Cross To Bear

Burning Tin Can

They tried forever, beating heavily on the door, trying to pull it open but nothing. The most they could hope for was someone would come by. But who the fuck was going to do that? Jet chewed on the inside of his cheek, it hurt already but he was thinking too hard to really give a shit. Hours. He checked his phone numerous times to know that they hadn't literally been in that thing for hours but even forty minutes following that earthquake felt like an eternity.

Speaking of the earthquake, it hadn't really stopped until about half an hour after it had started. The ground had shaken relentlessly and several times they'd been knocked down to the floor, he was sick of it. Sam sat tucked under the table more or less permanently, as per his dad's orders, Jet couldn't say he disagreed at first but it'd been a while since the last time anything had fallen down. There was nothing left to fall down other than the ceiling, but maybe that's what John was worried about.

Jet gave up on the door before the others; John and Bobby were a bit more relentless than him. Though to his credit, Bobby didn't agree to continue as much as he didn't want John to yell about it. That was something Jet noticed was a Winchester trait, they had to get their goddamn way or else there'd be hell to pay.

He sat down on the floor beside the table Sam was under, leaning against the leg but not hiding underneath; he didn't see the point really. They were stuck.

Jet pushed his hand up over his forehead and into his hair; he was sweating again from the exertion of trying to open the door. He really wished he could take a shower. He looked over at Sam who was anxious, it was clear on his face and Jet was sure his expression was a sort of mirror image of that anxiety. "Chin up, Sam." Jet smiled and nudged Sam's shoulder, not sure entirely where this was coming from in him but it was there all the same. "We'll get outta here one way or another."

"You sure?" Sam frowned and crinkled up his face in distaste, like Jet had somehow offended him. "I have a feeling the airflow in here isn't what it was a few hours ago, we haven't gotten anywhere with the door and if we keep trying at this rate we'll run out of oxygen."

"You've got a pretty good point," Jet nodded and looked over at the other two, "d'ya hear that guys?" He called to get their attention, John looked over his shoulder at him and Bobby tipped his hat. "Sam says that we might be wasting air at this point, unless we've made any progress with the door I think we should stop."

John looked at Bobby and then at him, Jet could tell by John's quick glance over him that it was a difficult choice. John didn't really want to admit that a 12 and 16 year-old had better ideas than him, but at the same time he had to acknowledge it. That being said he nodded and went to sit down, placing himself next to Mary. "I'm sorry, everyone." He said after a few moments of silence and settling.

"It's not your fault, John." Karen reassured him, "We have no idea what happened out there, things could be pretty bad on the other side of that door and maybe this saved us."

It wasn't as helpful as she was hoping it'd be, regardless of what they managed to avoid out there they were still trapped. And what had happened anyway? Jet wiped his face again, he was really warm. John and Bobby looked as flushed as he did, which made sense. But when Jet looked at Sam next he saw Sam was sweating too, but he hadn't done any physical activity against that iron door. Jet furrowed his brow and looked at Mary and Karen who seemed to be in the same state, it was really warm in there.

His eyes widened slowly as it dawned on him, it'd been getting progressively warmer in there. His eyes had been hurting a few times already but he figured that was just him. The air was thicker; in fact it looked smoky in there.

"Something's on fire." Jet blurted out, his mind starting to panic.

"What? No Jet it's…" Mary paused for a moment and looked around at the air, why was it that most people didn't notice how different the air looked if it happened slowly enough? A drastic change would definitely be seen but if it seeped in slowly no one would notice until it should've been obvious. "He's right," she agreed then, her eyes about as wide as his. "There's a fire outside the bunker, the house is burning."

Jet didn't know what to say, he sat frozen as John and Bobby leapt to the door again. They hammered on it with all their strength now, over and over again in the hopes that it'd move. It didn't. Jet glanced at Mary and Karen who had both gotten up and looked for something to maybe unhinge the door, or something that could be used as leverage. Why didn't they think about this when they designed it? He wondered only briefly, it didn't help to criticize past mistakes now. He looked at Sam again and felt like the world had just slapped him in the face.

Sam was scared, terror was the only thing Jet could make out in his eyes and it killed him. How could they die that way? After all the carnage the two of them went through to get there, how could they just go down like that? It didn't make sense. It was fucked up.

Jet pulled Sam close to him and held on tightly, he wanted to say it'd be okay, they'd make it out. He couldn't find the will to lie, though. He was a good liar but he couldn't do it to Sam, not at that moment. "I'm here," was what he said instead. Sam's hands gripped him back, that same deadlock hold that clung to him back when they were falling together. Jet felt like it'd helped, his useless and obvious statement of being there was some form of support for Sam and that was the best he could offer.

The room was hot; the floor felt like it was cooler than the walls so Jet kept them in the middle. He hoped that somehow the earth shattering disturbance from an hour ago would still turn out to be Castiel, that maybe Cas just had a hard time finding them and he'd come get them out now.

Just as his mind drifted closer to the idea that he really would boil alive in there he heard something, it sounded like a woman he knew but couldn't place the name of. That didn't matter too long though. An explosion on the other side of the door rocked the bunker again; it was loud and knocked them all down one more time. They'd become well acquainted with that floor, though they weren't terribly fond of it.

"Try again!" The familiar voice shouted, if it weren't through a thick iron wall Jet was sure he'd recognize her.

John and Bobby got up and rammed the door another time, though in this case it actually did something. The door fell from its hinges and took both men down to the ground with it. Jet looked up to see Meg standing at the entrance, her face was dirty and blood coated her arms.

"What the fuck is going on?" He kind of wished the first words from his mouth were 'thanks for getting us out' but that'd work too.

"I'll explain later, just get out of there." She demanded and they found themselves following her orders.

Jet couldn't believe what had happened to the basement, it was completely ruined. In fact there was no ceiling above, the house was gone. They climbed out of a metal box into a small pit carved out of rubble that had been pounded so hard it was just dirt again mixed with wood shavings. And all of it was on fire. Jet gawked silently at it, the further he climbed the more of the landscape he could see.

And what a landscape it was. The Singer house wasn't the only thing that had been taken care of, the land all around them had been levelled in several places. Patches of land remained untouched, part of the yard was okay and Jet realized that the house hadn't been smushed into nothing so much as it had been 'misplaced.' The house was more or less intact, just several feet away from where it should have been.

The sky above was overcast and nearly orange, somehow reflecting the light of the earth below it. Fire had spread everywhere; from where he was standing it looked like almost everything was burning. Overhead he saw figures in the clouds, large and haunting with the most horrendous shapes. He wasn't even close enough to make them out but he knew what he was looking at.

The ground was split wide open in one place nearby, and to make up for it other chunks of land had been displaced and jammed up higher like pillars and mini-cliff sides.

Where were they all coming from? It couldn't have possibly all been right there where they were, how many were running rampant? Why?

"We gotta go," Meg was instructing the others, "I rescued your cars so get in 'em and drive, back south preferably." She looked his way, he could see her in his peripheral but he just couldn't stop staring at the mess in front of him. What happened to the Earth?

She said something but he wasn't listening. Was Cas okay?

Did he not make it?

"Jet!" Sam shouted and broke his concentration in an instant. "C'mon! We have to get out of here!"

He turned to Sam and snapped out of it, whatever his mind was about to break down over it could wait. Jet ran after the Winchesters who were already heading to the Impala, Bobby and Karen weren't given a moment to mourn their house either so why should he just stand there like an idiot.

Much to his surprise Meg hopped right into the car with them, into the backseat right after Jet and pushing him to the middle. He would have protested but she moved him like he weighed nothing, best to just pretend he did it on his own lest he give the truth away. Sam seemed shocked he was in the middle; he just shrugged in response to the confused expression.

"So what is going on?" John had similarly been somehow ushered out of his usual spot and Mary was behind the wheel, Jet didn't question that one either.

"Some shit went down, Dean got dragged to Purgatory and Cas went after him," Meg answered, looking out the window as they tore out of the area, the Singers right on their tail.

"We know that, what the hell's up with you and how the fuck are you doing any of this shit?" Jet snapped at her, he was used to her being a classmate and a regular teenaged girl. Now she could find them when there was no way she could've known where they were, create explosions to remove piles of dirt on top of them, and she knew about where Cas was. He was up to his eyeballs in being fucking done with all the weird shit going on.

Meg looked at him, her expression far from welcoming, "Listen eyebrows, I'm only here doing this because Castiel asked me to look after you guys. Don't you dare give me that fucking attitude."

He didn't respond with words, just a slight nod of his head. He'd shut up, for now anyway.

"Do you know what happened to Cas? Did he get Dean?" Sam leaned around Jet's side to see her, his eyes big and pleading. No one could resist the Sam Winchester puppy-dog look, no one.

She nodded, "Sort of. I know that there's no way out of Purgatory unless you have a reaper or you pass through Hell."

Jet's stomach knotted up instantly, he didn't fully understand everything she said, he had no idea what a reaper was but he knew what she was getting at. There were demons sprouting out of the Earth and setting the world on fire because they'd just woken up after being dormant for a good 16 years. Castiel had to pass through Hell to get out, he must've had Dean with him but the second he crossed that line the entire realm woke up. "You gotta be fuckin' kidding me…" he ran his hand down his face slowly.

"What does that mean? Are Dean and Cas in Hell? Is that what you're telling me?" Mary looked up at the rear-view mirror; her eyes were furious and more intense than he'd ever seen them.

"That's what I'm saying." Meg drawled back a little, like she'd just repeated herself for the fifth time on something trivial and obvious. "When Cas passes over the threshold of Hell it will be unsealed, he has to do the same in Heaven to wake the angels."

"As soon as we got those earthquakes, that's when Cas did it?" John clarified and Meg nodded. Jet could tell that neither Mary nor John could quite wrap their heads around the fact that two of their kids were currently in Hell. Jet wasn't so sure he was coping with it himself. "So where do we go?" John continued after a moment of thought.

"I'd suggest back home, that's where Cas might drop Dean off. My bet is he's gonna make a straight shot for Heaven after seeing this." She trailed off a little when she looked out the window; it was a massacre out there and Jet didn't want to look.

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