Filthy Fairytales


I'm about to tell you just how filthy those Fairytales really were.I'm about to tell you all that was kept secret. I'm about to ruin your childhood. Did you really think Snow White was allowed to stay with seven dwarves, in their home, rent free for the occasional cooked apple pie? Yeah, me neither. Fairytales were told to you by your parents, grandparents or other relatives. Mostly nice, sweet stories. Often with a delicious happy ending. These aren't the real stories. The real stories are much dirtier. Obviously your parents would never want you knowing that kind of truth. They wouldn't want you knowing that Rapunzel was in a tower dreaming of somebody to control her in ways deemed highly inappropriate. They wouldn't want you to know that Ariel, the beautiful sweet redheaded mermaid wanted legs simply so that she could have an orgasm. They wanted to show you the happy, beautiful tales that children can dream of. Your parents wanted to protect you from that depraved, perverted world. I'm about to tell you just how filthy those Fairytales really were.I'm about to tell you all that was kept secret. I'm about to ruin your childhood. Enjoy.

Erotica / Fantasy
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Snow and her seven men. Part 1.

My poor chest is beating erratically and I'm struggling to get my breath, but I mustn't stop.

My stepmother holds a grudge against me and she'll do whatever it takes to be rid of me. I suppose I should not have licked him when he asked.

My stepmothers new love had crept into my room the previous night completely and utterly naked. He hadn't taken long to tell me what he wanted. And I complied. Eager to see what the gossiped about dick actually tasted like.
She caught me then.

Opening my bedroom door to see me in my tiny camisole on my knees, licking my new lollipop.

Her screams echoed through the castle. My capture was set in stone. So as you can guess I ran. But I'm tired now. And so,so cold wearing such a small amount of clothing.

The forest is dark and frightening, but I see the opening. There must be somewhere to rest.

I finally come to a cottage. It seems like it would be a warm place to rest. There's an awful lot of noise coming from inside though.

I knock on the red wooden door and wait. There's no response. I know that people are in there. I can hear the sound of music and laughter. I knock again and wait. Still no answer. Well stuff this. It's far too cold to be stood out here waiting.

I pull the handle down and push the door open. The door swings open to reveal men, jumping around and shouting. Laughter and music filled the room as I quietly stepped inside. I counted seven men in total. Big, muscley rough looking men.

They clinked large pint glasses filled with amber liquid together. The smell of sweat and beer wafted up my nostrils as I decided it's warm enough for me to risk entering.

The door clicked behind me, making me jump. I turned to see the door now shut. When I turned back the scene had changed. Silence. Each man looked my way.

"What are you doing little lady? This is private property." The man from the back spoke, he wore no shirt and began walking towards me.

"Oh. I'm so sorry sir, but I'm in a very awkward position at the moment. I have nowhere to stay. I was hoping you gentlemen would be kind enough to allow me to stay here for a while." I heard them snickering.

And I strained my ears to catch bits of their conversations beneath the beat of the music.

"Certainly not gentle-"
"What do we get?"
"On her tits."
"Can see her"
"Can I fuck you?" The last was shouted at me directly.

"Well that's certainly very rude. If i allow you to have sex with me, can I stay until I find somewhere else?"

"Yes." Well that was quick. Or so I thought....
"And me."
"Me too"
"Hey, I want to play."
"Make her fucking scream."
"Get her naked now."

Oh dear. I thought I could only please one of them. The shirtless man finally reached me.

"We share our toys," he murmured while fingerings the strap of my negligee. "Now take your clothes off and we'll talk."

Well I needed somewhere to go. And naked inside the cottage, is much warmer than nightdress outside. Who am I to deny them? ****

I am now naked. I sit at the edge of the bed and wait to see what will happen. I suppose they will come in, one at a time and tell me what they want.

Oh dear. I'm extremely nervous, but also excited. We shouldn't be afraid to try something new. The wooden door slams against the wall as it's shoved open.

All seven men, enter the room. Each naked. Their huge erections bouncing as they walk. My private area clenches, and I feel my juices swim. Perhaps I wanted this more than I thought.

"Cmon then," the leader tells me. "Let's get this show on the road?" The other men cheered him, but I had other ideas.
"Excuse me! We will do no such thing. Look how dirty you all are. You are not putting any part of yourselves on or inside of me until you're all clean."

They led me to a large shower they called a wet room. And turning on the sprays they all piled in. I watched them as they washed, they were so rushed. How could I be sure they were doing a proper job.

I entered the spray, and showed guy number 1 exactly how he should wash. I stroked my hands up his muscled chest and rubbed the soap into his thighs, creating a huge lather. Then I grabbed his humongous cock in both of my hands and rubbed them up and down. Up and down.

His cock grew larger in my hands, and I stared as if watching the magic work. I needed all of them to do this. So I told them how to clean one another. Each strong man, stroked and washed another.

I watched the naked bodies as they worked. Large hands wrapping around their friends dick. They got each other hard and excited for me, whilst they washed.

They are good men. My juices have pooled inside of my wet tight pussy, from the show they have put on. Now I will reward them. I beckon them with a crook of my finger. They all follow me back into the bedroom.

"Now." I tell them. "Now, it's your turn. Do with me as you wish."
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