Sweet Nightmares


Zalgo dedicated many years of research in creating the most powerful and beautiful of weapons, such to rival his own power. Once it's formally created, he discovered "it" has a mind of its own... Walk through a land full of abuse and Gore as "Madness" rebels against it's own genetics and creator in route to discover it's full potential as a weapon and perhaps... Also discover... love?

Romance / Mystery
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I won't be able to stand another day without the warmth of the sun while HE dedicates his life to torture me... I'll die soon at this rate!

Someone...please save me...

My chains rattled against the dark walls of my self proclaimed prison and home. At one point in my life, I found them agonizing and tiring, restricting every one of my movements, but now, they’re part of who I am. Who HE made me. Those thick, rusty, black chains blended with the dark fog that covers my body and merged themselves into my hidden skin.

It’s been a while since I last saw the light, more so that I lost track of time. The feeling of the sunrays hitting my skin and the joy of a summer day seemed foreign to me now. The hours became days, thus becoming weeks and surprisingly, I still have faith that I’ll get away from here one day.

Who am I you ask?

Many people would say a replica, or a copy, or a clone. I call myself an error, belonging in Oblivion and never to have been created. Called by many names, raised by a creepypasta and hidden from everyone till the day I got to fulfil my purpose as a war machine.

They call me Madness, the Chaos Queen.

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