Evil Husband (kookv)


"H-Hyung- what are y-you doing?".- TH "Making love, marking you and capturing you forever".-JK ~~~~~ KookV got married .....Nightmare for Tae start ......

Fantasy / Thriller
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In the silent forest only Taehyung’s running footsteps could be heard , Taehyung was trying his best to escape something or..... someone.

He was panting and bare foot but that doesn’t stop him from running. He couldn’t go back to the pack because the pack was of no help....so he decided to go on the road in attempt to find someone to take him to his parents.

He finally smile when he saw the road ,he groaned . He couldn’t run away in his wolf form because he knew if he do so ,his scent will be stronger and the guard will find him in a second.

“Fuck!!“,he Yelp when he step on a rock. But soon he panted smiling when he saw a car coming from distance, he narrow his eyes to see more clearly.

He was about to waved his hand but stop eyes wide, already trembling that shiny black car is familiar to him.

He turned around but gulped when he saw the guard there panting and blocking his way.

“Please let me go !! Please”,The guard look guilty but he can’t do anything against his Alpha.

“Ple-“,he froze on place when he heard the car stop right behind him. The scent hitting his nose as soon the person came out of the car.

“Taehyung darling were you strolling around?“,that voice was too sweet......mean danger. He got turned around and whimper due to the pain in his feet.

“Oh my baby you forgot to wear your shoes!!aww look at your delicate beautiful feet all bruised”,the alpha picked him up while Taehyung gulped harder praying for his life now .

“Aww baby why are you crying? Huh? I will take good care of your feet at our home sweet home”,he smile which was definitely not a real one. Taehyung suck on his lower lips looking away heart beats increasing.

He place Taehyung inside the car and slammed the door shut causing Taehyung to flinched.

“You are so cute”,he caressed Taehyung’s cheek through the open window.

He turned around and glare at the guard ,he quickly look down.

“I will talk to you later”,saying this he get inside his car and drove towards their house all humming happily.


“Hmmmm you didn’t cook for your lovely husband again”,The alpha hummed and took out two steaks from the fridge.

“I guess I’m gonna to cook for us”,he smile and turned on the stove he continues to hum again and place a pan on one stove and the second stove heating a metal spatula.

“Today I missed you so much that I thought I should come early ...and guess what I saw you out when I’m 100% sure I told you to never leave our home without my permission”,he chuckled.

“Today again those bitches came to me trying to seduce me,I almost cringed loudly at how ugly they were. Aishh no one can compare to you..“,he flipped the steaks.

“Taehyung darling I love you so much that I was ready to slap them right there . Thanks to Namjoon Hyung I didn’t”,he laughed.

“Darling you love me right?“,

He was already done cooking the steaks and place it on two plates and then on the table .

“I hate it when you don’t answer me”, Jungkook turned around looking at Taehyung on the couch.

“Oh ! I forget you can’t talk”,he chuckled again.

Taehyung’s legs and hands were tie with a rope ,a handkerchief between his lips. He was sobbing while getting ready for the punishment..... because there is always a punishment.

“I will punish you for trying to disobey your husband! Your mate! Your love!! How could you even think about leaving me JEON TAEHYUNG!!?“,he growled which made Taehyung submit against his will.

The alpha took the now red hot spatula with a cold piece of cloth and walked towards Taehyung.

“Hmmm your feet ? Yeah you used it to run right?“,he pressed the spatula’s hot end against Taehyung’s feet. The latter scream loudly struggling in pain.

“You will never leave me Taehyung ! Never!!“,he keep pressing it on his feet.

“You are mine!!only mine JEON JUNGKOOK OWN YOU!!”



Putting it here so you know my future project 😆...

This will be a very violent psycho Jungkook’s story.

Who love Taehyung but also hurt him.... because he is mentally not normal...😶

Will continue once ′CONTROL (KOOKV)’,...end~~
So maybe next year😃

With that babye~~😘😘 please do comment your thoughts 😉😉


-peace out fam😎rt writing here…

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