What's Life Without a Little Drama?


After all the excitement of Saturday, Cindy planned on taking it easy Sunday. Planned being the operative word, for she was awakened at 6:30 by her buzzing phone.

After rubbing the sleep out of her eyes, she answered with a groggy, "Hello?"

"What happened? How did it go? Tell me everything girl!" Libby's way too enthusiastic voice responded.

"Libs, calm down. Give me a minute to wake up." She slowly recounted the tale from the previous evening, leaving out only their black box conversation. Some things were too private to share even with her best friend.

"Wow, I cannot believe your mom was that chill about the entire thing."

"I know! I guess my dad has a bigger Impact on her than I expected. Unless-"

"Alright now, don't start that!"

"Start what?"

"You know what: don't start seeing ulterior motives and secret plots and ruin anything. Just accept this at face value, alright? Besides, now everything can only get better!"

"Because prom won't be awkward?"

"No, because now you can tell everyone that you're dating!"

That thought hadn't occurred to Cindy. "Oh yeah, I guess there's nothing stopping us now." Somehow all the drama with her mother had made her forget that they would be expected to go public now. The idea rubbed her the wrong way.

"Um, hello? Are you still there? Aren't you excited about that? No more sneaking around.."

"Oh, yeah Libs. I'm just tired still."

"Alright; well, I'm getting on the treadmill while I still have energy. See you tomorrow, girl. Let me know how you plan to announce things. Oooh! I'm so excited, now it's a real relationship." And with that, she hung up.

Yeah, a real relationship…with everyone sticking their noses in it and making a big deal about minor things. Cindy didn't want this "real" relationship. Everything was perfect now.

Everything was fine when it was just her and Jimmy. When it was just them, nothing else mattered. school and grades and competition could be taken lightly, not like when other people were pushing them to hate each other.

Why do things have to change? You can still be good together when other people know. Yeah right! Nothing could ever be as perfect as this. No idiots making jeers at them in the hallways; no graffiti in the girl's bathroom speculating how long it would last; and especially no jumble-heads asking how they could stand each other. Other people were the main reason she never sought a relationship before: they just complicated things.

Our relationship is like a virus in a Petri dish: it's better for everyone if it stays contained. The only problem was, would Jimmy feel the same way?

At five-thirty Monday morning Jimmy was in the driveway, re-fueling the hover craft. It required serious caffeine to keep him awake, but Carl had insisted on them leaving at six, so ready they would be. Despite the lack of sun, he could make out a figure making his or her way over. In a few moments the rich scent of honeysuckle overtook his senses.

"Hey Cindy,".

"Morning," she took a sip from the thermos she was holding, "So where's Don Juan? We're picking up his girlfriend, shouldn't he be here?"

"I guess he's getting ready still. We've still got some time before we pick up Sheen and Libby."

A mischievous grin spread over Cindy's face as her eyes glimmered. "Is that so? I can't imagine what we might do in that time." She sauntered over to where he stood.

He wrapped his arms around her waist. "Mmm, I'm sure we can think of something." He closed his eyes and leaned in to-

"Hi guys!"

Jimmy groaned and turned to see Carl walking up the drive.

"Hey Ca-" suddenly a pungent stench filled his nose. "Oh my gosh!" He just about choked.

"Agh! Did you bathe in aftershave?" Cindy kept one hand to her nose.

"NO, I was just really nervous this morning, and when I get nervous I sweat. I got some of my dad's cologne out of his medicine cabinet, but it turned out to be antifungal spray. Do you think Elke will like it?"

"If she doesn't pass out first!"

"Just get in the hover car; it'll wear off in a little while. We need to go." The three climbed in and Jimmy started the engine.

Forty minutes later the whole gang was waiting outside the Retroville International Airport.

"Alright Carl, how long of a wait do we have until the flight gets in? We need to know what time to be at the gate."

He flipped through the stack of paper. "Um, let me see….flight number 1408, gate 3, ah, here it is 11:25 am."

The remaining four turned to glare at the red headed boy.

"Do you mean to tell me, "Libby said in a deceptively calm voice, "that we woke up at six in the morning during spring break to WAIT FOR FOUR HOURS?

"It's closer to four and a half, actually."


"I got nervous! I didn't want to be late and I knew you guys could help me keep my mind off of this!"

"Well you're right about that, because I'm going to kill you."

"Sheen, calm down! There's nothing we can do about it now. Let's just wait here. I've got a deck o cards in the glove box.

They spent the next two hours trying to entertain themselves. Libby, who always has a magazine in her enormous purse, sat in the back with Cindy. Jimmy attempted to teach Sheen and Carl how to play poker, but after a few minutes gave up and switched to solitaire. He could hear snippets of the two girl's hushed conversations through the din of Sheen explaining the lot of the previous evening's episode of "Ultralord".

"…are you telling me…"


"…out of your…."

"….about this later?"

They glanced up and Jimmy quickly looked down at the cards.

What I wouldn't give to have the mind phone right now.

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