Cross To Bear

Passing Time

"So the world's gone crazy, is what yer sayin'?" Bobby clarified after the explanation of what had happened.

"That's what you got from this?" Karen smacked his arm lightly, "Little Cas is an angel and you hear 'the world is crazy'?"

"What?! It's not like the world ain't crazy, right?" Bobby tapped her back playfully though still a little spiteful. It was cute, Jet wasn't in the mood to really acknowledge it but it registered well enough. "Demons are sproutin' out of the ground, Karen, I'm not gonna focus on that too?"

Karen rolled her eyes and looked back at the Winchesters, "So I'm guessing you're here to hide out for a little while then?"

"You guessed it," John smiled appreciatively, he looked tired Jet noticed then. It wasn't the kind of tired that said 'I worked all day and I want to sleep,' either. Jet couldn't put his finger on it but John was very clearly exhausted from everything that was happening, maybe it stemmed back to before anything hit the fan. He'd always been so supportive of his kids, Cas especially. Jet hoped he remembered to ask about it later. "I helped Bobby make that bunker back when you guys moved in, I think it'd be a good place to lay low."

"Well it's because of stuff like this that we made it, right?" Bobby was asking more than saying, demon invasion wasn't exactly what the two had in mind but it looked like they hadn't really planned it as much as they did assume what might happen. "After what happened with that crazy teacher and," he paused and nodded his head to Mary, "Mr. Campbell, we figured something was gonna go down. But I did think that when we used it Cas would be the one hiding there."

"You built a bunker for Cas to hide in?" Jet raised an eyebrow at him, sitting with his legs crossed on the couch. He felt like being a bit smaller than usual, fighting off the feeling was the best he could do for the time being. "That's a little bit weird, right? I mean do you really think that nature-lover would've wanted hide underground?"

"If these things kept coming after him, I expect he'd listen when I told him to do it." John replied, very sure of himself. Jet didn't buy it though; he didn't think for a second that Castiel would've agreed to do it. Especially knowing that he was the 'only one who could stop it' and all that.

As the adults continued the discussion of having built it and what happened back in town, Sam sat down beside him. It made him feel better, he couldn't really explain it but it was a comfort. He didn't resist when Sam dropped against the couch and half leaned on him, maybe it made them both feel better. Jet didn't say anything and Sam didn't either, not even when the younger teen rested his head on Jet's shoulder. Instead he responded in kind and gently leaned his head against Sam's, they were both a little tired.

"You worried about your mom?" Sam asked after a few minutes passed.

"Always," He laughed lightly and glanced down in Sam's general direction, "But she's okay, nothing's going after her where she is."

Sam nodded silently, he understood.

"Alright boys, let's get to the bunker." John gestured toward the basement and the two obediently got up to follow everyone down.

Jet's first note was that either Bobby or Karen was a hoarder, there was stuff piled all over the place. Some of it looked like they'd tried to organize it, that part was probably Karen but he couldn't sure. The second thing he spotted was that one of the walls was different than the others with a heavy-looking door in the middle. Bobby and John went right for it – that must've been the bunker wall. He couldn't imagine making it, like how did they even manage that? It was like a big metal block in the foundation of the house. How'd they get it in there? Did they build the house on top or did they just somehow manage to get that much metal work in the basement? He had no idea, not that he was interested enough to ask though.

A creaky turn of the metal wheel unlocked the door from their side, Jet watched it slowly swing open and reveal the room. There were so many occult-ish things that he didn't bother counting them. Bobby and John had gotten a little superstitious in the last few years, apparently. Although with Cas around how could you not?

Jet was the last one into the bunker; it was one large room with boxes in the corners and tables and a few chairs. It certainly wasn't made for comfort. He dropped into one of the chairs, Sam joined him in the one beside and they looked around. Jet gave Sam a half smile when their gazes met, something about Sam's expression told him that he was probably on the same page as Jet was; this was going to be boring as hell.

After the initial freak out, after what happened at the school earlier that morning everything felt too calm. Despite that horrific scene having passed, it felt like they were over reacting now. It was quiet; nothing was currently threatening them so why feel the need to hide out underground? Jet leaned back and yawned again, his nap hadn't rested him up enough it seemed. He watched as John and Mary talked with their old friends, the couples hadn't hung out in a while since Bobby and Karen moved. Old people catch-up time. It made him think that would be the gist of what he did down there, watch the two couples talk about the old days and shit.

It made him think about what they had in common, the kinds of stuff they'd done together and what they might've seen together. He thought about himself in that regard, how many people had seen what he had? Dean and Cas were in a completely different area of the school at the time, what had they witnessed? What did they have to do in order to survive that outbreak? He felt alone in his experience; despite knowing everyone else in the school at the same time saw what he did. But they didn't do what he'd done; they hadn't let go of the will to live like he had. If dying to save Sam was what he needed to do he knew he would have done it.

Jet didn't know that about himself, not to that extent. He could say it over and over again, he could brag how loyal he was but he didn't know how far that really went or what it'd feel like. Looking back, it scared him. He would die to save someone; he'd abandon other lives to save his family, people he loved. Would he kill for them too? Was it healthy to have that kind of attachment?

Not saving someone wasn't the same as killing them, right? He didn't know, back in the school could he have done anything to save some of those people? Did he let them die so he could keep going? It was such a blur in his head now he couldn't even think straight about it.

And then Sam's hand touched his forehead. Jet froze up and looked at the other boy curiously, "What're you doing?"

"You started breathing heavier and you look like you're sweating," Sam said calmly, probably to keep Jet calmer too. "I just wanted to make sure you're not sick."

Jet thought of shoving Sam away from him, say 'leave me alone' but it didn't come to him as easily as he thought it might've. Instead he quietly closed his eyes and leaned back, letting Sam check his temperature. "I'm just thinking too much again." He sighed and ran his hand through his hair, it felt matted, he wanted a shower.

"Maybe stop thinking for a while?" Sam offered that little wisdom nugget with a laugh. It was a pleasant sound, soothing.

"I like your laugh," he decided to say; life was too short not to give compliments.

"Well if it weren't for you I wouldn't be able to, so don't beat yourself up so much, okay?" Sam really wanted him to feel better. Jet looked up at him thoughtfully and nodded his head.

"I'll try, man." He sat up a little and moved into hug the smaller teen, leaning a little heavily on him. "Thank you," he wasn't sure he could say that often enough. He wasn't sure he'd ever get over what happened that day but he'd be able to function properly, Sam wouldn't let him fall apart. Putting his weight on Sam felt right, he didn't want to put too much pressure on him but Jet felt okay with where he was at. Sam could handle it, and if not Jet was sure he'd hear about it sooner or later.

They spent nearly two hours there, Sam and Jet right next to each other without having to say a whole lot of anything. It was a comfortable silence but sometimes conversation is needed to help time pass.

"Where do you think Cas is now?" Sam asked first before Jet could attempt to say anything. It was like Sam read his mind or something, it made him smile.

"With any luck he's found Dean and they're on their way back." It was an optimistic view; he didn't know what Cas would have to do to get Dean back. Where was Purgatory and how the fuck do you get there? For that matter, how the fuck do you get back?

Sam hummed in response but said nothing more. They both slowly turned in their chairs, happy that they could even do that much. "Wonder where Purgatory is… do you think Dean's okay?"

"I have no idea," Jet shook his head, "He's with Cas though, I think he'll be alright."

"Do we put too much pressure on Cas?"

Jet nodded without a second thought. "Hell yeah we do."

They quieted down a bit, Jet felt a little bad for breaking the conversation like that. Maybe it was too heavy of a topic.

"How're you feeling?" Sam really wanted to make conversation with him, he was glad for that because he didn't so much feel like staring off into the distance for hours until the world ended.

"I'm better," he looked over at Sam gratefully, "thanks. How're you doing? I'm sitting here like a big baby but you went through a lot of the same shit I did."

"I'm okay," Sam lit up after hearing the words 'I'm better,' even the slightest hint that Jet might be closer to okay. That's all Sam wanted, things to be normal, everyone to be safe and just keep going like they used to. Jet doubted they could ever be that way again, though. "You're welcome." He added quickly, obviously he had to acknowledge that he'd done something. It was a nice thing about Sam; he didn't want to pretend he hadn't done something good. Self-appreciation was a healthy thing as long as it stayed away from arrogance. "So we should do something to pass the time, huh?"

"Probably," Jet half smiled and watched how Sam pushed his chair back and forth anxiously. "What'd you have in mind?"

"No idea. I didn't bring any of my games so I've got as many ideas as you do. Charades?"

"Hell no."

Sam pursed his lips together and looked around the room, "Eye spy?"

Jet snorted back a laugh and shook his head.

"Too cool for kid games, eh? Alright, we could sit in silence and brood for a while."

"Nah, there's gotta be paper or some shit down here." Jet got up and walked over to poke at Karen. It didn't take much prodding, soon enough he sat down with Sam, a stack of paper and a pen. "So we got a few options, let's start with tic-tac-toe."

"Pfft, once you get the pattern right tic-tac-toe is easy."

"No way! There's no patterns, people are a random variable." Jet insisted and Sam rolled his eyes at him. "That's a challenge then, I bet I'll win more games than you do."

"If there're no patterns how can you know?"

"There are strategies, there's a difference."

But Jet soon realized that Sam was very good at tic-tac-toe. He lost most of the games and if he won it was more of a fluke. Ties happened too but those don't count. "Okay… new game…" He grumbled after twenty minutes of losses.

"Wanna play the doodle game?" Sam smiled and Jet raised an eyebrow at him for it.

"I don't draw, dude."

Sam shrugged and made a scribble on the page, "I don't either, that's why it's fun."

Jet looked down at the page and crinkled his nose at it, "What the hell am I supposed to do with this?"

"Make a picture out of it."


Sam frowned at him, "Just do it, stop being so stubborn."

Jet laughed a little; he was being a bit difficult, he'd admit that.

They only got a few doodles in when the ground started to shake, it was small at first but it kept growing and wouldn't stop. At first Jet was annoyed, it ruined one of the pictures he was trying to make but the weight of the situation started to dawn on him.

"Everyone get down and under a table!" he heard Mary shouting before it got so much worse. They braced themselves as things crashed to the floor, it sounded like the house would tear itself in half.

Jet grabbed Sam and pulled him under one of the tables he'd noticed earlier was bolted down. He covered Sam's head and ducked down, hoping and praying that it'd stop soon. He didn't look up to see anyone else, it didn't matter because he couldn't do anything for them. The best he could do was protect Sam and himself and brace them against the falling objects.

"What the fuck is that!?" He yelled above the rumbling as it grew in thunderous cracks as if the earth around them was moving.

But that couldn't be.

The groaning of the house echoed noisily above them and soon all they could hear was a wall of sound. It hurt, his ears rang loudly and he couldn't think anymore. All that they could figure out to do was hold still and wait for it to stop. But it didn't, not for several minutes and by then they were all on the floor, hands over their ears and curled up in the fetal position.

Jet's eyes were squeezed shut and his ears burned; he could almost make out differences in the destruction of ground and property. There was something else mixed in with the rest of it; it almost sounded just like the school. He remembered hearing the walls break and the ceiling cave in, the people being killed but above that it reminded him of the demons. They all had a certain frequency, a certain pitch that went with the rest of their growls and moans.

Demons were there. His stomach tied itself into knots all over again, why were demons there already? It made him sick and he tightened his grip on Sam, reminding himself that he'd gotten out of the school, he'd saved Sam and they were alive. They were in a bunker, they were safe right?

Something about the demons being there bothered him, it wouldn't stop nagging at his mind. Cas wasn't with them; could those things really be after his family? What good was leverage to them in the first place? They'd already gotten Cas to go to Purgatory to get Dean, what more could they possibly get from attacking the Winchesters?

What happened to Castiel?

Finally the shaking subsided; it was still there but diminished enough that they could get up from the floor. The wall of sound had been muffled somehow, Jet didn't want to think what might've happened to do that but maybe whatever it was, demons flying overhead or something, had passed them by. He slowly lifted his head, ears still ringing and his mind racing in circles. "Everyone okay?" He asked but it sounded to him like he were speaking at a concert. His eardrums had taken a little too much of a beating in the last several minutes.

He looked down at Sam who appeared to be as confused as he was. But other than that he looked alright, he wasn't hurt. Jet glanced around the room to see the couples had all gotten down safely, hiding under tables and uncrushed.

Stuff was all over the floor, anything that had been put away neatly or otherwise was now littering the bunker.

It didn't look like anyone had quite gotten their bearings straight yet; no one knew what had happened. Jet crawled out from under the table and climbed to his feet. He took a second to keep his balance and walked to the door, the handle turned but the door wouldn't open. He pushed a little harder and rammed his shoulder into it, the heavy iron wouldn't budge. He wound up to do it again but Bobby caught his shoulder, "Don't do it, son. Looks like we might be trapped in here."

He wasn't really the claustrophobic one but something made him uneasy about that. He had no idea what was going on out there and now they were stuck. The world could be ending and they were trapped under a random-ass house in South Dakota. He didn't say anything, what could he really respond with? Well fuck, that sucks. Or maybe shit, how do we get out of here? It didn't matter but hell; it'd make him feel better.

"What the fuck do we do, then?" He didn't ask it pointedly or cruelly, it actually almost sounded more like a 'hey I'm bored, what the fuck do we do?'

John and Mary got up and went to check on Sam, the little guy was fine if not a bit dizzy. John walked over to the door like Jet had and tried the exact same thing, like he hadn't just heard Bobby's warning. Fuck, maybe he hadn't. Jet's ears were still ringing.

"What do you think that was?" Sam asked tentatively as he walked up beside him and Jet shook his head.

"No idea, what do you think it was?"

"I kinda hope it was Cas but I also hope it wasn't Cas, you know?"

Jet laughed softly and nodded, "Yeah man, I hear ya."

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