What's Life Without a Little Drama?


Cindy had been in her room for half an hour, her mind still reeling about the events that had transpired that evening when the black communicator buzzed.

Proxima Centauri…are you alive?

Yes, no harm done.

So your mother hasn't locked you in the basement or sent my picture to the FBI or anything?

Haha, no, not to my knowledge. She was actually pretty reasonable about it…It was weird. After a brief conversation she agreed to give us a chance.

…You've gotta be kidding me

Nope. But to tell the truth, I'm sort of worried. You know my mother; it's not like her to just accept something, especially something like this. What if it's a trick?

Cindy, do you honestly think your mother would lull you into a false sense of security about something just to get you to lower your guard so she can enact an evil plot?


Well…ok, maybe you're right. But just relax for now, I really don't think she would do this when she could just forbid the relationship….or have me arrested.

Yeah, I suppose. She thought for a minute before adding: I do have a question for you though


Why did you tell her that it was your idea to keep us a secret?

The wait before his reply was a bit longer than usual. I don't know…I just didn't want her to get upset with you.

She was already mad at me

I know, but she shouldn't have been. She shouldn't take her hatred towards me out on you. It's not right

You realize you could have made a powerful enemy in the process, right?

Maybe I think you're worth it.

For a moment, she thought her heart might melt from the sweetness that is the boy on the other end of the communicator. No one had ever been this wonderful, could ever be this wonderful, to her.

You know, when you say things like that…

I know, I know: it makes you want to punch me.

No, it makes me want to do something else…

Oh. Unfortunately, you can't do that through a phone…yet. I'm working on it though;)

Haha, I'm sure you are:P

Yup! Though I must say, it couldn't possibly compare to the real thing…especially now that I know what a big softie you are;)

Ok, now I want to punch you

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