something's about to go down."

"The hell do you mean?" Gordon glanced over his shoulder at him; Jet's expression was stern and lacked any form of humour. Gordon hesitated and stopped the initial outburst he would've made, Jet wasn't fucking around. "Alright... what's the plan?"

"You get these people out of here, I need to find someone." Jet instructed as he turned and ran out of the cafeteria. Maybe it was irresponsible to leave Gordon in charge of getting students and staff out of the cafeteria so Jet could just run off and complete his own agenda. But he knew Gordon was resourceful, if nothing else. The guy was tenacious and if anyone could evacuate the lunch room it was him.

As he bolted toward the hall that would lead to the middle school he felt his hair stand on end, his skin crawled and something in him told him to stop. His life was in danger, he wasn't sure what it was just yet but he might get hurt continuing what he was doing. Jet didn't listen to his gut instinct this time.

And then he heard screaming, people screamed at the tops of their lungs followed by some disturbingly inhuman sounds. 'An animal? Please be an animal.'

The roof cracked above him, Jet didn't let himself slow down but he had no choice when something burst through the wall. It was hideous and brought a grimace to his face. "What the fuck!?" He yelled as the monster's mouth snapped at him, attempting to take off his head. Jet kicked it back and scrambled along the wall to pull himself upright and move forward at the same time. His leg felt strained from the effort it'd taken to force it away from him; these things had to be the ones Cas was talking about that morning.

The demon behind him didn't intend to let him off so easily, it snarled out a laugh before following. "C'mere boy, I won't bite!"

Jet glanced back clenched his jaw, its mouth was as wide as its head and if he saw correctly it had a few extra sets of teeth waiting for him. "No thanks pal." He picked up the pace, mind racing on how to get rid of it.

He heard glass breaking in classrooms he passed and as he moved toward Sam's room he felt worse for abandoning the other kids. But he couldn't stop, someone else would have to handle it, the teachers, fucking adults would have to handle it. He was going after his best friends' little brother and he was going to save that tiny Winchester if it killed him. But in order to do that he'd have to get rid of the monster on his tail. It was quick and he felt it's heavy steps right behind him, all it'd have to do was reach out and he'd be toast.

The ceiling above cracked again but this time it broke through. Jet dove out of the way of falling debris, his hands covering his head as he curled up instinctively. Jet narrowly missed the sharp claws of another demon as it burst through from the second floor. These things were everywhere already and they moved fast. They had come for Cas apparently, but they didn't know exactly where he was. He wasn't sure that the monsters even knew what Cas looked like; all they knew was that an angel had showed up in the school. He wished he knew what kind of beacon they should've been watching out for from the start.

But he didn't have time for that wasn't he being chased?

Jet looked back to see the demon that had been after him had taken a heavy blow from the falling chunks of wood, desks, and people. It wasn't a pretty sight but Jet couldn't linger to admire the creature's misfortune. He had to get Sam first, Dean and Cas would be heading there too but if Jet's intuition was anywhere close to right they wouldn't make it. This whole thing started with Cas, somewhere in the school Dean's paranoia was right and Cas was in trouble. Getting Sam was Jet's responsibility now.

Classrooms poured out, panicked students were everywhere and clogged the halls. Jet had to push his way through and try to spy for Sam in the crowd of kids all about the same height. "Goddamn it!" He cursed and looked over the sea of terrified children, "SAM! Sam where the hell are you, kid!?"

"HELP ME!" A little girl shrieked a few feet back and Jet had to turn around. The voice belonged to a kid he recognized from Sam's classes, Jess he remembered. She had been lifted up by a demon with several arms that was at least 7 feet tall. Its skin almost looked like it was plastic wrap around muscle and bone, nearly translucent and tight around its skinny body. And it was about to tear this girl in half.

Jet cursed under his breath as he broke the glass over a fire extinguisher. "Hey asshole!" He yelled as loud as he could muster and managed to startle it. It stopped before it got another hand on Jess and looked at him. "Yeah, you." Jet said right before he bashed it in the face with the extinguisher. It stumbled back but he didn't stop, not until he felt something break and lodged the metal container in its skull.

Jess was dropped, its hand loosened as the rest of it fell limp. Jet took a second to breathe now, his arms shook and he pried his fingers from the extinguisher.

"Thank you," she wiped her eyes and looked up at him.

"You're welcome Jess; can you tell me where Sam is?" She would have to know, wouldn't she?

"He was still in the classroom; he said he had homework to finish." Jess pointed down the hall, "At the end there."

Of course it was.

An earthquake shook the school and something incoherent bellowed in response. It sounded big, and if the strained sounds of the building's structure were any indication Jet had a feeling part of the school was about to go missing.

Animalistic shrieks echoed down the halls and outside - then the fire alarm sounded. Jet covered his ears and looked down at Jess who'd done the same, "Get out of here!" He pointed to the closest doors, "If you stay in here something might crush you, get outside!" With some luck she listened immediately, there were some other students and one of the janitors heading that way too, Jet hoped she'd be okay.

As he started running again his stomach twisted in on itself more demons swarmed up from behind him. The screams of his classmates and older students were drowned out by the youngest ones. Another earthquake knocked him off balance, he held himself against a wall with his eyes fixed at the end classroom.

"Come on," he groaned anxiously and pressed to one of the walls. Teachers were trying to get some order going but how could they keep their cool? They were facing deformed monsters, earthquakes, and watching dozens of kids and co-workers die in horrific ways.

The wall of a classroom suddenly broke off and, in its entirety, sailed across the hallway. It flattened several students in its path and crushed whoever was in the way against the far wall. Jet was inches from being another flat decoration, it happened right in front of him before he'd taken another step. His pace stalled and he wound up tripping over the remains of the tragedy. Trying to stay upright didn't work and he found himself flat on his stomach in the gore.

"Oh my god..." Jet choked out the words as he pushed himself up, his front half covered in blood and a number of things he didn't want to think about. His arms felt weak and his legs shook under him, those were just kids. They were Sam's age at best and now they were crushed and flattened and worse. Some of them were somebody's little sibling, they were all someone's baby. That could've been Sam.

Sam. Sam was there too, he was in one of those classrooms or in that hallway. He was in danger, he needed help and Jet didn't see a fucking sign of Dean or Cas.

That was the reason he kept moving. Sam meant so much to his brothers, his parents and to Jet. That was more than enough reason for him to keep going. He was scared, he was petrified of dying but he was even more afraid of losing someone. Losing Sam, Dean, or Cas would hurt more than dying. Maybe not physically but he wouldn't have to exist with that pain if he was the one that died.

He saw Sam's classroom through the carnage ahead, the door was open and there were still some students inside. He couldn't quite see who, though. "Sam!" Jet shouted as he stepped over bodies of children and limbs, he didn't look down to check human or monster. "Sam!"

Just before he reached the door he heard it, "Jet!" Sam was in there. Tears stung his eyes but he fought past them, now wasn't the time. He rushed to the door just in time to see Sam in the arms of a winged demon, its mouth peeled back in a grimace-like grin. The room was half missing; it'd been broken into from the outside like someone had just taken off the wall.

"Sorry Romeo, too late." Its voice sounded a lot like Brady, that weird friend of Sam's. "Sammy's ours now."

"Jet!" Sam was crying, reaching for him. "Please, don't let him take me!"

"Not gonna happen." Jet snarled and ran at it head on; any fear in him fell to the back burner.

Brady's wings arched and in one quick and powerful motion had the two outside. The sudden movement knocked Sam forward over the demon's hand, his head down as Brady started to take off. A few feet in the air, Jet was right behind him but if he couldn't get high enough he'd never get Sam back. There was no way he'd be fast enough or be able to jump that high but he knew of a way that might work. Brady was getting away and he had to be quick.

"I don't fucking think so!" Jet dashed to the nearest tree and jumped to the first branch before climbing up as high as he could. Another demon was heading his way, about to fly past him. Reality and logic would tell him to hide from it but Jet had a different plan. He leapt from the tree and managed catch hold of the demon's side. Its skin was disgusting and felt like sandpaper under his fingers but he held on.

"Get off me, human!" It gargled at him and swatted but he dug his fingers in and crawled up its side, taking a few strikes to the shoulder as he went.

"You're gonna be my ride," he grinned as he made it to the thing's back.

"Get the fuck off!" It flipped around in the air but Jet wouldn't let go. He grabbed parts of its head and pulled, trying to angle it back after Sam. "OW! Fuck ow! Let go of me!" The demon flailed around but its arms were too short, thankfully for Jet.

He twisted the parts he'd taken hold of; he had no idea what the anatomy of these things was. "Go where I fucking tell you to go!"

"Owowowowow okay! Fuck!" It tilted the way Jet angled it to go, finally.

"Now hurry the fuck up, we're going after that one." He held on tightly as he flew through the air. He didn't bother to look down the higher they got, the closer to Brady they were the more concentrated he was. That idiot demon didn't think Jet was going to catch up; he was hovering above the school and probably monologuing to Sam.

Jet knew he couldn't just abandon the one he was controlling; it'd get him back for what he did. So he adjusted their path, held on as tightly as he could, and smashed his demon into Brady from below. The collision knocked Sam right out of the monster's grasp.

Jet let go of his makeshift handles and leaned back, his legs the only thing holding him onto the demon he'd jumped. As Sam flew through the air they reached for each other, it felt like one of those dramatic movie scenes and honestly probably looked like one. Their hands touched, Jet had caught Sam's hand but it slipped through his grasp.

"JET!" The terror in Sam's voice had nothing on his expression and it nearly gave him a heart attack. He wasn't going to let Sam go. This wasn't all he was fucking capable of; Sam was not going down alone.

He didn't hesitate to kick off his ride and dive after Sam. With Sam's body spread out and acting as more wind resistance than Jet had, he managed to catch up. Jet latched hold of Sam's forearm and dragged the pre-teen into his arms, "I've got you." he tucked Sam in close and rested his head against the top of Sam's; he repeated "I've got you..." He felt Sam's hands grip his shirt and even pinched part of his skin.

The air flew past them and Jet finally realized how high up they'd gotten. He looked down to see part of the school destroyed - the cafeteria looked like it was crushed and sunk into an enormous hole. What the fuck made that hole!? The ground was stained red, he could see chunks of bodies strewn around and- what was that?

A bright light glowed beneath them, almost directly below it flashed and spread out like wings. 'Those are wings!' His eyes lit up, "CAS! CAS UP HERE!"

Sam wriggled and looked down, "Oh my god, is that Cas!?" He exclaimed as they both saw the being's head angle their way. Eyes, mouth, and nose flashing light through them like there was a sun inside a skull, that had to be Castiel.

Beautiful wings flapped and thrust him upward, arms open to catch them. Jet braced for the impact but Cas managed to slow it by stopping and falling a little with them. He held them tightly and took off from there, away from the school and the demons.

"What happened?!" Sam cried, never letting go of Jet's shirt.

Cas was silent. Jet's stomach felt like it'd turned into a knotted ball of nerves, part of him knew not to ask but he had to. "Where's Dean? Why are we leaving without him?"

Castiel looked at him and Jet realized how wet his friend's face was, the light died down and vanished altogether. Cas was crying. Something happened to Dean.

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