Sweet Nightmares

How it Began

-Months back-
Our experiment was an outstanding success! A few complications here and there, but we managed to stabilize the creature. Such a marvelous vessel, molded by our hands to reflect the exact meaning of pure perfection.
The future Chaos Queen was only a fragment of my Lord's and my own imagination, but now she breathes. Her brain is a hundred percent functional and all of her organs developed at an amazing speed. We only need to run more tests and perhaps, she'll be ready for war!
A weapon... a human looking weapon. One that is bound to obey us and one that won't rebel nor betray us. A Daughter of Chaos.
Who would've thought that mixing my dna with Zalgo's and his wife would create such a beautiful monster? Perhaps it was meant to be this way...

It's body floated inside the tube in which we display it, golden locks of hair sweyed from side to side as it moved. The lights that surrounded it, made it look like a God of some sort. Not to mention the white tunic that the slaves dressed it in forbids us to know it's gender.
Slim, delicate hands and pearl white skin surrounded by a thin layer of smoke were the only body parts in sight besides it's face and hair. It's face, decorated with a tiny nose and round, red lips plus a pair of thin yet lavish eyebrows, a piece of art. It was a real shame that it's eyes were closed, else it would've made a wonderful observation.

-Day 1 of IT'S creation-
Observations of Shadowlurker
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